Matthew & Gina
By Catrina555
(MF, oral, exhib, job, m+solo)


Matthew was stood by the photocopier waiting for the last of the pages to spill out. He collected them up and headed back to his classroom. The lesson was due to start in 20 minutes and he was almost ready. He only had one lesson a day; the rest of the day was 'drop-in time' which meant he was free for students to drop by if they wanted to talk or if they needed advice. He had been busy today and had to rush to prepare the room for today's lesson.

He was teaching a class this afternoon of over 16 year olds from 6th form. Today was the start of the practical lessons. This always excited him. The classes for 6th form were optional and only lasted a few months, but he always had a rota of students on the waiting list. Once the students were over 16 and had returned in 6th form, Matthew had a completely new teaching method for them a couple of lessons into the course.

He had approached this school last year and offered his professionally trained services as a sexual advisor and counsellor. It was approved by the council, as they were willing to try anything to decrease the teenage birth rates for the county. He use to work with couples that were trying to salvage their marriage, but he soon realised the root of their problems were usually always of a sexual nature. The husband never 'understood' what their partners wanted or how to give it to them and the wives were always 'too tired' for sex. It was while talking to his wife, Gina, that Matthew thought the only way to prevent this happening to more couples, was to teach kids how to love and respect each other’s body while they were young and sex was still relatively new to them.

He had purposely decorated the classroom with posters on STD's and contraceptives. It kept all the other teachers away out of embarrassment and this meant he lesson times were safe. He had blacked out the window on the door to his classroom insisting it was for his 'patients privacy'. Which was true. He had pointed out that kids nowadays were too embarrassed to seek help if it meant other students would find out and tease them. He had also insisted that his students would not be mixed sex during his lessons 6th form lessons. One lesson for the boys and one for the girls. This was because girls and boys would feel more comfortable in a same sex environment when asking personal or sensitive questions as their thirst for knowledge on sex grew.

The bell rang signalling lesson changeover. His classroom was ready. At the front of the room pushed against the wall, were four desks against each other forming a square. On top of the desks was a rolled out cushioned roll mat. In front of the desks were the chairs for the students, a foot apart from each other curved around the front of the desks for an unobstructed view. Each of the students chairs had a bottle of water, a box of tissues and a few pieces of paper under it. He could hear the students already outside the door. Today was the boys' lesson. He glanced at Gina, she was wearing a long silk robe that tied at the side and had a blindfold ready in her hand.

'OK, ready baby?' He asked her.

She grinned and kissed him on the lips. He felt his cock twitch in anticipation of what he was about to see. She walked to the stock room and closed the door behind her. He walked to the classroom door and opened it to find his students there waiting. He motioned them to enter the room. The filed in and looked for their usual desk to sit at while trying to figure out the arrangement of seats that they had become.

'Ok gentlemen, leave your bags by the far wall and find a seat at the front. Do not touch anything under your desk.' He watched as they casually dumped their bags and each sat in the arrangement of seats by the desk. He waited for them to quieten down.

'Now over the last few weeks we covered any questions you had and what, if any, sexual experiences you had all had.' When asking this last week Matthew was not surprised that some had none and some had had a few sexual partners. Yet none had really any experience of foreplay. Over the last few classes, they had gained a trust for each other.

'Have a look at the papers I left under your chair.'

They all picked up the papers under the desk. The first was of a nude model with huge breasts. Her legs were open revealing her pussy.

As soon as they registered what they were seeing, they started whistling and making comments. Matthew waited for them to calm down.

'Now, what you see is not real. Women don't all look like this. It makes them appear a just an object of sex. How many of you would want to have sex with a woman like this?' All hands shot into the air. They all laughed and Matthew did too, but because he knew, how much they would change by the end of the course.

'OK, that's a typical response. The few of you that have had sex, did the woman look like this? They shook their heads.

'OK next'. The next page was a nude male model with a huge erection. They did not make any comments but instead shifted in their seats uncomfortably.

'Now this is not a fair representation of a guy. How many of you look like him?' None of them spoke. 'It's OK, I don't either.' he smiled. 'This is the same misrepresentation as the picture before.'

'I think that it is paramount that you learn to live with what you have and to love it. Only you can help build your bond with your dick and it is loving your body and your partners body that will make you and your partner extremely happy, so today I have an assistant to help me.'

With this, he opened the storeroom cupboard door. Matthews’s wife stepped from the small room with the blindfold on. He took her hand and led her to the desk. She sat on the end with her robe parting up to her thigh. The students were mesmerised. Gina's plump breasts were also visible, her nipples sticking out through the thin material of the robe. He knew she was turned on. They had a fantastic sex life and since doing these classes, it had somehow become even better.

The room had gone quiet. Some of them were trying to clear their throats. He almost forgot.

'You all have a bottle of water under your chairs too' He watched as they all fumbled for a drink without taking their eyes of Gina.

'This is my assistant. She is blindfolded so that she does not know what any of you look like. She will also not be able to tell any of you apart.' They didn't register what he meant though. Good.

'With my assistants help, I am going to show you how to make a woman climax.'

There were gasps and someone dropped their bottle of water. Gina smiled. She stood up and undid her robe and sat back on the desks again then lay down. Her legs parted with her feet flat on the desks her glistening pussy was on show for the whole class to see. A few more bottles fell to the floor. This time Matthew smiled. He knew his wife was gorgeous with a beautiful pussy to match and she was his.

'Now I want you to watch what I do closely.' He walked to the table beside his wife's parted legs.

'For those that have never seen one before, this is a normal woman's pussy. It is shaved so that you can see it better. Some women shave for heightened sexual pleasure and some don't.' He looked at his class; they were still staring at his wife's pussy.

'A woman's clitoris – or clit for short- is highly sensitive, a gentle touch will give the desired effect. Watch.' He slowly stroked her clit just once and watched as her pussy clenched. She let out a small moan but he had to hold his in, for now.

'As she becomes more aroused, her body releases lubricant for her partners entry. Different things can cause this from physical or mental stimulation. Or both.' He slid a finger into his wife's pussy then removed it and held it up to the class to see it was now wet. His cock was growing in his trousers and he felt sorry for the students that must have raging boners by now.

'Would anyone like to try touching her clit and feeling inside her?' No one moved.

'It ok to have a hard-on. I have one too – it's perfectly normal upon seeing a naked woman’s body for your body to in turn react.' The students looked down to see his bulge in his trousers. For a few seconds still no one moved. Then someone stood up, a guy that had confessed last week to still being a virgin.

'Excellent' said Matthew. 'Come here'

The student nervously walked over to him.

'First slide a finger inside her and feel how smooth and wet a pussy feels when aroused.'

The student did as he was instructed. Sliding his forefinger gingerly inside her. Then started to feel her inside.

'Excellent, you can try two fingers if you want. Feel the tightness.'

The student removed his finger from her to replace it with two this time.

'Ok now touch her clit with your other hand and feel her squeeze your fingers with her vagina'. The student did as he was told.

Watching guys touch a woman for the first time and it being Gina, turned Matthew on incredibly.

He instructed the brave first student to take his seat and use a tissue from the ones provided under his chair.

'Ok who's next?' He looked at the remaining students as they struggled to believe what they just saw.

After each of the students had felt his wife squeeze on their fingers by touching her clit, He braced himself for what he was going to show them next.

'I will now show you a woman orgasming by tongue'. The students weren't shocked anymore. He could only imagine that they must think they were in a dream.

'Generally women like the sensation of a tongue on their clit. Pressure and rhythm can be altered depending on the woman's reaction. You can also finger them while you do this. In time, you will find what works for you and for them.'

Matthew stood to the side of the tables while Gina swung round so that the students could now see her side on. He bent down in front of her pussy, 'I know that you all are uncomfortable with your erections, so if any of you wish to alleviate yourselves feel free to do so. Watching people enjoy themselves can heighten your own pleasure. I would like you watch her orgasm though.'

Matthew started by inhaling Gina's smell. He loved making her cum and couldn't wait. He slid two fingers in her pussy. Slowly stroking in and out of it. His cock ached in anticipation of feeling her pussy itself. She was oozing pussy juice onto the roll mat. He turned his fingers so they were face down and slid his thumb over her arsehole. It was wet from her juices. He gently slid it in as she arched her back.

He knew there was no point telling the students what he was doing, as this was all still too much for them to take in. He could see that a couple of them had removed their stiff cocks from their jeans. They were stroking as they watched him satisfy his wife. When she was being used as an 'assistant' like this she wasn't able to speak to touch. Her hands were always under her, in the small of her back. This prevented the students from developing an attraction to her by not seeing her as a person but more of an 'aide'. Another reason she wore the blindfold.

He bent his face into Gina's warm wet pussy and started to work her clit. He teased it with the tip of his tongue, making little circles with it. Both her holes were filled with his fingers as she dripped over them. He glanced at the students. They were all now wanking while he licked Gina out. Some of them were quite weedy but some were more well developed. None of them had a cock as thick as his though.

He saw her lick her lips and he smiled to himself. She wanted to suck cock. He knew she was watching them as she could see out through the blindfold. She loved to watch the students wank while he teased her like this. She watched by only moving her eyes not her head so they could never really tell if she was watching them or not.

Some of the students had cum. Not surprising really, as he would also have cum quickly at their age. As Gina watched the students empty their cocks of young sperm while looking at her, it brought her to orgasm quickly. By the time she had let out her moans of pleasure and thrust her pussy into his face, the last of the students had cum. She lay still breathing hard. The students in much the same state of cum. He removed his fingers from Gina, stood up and wiped them and his face on the towel on his desk. The students cleaned their fingers with tissues and put their cocks away, suddenly aware at what they had done.

'Now I hope you all paid attention because you will all be doing that during this course.' Some of them gasped in shock. He chuckled.

'All of you will be bringing my assistant to orgasm, but not today. Every lesson, someone will bring her to climax with his tongue. Once you have achieved this, I will teach you how to do it with your penis.' All of them gasped this time, and Gina smiled.

'For now though, it's the end of today's lesson.' He picked up Gina's robe and waited for her to stand up.

'Thank you assistant.' he said. He handed her a robe as she was still blindfolded. When she had dressed, he led her back to the storeroom. She stepping inside and closed the door.

As the students stood up to start to leave as Matthew asked them to place any 'litter' in the bin by the door. He then started to clear the chairs back to where they were as the students left his class. After he was sure the coast was clear, he closed the classroom door and headed over to the storeroom cupboard.

He opened the door to find Gina naked inside. He was careful to make sure none of the students knew she was his wife, or how much she turned him on. He closed the door behind him so they were in the small space together.

'Mmmm.....' she whispered into his ear as they embraced.

He kissed her deep and hard, as his cock still aching from the moment he saw her naked, pressed into her belly. As thoughts of the last hour still raced in their minds, Matthew fucked his eager wife against the wall in the store cupboard. He couldn't wait until the end of the course where this new batch of students would watch him fuck his wife until she came and then do the same to her one after the other over the next few weeks.

As he imagined watching each of them fuck his wife and empty their immature balls into her he came hard. Squirting lashings of his thick cum into her, she came on his rigid, wet cock. He was so satisfied with the part of his job that helped boys become men. He got more pleasure from seeing them become men inside his wife.


© Copyright September Catrina555

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