Jenny's Train Journey
By Travellers Tales
(MF, oral, exhib)


Dressed in a little cotton pleated miniskirt and white summer roll neck sweater she walked jauntily down the platform swinging her little suitcase, peering in the windows of the carriages as she passed them until with a little grin she saw the one that she was looking for and opened the door.

There sitting in the opposite corner all alone was a young man of about twenty-five or so and even better for Jenny, he was in the uniform of the R.A.F. Jenny loved men in uniform especially the light blue of the air force. Opening the door, she climbed in and turning made a little show of putting her case on the rack above her seat. As she stretched up she knew that her short jumper would rise up to show just a glimpse of her tanned waist and her short skirt would flatter the contour of her bottom and show off her long bare legs.

Turning back, she noticed the airman quickly look back into his newspaper; she also noticed the slight blush that came over his face. Smiling quietly to herself she sat in corner opposite and opened her book, at the same time she inadvertently allowed her knees to part slightly, just enough, she thought, for him to get a glimpse of her inner thigh. When she knew that she had his attention she closed her book and leaned back in her seat as if asleep, although her eyes were closed she could still see him through her long lashes. The rocking of the train allowed her to let her legs fall a little further apart until she knew that he would have a clear view of the brief lacy yellow panties that she had worn for the occasion. It amused her to see him move slightly so as to have an even better view and she almost gave herself away when she saw his hand move down to adjust the slight bulge in his trousers and to give it a little squeeze.

Now, she thought, now is the time.

Giving a little yawn she opened her eyes and braced her shoulders back just enough to stretch her jumper across her unfettered breasts and it was thin enough to accentuate her generous nipples. Putting her book on the seat she stood and turned to reach up for her case even though it would be another twenty minutes before the next stop. She made quite a show of struggling with the case as if it caught in the netting, and all this time giving him a wonderful view of her figure. Appearing to give up the struggle, she let her arms drop and she turned to a grinning and amused airman.

"Could you ---?" she asked .

"Of course I can".

He answered, and went to get up.

Jenny had to hide a private smile and discretely turned away as she saw him stand in a rather awkward way to try and hide the swelling in his trousers. By the time she turned back, he had straightened his up his cock and could now stand without too much embarrassment. Jenny deliberately sat down on her seat in such a position that he would have to reach over her.

At first, he was leaning against her knees but with a little movement, she was able to let him slide in between her legs and in doing so, it brought him that much nearer. The rocking of the train was an ideal excuse for her to steady him by putting her hands behind his legs and slide up to the cheeks of his bottom. She felt his body stiffen a little at her touch, but he said nothing, so she softly moved her hands round to the front and she could see his erection growing in his trousers.

As the train gave a little jerk, she moved her hands round to the front and gently slid her hand over the swelling. She felt it give a little throb, but still he said nothing, so she accidentally squeezed it and he moved in a little more towards her until it was only a few inches from her face. With no more hesitation she felt for and pulled down his zip then delving her hand deeply into his boxers she found his hardening penis. It was a matter of seconds before she had pulled it free, then with both of her delicate hands; she started to massage the loose skin until it could no longer cover the head.

She plunged it into her mouth, he felt the wonderful damp warmth that surrounded his cock, and he felt her tongue as it wrapped itself around his shaft. Jenny pulled him even more towards herself swallowing his whole prick up to the end of his shaft then taking him from her mouth she ran her tongue down the blue vein until she could suck his balls one at a time until she could hear him gasping with pleasure.

Not wanting to cum yet she went up to meet him as he crouched down to kiss her. The kiss was fierce, both holding the others head, lips squashed and their tongues twinning together like dancing cobras. He held the side of her body and with one movement slid his hands under her sweater and lifted it over her naked breasts. Her breasts were hard and firm, her nipples standing out waiting for him to take them in his mouth, to nibble at them and then to gently caress them.

Crouching as he was before her his now rock hard cock was standing out and rubbing against her bare legs. Jenny lifted her bottom from the seat as he pushed her short skirt up to her waist and with his thumbs under her waistband pulled her scanty little pants down over her knees and down to her ankles where she kicked them off. Before pulling him back towards her, she undid his belt and he let his trousers fall to floor, dragging his boxers down over his rampant prick.

She saw the full enormity of it as it as it sprang back standing fully out towards her; she cupped his dangling balls in one hand and stroked his shaft with the other. Leaning forward, she opened its solitary eye with her fingers and placed her long pointed tongue in it. Then once again, she just put the end in her mouth so she could run her tongue around the ridge of his helmet.

She could just start to taste the beginning of his precum. The airman putting his hands behind her bottom pulled her forward onto the edge of the seat, as he did so he felt his knob come free of her mouth and bounce up. Easing her legs further apart, he gently parted the lips of her vagina with his thumbs exposing the beautiful pink interior, then, bending forward he softly let his tongue drag up one side of her vulva and then the other. He paused just long enough to nuzzle her swelling clitoris before lapping the inside and sucking at her whole fanny until he could taste her juices starting to flow. He could hear her moaning with pleasure and grasping his hair holding him so tightly that he couldn't move away and still the juices flowed.

At last, she relaxed a little and he was able to move up to kiss her stomach and then up to her breasts again before she pushed him away.

"Stop, stop." She panted. "I want you inside me NOW."

Rising up a little he pushed the end of his knob against her waiting lips and he felt her hands come down to guide him into her warm receptive fanny. Slowly, at first, his shaft slid deeper and deeper inside until the whole of his pulsating member was enveloped in the warmth of her body. As he started to rhythmically move his hips back and forth, she moved to match him, slowly at first before their passion drove them faster and faster.

He could feel and hear his balls hitting her arse as he drove harder and harder into her. She gripped the backs of his arms so tightly that her nails were digging into his flesh but, in the frenzy of their fucking, he felt no pain. Her pussy and his crotch were wet from her multiple orgasms and he was reaching his peak. He felt as though he wanted to push it right through her and with his deepest and final thrust she felt his hot semen burst into her, as it did she tightened her muscles to keep him inside her as long as possible before he finally withdrew.

As he came free of her, he kissed her again only this time there was a tenderness replacing the raw passion of earlier. He pushed some damp hair from her forehead and took her face in his hands.

"That was wonderful". He said.

Jenny softly bit her lip and smiling back at him said.

"Yes, I thought so too".

As she spoke, he was gently stroking her fanny when he said.

"But you're all wet now, maybe I can help".

He put his head between her still parted legs and started to lick the juices from around her fanny and probing again with his tongue.

Gently taking him by the hair, she pulled him away.

"Come on. We'll be there soon and it's where I get off ".

Pulling down her sweater and straightening her skirt she started to repair her makeup, she just finished as the train started to slow for the station. As she stood up to easily retrieve her suitcase, the airman took hold of her arm.

"Can we---?"

Before he could finish the sentence, she put a finger across his lips.

"Ssssh! Bye".

With that, she swung open the door and stepped lightly from the carriage as if nothing had happened. As the door slammed shut, he noticed lying just under the seat the edge of a pair of her yellow panties. He had just picked them up when the door opened again. Looking up he expected to see her again even if only to retrieve her pants but the reality was a portly sweating gentleman complete umbrella and briefcase.

The End ------

Until the next train cums along…


© Copyright October 2009 Travellers Tales

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