One Night With My Whore
By Cat1984
(MF, Cheat, Mdom, spank, toys, anal, oral)

Sitting alone in the hotel bar with a double vodka Amy felt a certain amount of apprehension. She had never done anything like this before. It was so unlike her, so out of character. It started all as a bit of a joke, advertising herself on a website for casual no strings sex. She just wanted to see if anybody would be interested, she never though she would actually go through with it.

The advert was basic. A head shot of herself followed by a brief overview of what she wanted and had to offer. It read as follows:

Whore for sale. Curvaceous adventurous woman seeks gentleman to use and abuse her. Seeks simple pleasures such as a good hard spanking. Wants and needs to be treated like the naught slut she really is. She won’t say no.

Amy was surprised at the number of replies she received in the first week. Everyday a new man was showing interest in her advert. Wanting to offer their services. At first, Amy was satisfied just reading the responses, she had no desire to follow any of them through, but then one caught her eye. She wasn’t sure what it was that caught her eye, but she begin to write a reply to his email.

Dear sir,
Thank you for your response to my advert. I must confess that I never set out to actually reply to let alone consider accepting an invitation from anybody responding to my advert. It was supposed to be a bit of fun. My way of fulfilling a fantasy. I have always had a desire to be bedded by a stranger, to have my body used and abused like a whore to be paid.
Your reply was so simple, so straight forward it intrigued me. I had to respond. The very though of giving you, a complete stranger free use of my body makes me wet with anticipation. As I write this email my pussy is damp, I may have to have a break from writing to play with myself, to feel my dampness on my fingers, to delve into the deepness of my beautiful pussy. It longs to be touched by you. To be explored by your fingers and you tongue, to have you penetrate it with you hard cock and anything else you see fit. I hope you will consider using me.

Yours sincerely

Katie xxx

Of course I changed me name, I didn’t want this stranger to know who I really was, no doubt he would use a fake name. If this meeting was to go ahead then it would be a one off, somewhere neither of us was known, somewhere we could be the characters we had created for ourselves.

I waited for a week with no reply. Maybe he had the same idea as me, that it would be fun to reply but not to actually go ahead with it. I was disappointed of course, but at least I had fulfilled half my fantasy. Then it came.

Dear Katie,
I apologize for taking so long to reply but I had arrangements to make. You will meet me in the bar at the harbour hotel this Friday evening at 7:30. You will be dressed as a high-class whore. I expect to see you in a black silk dress, not to revelling, just showing enough cleavage. I don’t want you looking like a cheep whore. If I am expected to be paying good money for your services then I expect you to be dressed appropriately. Underneath your dress, you shall be in the cheapest tackiest underwear you can find. I like black and red lace, I want crotchless panties and fishnets. If you are not dressed as I ask, I will ignore you and leave. Resulting in disappointment for both of us. I look forward to out meeting



Friday had arrived so quickly. I had taken the day off work. I had so much to prepare. For starters, I needed to get a bikini wax. I felt that if I was to act like a whore for the night I would want to look like one. Laying on the beauticians table I could feel wetness between my legs, hoping she wouldn’t notice I clamped my legs together while waiting for her to enter. Holding my legs open for her, exposing myself to her and her painful yet strangely pleasurable hot wax I felt so turned on. Knowing the very reason why I was getting all my hair removed I felt a smile creep across you face. The beautician must have though me very strange. Why on earth would anybody be smiling while having their hair waxed? This resulted in me smiling even more.

Once I have been tortured at the beauticians I headed into town to find some underwear. Remembering that I must stick to exactly what Mark requested. Something cheep and tacky. I finally found the perfect outfit. It certainly was tacky but not so cheep. It was made of black silk covered in red lace. It looked so wonderfully whoreish. The bra was set off with crotchless panties as requested and fishnet stockings. Standing in front of the mirror in the shop I couldn’t help my touch myself, I looked like a complete slut. The bra was pushing my small but perfectly formed tits up and together, creating a perfect cleavage. The panties showed off my curvy round bottom, the ideal bottom for spanking. I knew it was naughty but I had the sudden desire to make myself come, reaching down I slid my fingers inside my already damp pussy. Knowing I had to make this quick I used my other hard to stimulate my clit, working myself hard I came within seconds. It much be the excitement of thinking about that evening. Of all the things I hope Mark would do to me. I knew that the amount I would be paid for my services would depend on my performance. I intended to give the performance of a lifetime.

I was dressed and ready by 6pm. I had spent the afternoon scrubbing and preening myself, ensuring there would be no imperfections with my body that Mark could complain about. I was a high-class hooker, there for I needed to have to body of one. Riding in the taxi, I felt sick with nerves. My mind was racing, maybe I had taken this all to far. I should turn the taxi around. Go home; pretend none of this had ever happened. Just pass it off as a bit of fun. If it all ended now it would be harmless, something for me to think about when wanking, but nothing more. No, it was to late to back down. I had come this far, there was no turning back. Besides the taxi had just pulled up outside the hotel bar. Walking into the bar, my stomach was doing summersaults. I felt sick. Ordering a double vodka was the only war to calm my nerves. Choosing a seat at the bar I settled myself in. looking around the bar I couldn’t see any men on their own. Was he here yet, could he see me? Sipping at my vodka I waited. 30 minutes passed. It was 8pm now, I was wondering if I had been stood up. Had he been the one to back down at the last minute.

Out of nowhere, the waiter approached me with a glass of champagne. Stating it was from the gentleman sitting alone in the corner, glancing over I saw him. Staring at me, he nodded for me to come over. Finding the last bit of courage I had left I stood and slowly walked over to his table. Sitting down in silence I took a sip from my glass. “Hello Katie, my name is Mark and I intend on using you.” in an instant I felt my pussy dampen. For the next hour we made polite conversation. Chatting about current affairs, work, out hobbies. It was almost like being on a first date, except that hopefully very soon Mark was going to take me to a room and fuck me like a whore.

Eventually Mark stood up. Reaching a hand out to me he guided me up. Feeling quite tipsy I had to lean on him for support, Not realizing that we had drunk two bottles of champagne between us. I hade a suspicion that Mark had been topping up my glass more than his own, not that I was complaining, I needed all the dutch courage I could get. Mark lead me in silence to the lifts. He wasn’t much of a talker, not that it mattered of course. Now in the lift I was amazed to see Mark press the button for the penthouse. I had a smug smile on my face, this was going to be a very enjoyable evening. All of a sudden Mark pushed me up against the wall, covering my mouth with his be began to kiss me furiously, probing my mouth with his tongue, his hands all over my body. Dam he was good, he was an expert, I could tell. He hands moved over my body so smoothly. Taking in every curve. The lift stopped.

Opening the door to the room Mark lead me in, guiding me to the bed he gestured for me to sit. Perching on the end of the bed I waited while Mark opened yet another bottle of champagne. At this rate I wouldn’t be able to perform. Offering me a glass he pulled me up to a standing position. Toasting to an enjoyable evening Mark downed his glass in one, I followed suit. Mark stood back, wanting to get a full view of me. Asking me to turn around so he could get a full view. “Take off your dress.” he demanded. Without hesitation I obliged, my dress falling silently to the floor. I was now standing in the middle of the room in my tacky underwear. He nodded with pleasure. “the outfit is perfect, you choose well.” he applauded me. I blushed with pride. Knowing I have got everything right so far. I was surely on my way to being paid very well indeed.

Mark walked up behind me, placing a blindfold around my eyes. “ I don’t want you to see me when I spank the fuck out of your arse, when I pull and tease you nipples, when I completely use your body for my pleasure. By the end of this evening, you will be bruised, sore and aching for more.

It appeared the blindfold wasn’t going to be enough. Suddenly I felt something being forced into my mouth, it was a ball gag. He tied it very securely, there was no way I could loosen it. No way I could scream. Suddenly I realized he hadn’t given me a safe word. I went to pull the gag away, wanting to ask for a safety work. He wasn’t happy with this. Pulling my hands tightly behind my back. He forced me face down onto the bed. Smacking my arse hard with his bare hand over and over again shouting at me “Don’t you ever fucking do that again. You’re my bitch and you do as I fucking say. I didn’t give you a safe word because I don’t want you to have one, you are going to take everything I give you and your not going to complain once. Besides, you wont be able to complain as you’ll have this gag in you mouth at all times, unless you have my cock in there. Understand?” I nodded.

Taking my hands in front of me now, Mark used a thick nylon rope to tie them together. He wasn’t gentle; the rope was too tight, and hurt. I liked it. Leading me by my tethered hands, he guided me the bathroom door. Looping the rope over the top of the door, he secured me tightly to it. Using a spreader bar my ankles were next to be tied to the door. I was helpless. Blindfolded and gagged I had no clue what was going to happen to me. I could feel his breath on my face; he was so close to me, I was shaking with anticipation. Suddenly I could feel the coolness of a blade against my skin, resting on my breasts, using the blade he cut my bra off me, carefully peeling it off me I could hear him sigh in pleasure. Taking each of my breasts in his mouth, teasing my nipples with his tongue. Every so slightly using his teeth to pull and tug at my now so hard nipples. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs unable to clench my legs together I had no choice but to let it slowly drip.

I didn’t know just how long I was left in this position but it felt like well over an hour. Eventually Mark resurfaced. This time he brought provisions. He whipped my tits hard. It felt like a crop, the leather smelt amazing. The whip marking my tits with bright red welts. He didn’t stop, continuing to whip me across my tits until the Marks couldn’t be distinguished, my tits were an even sore red. He didn’t plan on stopping there. My breasts were going to get the full treatment. Feeling the clamps tighten around my nipples I winced in pain. Unable to cry out. Tears streaming down my face. He tightened the clamps even more until they couldn’t go any further, my nipples were almost numb, I could only just feel it when he tugged at the chain connecting the clamps. The pain was exquisite, I was buzzing off the pain, my pussy getting wetter and wetter the more he hit me.

He could sense my wetness now, using the crop he parted the material of my crotchless panties, he gently slid the crop over my cunt, covering it in my juices. I was aching for him now, yearning to have him inside me, to be filled with his cock.

He had decided to release me from my restraints, my hands were untied, my ankles freed. He had decided to leave the blindfold on but finally removed the gag from my mouth. Dam my jaw ached; I could hardly closed my mouth. Forcing me onto my knees, he grabbed my hair, pulling me towards his cock, standing so proud in front of me. It was rock hard, a small amount of pre come glistening on the end of his dick, waiting to be licked and sucked. Using all his might, he forced his cock into my mouth, making me take it all the way, until I was gagging. Holding me tight, I couldn’t release his cock from my mouth. I had no choice but to pleasure him. Finally letting go of my hair he allowed me to use my mouth and hands to please him. I begin by gently sucking his cock, taking his full length while playfully teasing his balls with my hand. Speeding up now, I started to use my hand to wank him while teasing his head with my tongue. He was thrusting his cock in rhythm with me now, once again grabbing my hair to hold my head still while thrusting his dick into my mouth. He reached down to remove my blindfold. “I want you to look at me when I come all over your face,” he informed me. Taking his cock out of my mouth, he wanked his cock furiously in my face, smacking his balls into my face. Crying out in pleasure, Mark emptied his load over my face and in my mouth, covering me in his sticky come. “Now lick me clean” he instructed. Wanting to please I licked and sucked his cock clean. He then used his fingers to scoop his come off my face and force his fingers in to my mouth.

Walking away from me he reached for more champagne, pouring two glasses. Handing me one as he held his hand out to assist me to stand to my feet. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked. “Yes I am, thank you” I responded. Smiling at me Mark walked towards the wardrobe. Opening it up he pulled out three different types of spanking devices. Holding them to me Mark instructed me to choose two. Eyeing them up and down I struggled to choose. First there was the cane, a smooth thin piece of wood, it was sure to leave lots of thin sore red welts across my bottom. Second was a cat o nice tails. I had never had one used on me before, the idea of it made my pussy throb. The third and final device was a thick leather paddle, it was sure to make my entire bottom red. I decided on the cane and paddle. Picking the two up I handed them to Mark. He nodded in agreement. Asking me to lie down face down on the bed Mark secured my arms and legs to the bed. I was sprawled out in a star shape, with my pussy on show. Once again, he used the blade he had used to cut my bra off to release me from my panties, exposing my bare bottom to him. All I was left in now were my fishnet stockings. “You look stunning” Mark commented. “Everything I could have wanted. You arse is perfect for a spanking, perfect for a good hard beating. I’m sure you have been naughty enough to deserve this haven’t you? Mark asked. “Yes I have, I’m a naughty dirty slut that needs to be taught a lesson.” I replied.

The first hit with the care stung so much I was thrashing about trying to free my self, screaming in absolute agony. Mark held my face down into a pillow until my screaming had subsided. Reaching for the ball gag Mark tied it tightly around my face; once again, I couldn’t make a sound. No matter how much pain I would be in there was no way I could ask him to stop, no way I could show him just how much pain I was in.

The hits continued to fall down hard on my bottom. The cane was covering me in beautiful deep red welts. Criss crossing them, to create a pattern. By this point, I had stopped trying to scream, the only sign of the intense pain I was in were the continuous tears falling across my face, but being face down on the bed he couldn’t see. Deciding to give the cane a rest he began to use the paddle. The pain was very different, where as the cane provided me with short sharp moments of painful pleasure the paddle created a wonderful sound, cracking down on my arse with an almighty thud. Resulting in an exquisite type of pain. The pain moving around my body. I could feel my clit throb with desire. My pussy was now soaking wet.

My arse was red raw by this point, I had even started to bleed he had hit me so hard. Returning from the bathroom with a damp towel Mark gently bathed my bottom, cooling down my burning skin. His gentle touch making me relax, feeling so at home. This felt to right. To be treated so badly yet to be shown this amount of kindness was wonderful. Mark was now untying me, releasing my wrists and ankles from their tight uncomfortable restraints, leaving sore red Marks on both my wrists and ankles. How on earth was I going to be able to hide them at work tomorrow?

Mark lead me to the wall, leaning me against it he gently slid his hard cock into my pussy. Exactly what I had been aching for all evening. Starting slowly be began to thrust his cock in and out of my dripping pussy. It was such an intense feeling; I had waited so long to have him inside me, I was sure I would come very soon. Reaching down I played with my clit, rubbing it hard between my fingers. Realising what I was doing Mark pulled out of my cunt. Turing me around he asked, “do you like playing with yourself, do you like filling your cunt with my fingers a dildo perhaps?” I nodded in agreement, instructing me to lie on the floor Mark produced a beautiful solid glass dildo, handing it to me and giving me permission to use it how I see fit. He wanted to watch me make myself come and I was more than happy to put on the performance of a lifetime for him.

Taking the dildo from him, I put it in my mouth, covering it with my spit to lube it up ready for my cunt. Slowly edging it down my body towards my pussy, I began to play with my nipples, gently teasing myself, pulling at them and twisting them until I made myself cry out loud in both pain and pleasure. My nipples were hardening in my fingers, showing Mark just how turned on I was, I was really starting to pull hard at my nipples now, wanting Mark to see just how turned on I was, how much I wanted to please him. I now had the dildo at the entrance of my slick wet pussy, edging it slowly into my tight opening, inch my inch. I filled my pussy, until eventually, I had the full 8 inches inside myself. When I couldn’t get it any further inside myself, I began to start thrusting it in and out of myself, the tip of the dildo was banging against my g spot with every thrust. I could have come within seconds. I was now writhing about all over the floor in ecstasy, putting myself in different positions to give Mark the perfect view of the action. Finally, while on all fours with my red sore arse up in the air I came hard, my juices visibly dripping from my cunt down my legs.

Demanding I stay in this position Mark joined me on the floor. Entering my pussy from behind he continued to fuck me, holding on to my hips he pulled me onto him, his cock filling my socking wet pussy. He must have had the most amazing view, my arse cheeks slapping together with every thrust. Encouraging me to push back harder he kept slapping my already bruising bottom. It had come under so much abuse by this point that I was practically numb. Pulling out of me Mark led me to the bed, lying down he encouraged me to sit on him. Leaning over him, I gently eased myself onto his cock, pushing down as hard as I could do so I could feel his entire self in me. I asked for permission to ride him, thankful he said yes. I rode him with every ounce of energy I had left. Using all my force to grind down on his huge hard dick. Using it to make myself come over and over again. The sweat was now dripping down my back I was working so hard. I wanted him to see how much I was enjoying sitting on his cock, wanted Mark to see how thankful I was for the way he had been treating me.

Pushing me off him, Mark held me face down on the bed. With no warning or lube Mark forced his dick up my tight arse. I was fighting with all my strength, but had so little left after the fucking I had just received. I had no choice but to take the arse fucking of a lifetime. He was pounding into me without any though as to how I felt, my bottom was getting the arse fucking of a lift time. With no lube, I could feel every small sensation, it was wonderful, it felt amazing to be fucked like the whore I was. With one last massive thrust Mark came, filling my arse with his come. Forcing my face into a pillow to smother my screams. Falling to the side of me Mark playfully slapped my arse and instructed me to have a shower, willingly I rose from the bed, my abused body barely working for me now I made my way to the bathroom.

The hot water stung as it hit my body, trickling down my body, changing direction with every curve and crease of the body. Slowly I felt my skin come alive, the numbness wearing off and the pain began to set in. turning around I cried out in pain, the water was too powerful and hot for my now wonderfully bruised bottom. Turning the water down and on to a colder setting, I stood still for what felt like hours, letting the water begin the healing process for my poor bottom. Soaping myself up, letting the bubbles caress me, smoothing the welts covering my arse and tits.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped myself in a soft bathrobe, walking back in to the room I was surprised to find it empty. Mark had gone, left without saying goodbye or even thank you. All that was left was an envelope on the bedside table. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I opened it. A simple note:

Thank you. You deserve every penny.


Looking back into the envelope I pulled out a thick wad of used notes. Counting slowly I smiled. I must have been very good. I must have performed to a high standard. Putting the £300 in my purse, I dressed and left the room.

Entering my house, I quietly undressed and got into bed. My body aching from top to bottom. Rolling over I cuddled into Matthew. “How was your evening?” he questioned. “Exquisite” I replied. “And Mark, was he everything you wanted and needed?” he asked. “You were perfect,” I said as I cuddled deeper into his hold. “I guess you want your money back” I joked. “No, you earned it” he responded.

Gently cupping my still burning arse Matthews’s hard cock dug into my back, parting my cheeks he entered my aching pussy. Fucking me slowly and gently Matthew held me close and he whispered into my ear, telling me all about the whore he had fucked and abuse earlier that evening. He told me every detail, how he had met her in a bar and taken her to a hotel room. How he had spanked her, how he had made her make herself come on the floor, the shame he put her through, the hard arse fucking she had received. Coming together Matthew and Amy fell asleep still holding each other tightly.


© Copyright Cat1984 July 2009

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