Playing for High Stakes
(MMMF, oral, Exhib)

My third boyfriend Mike loved to play poker. Every Friday night he'd have three of his friends over to play. He tried to get me interested, but I wasn't very good at learning the winning hands so I used to leave them to play in the lounge while I went to the bedroom and watched a DVD. It worked well enough, though sometimes by the end of the game Mike was too drunk to be any use in bed, so I often used to rub myself off while watching a porno. Knowing there were three other guys downstairs added to the pleasure, and I often fantasised what their cocks would look like. I never imagined that one day I would go some way towards finding out.

The day before that Friday, Mike told me that Paul had rung to say that he was really ill and wouldn't be able to make it. Mark and Steve could still play, but it was better with four, and Mike wanted me to stand in. I told him that I didn't really want to, but he said that he'd give me some extra teaching so I could remember the hands, he'd fund my stake, and he'd buy me the pair of earrings that I'd seen in town if I joined in, so I agreed.

The games were always played for low stakes - 25 - but that still meant that if somebody cleaned the others out they'd walk away with 100. So, at 7pm I was at the table with a pile of coins in front of me. I folded early most hands, so didn't lose much, but Mark was winning most of the time and Mike and Steve were down to a few pounds each. The next hand was mine to deal, and again I didn't have much of a hand so folded straight away. "I might as well not be here," I thought, thinking how I could have been pleasing myself upstairs instead. Mike had drunk quite a few beers - he always drank more when he was losing - so I knew he'd be no good either.

After they'd each exchanged some cards, Mike put all of the money that he had left in the pot. Steve folded, but Mark just grinned and raised him 10, knowing that Mike had no more money. Mike took a swig of beer, then said to Mark, "You've always fancied Ellen, haven't you?"

"Yeah, what's not to like?" Mark replied.

"OK. Here's my bet then. All the cash in front of you against the chance to fuck her."

"Mike!" I blurted. "You can't do that!"

"It's OK," he said - "I don't intend to lose"

Mark's grin widened. "While you and Steve are watching, yeah?"


Mark pushed his stake into the middle of the table. "Call," he said.

My mind was spinning. How could Mike do that? Part of me though was hoping that Mark would win. Of course Mike would pay him off with a cheque or something, but maybe he'd learn his lesson.

Mike laid down his cards "Three aces," he said, reaching for the pot.

"Not so fast buddy," Mark replied and started to put his cards down. Three sevens went down and Mike laughed and said that he thought aces beat sevens.

"Not when backed up by two ladies," Mark replied, and put down two queens. "Full house," he said. He took the pot and turned to me. "So, you gonna pay out Mike's bet?"

Mike signed. "I'll pay you back tomorrow," he said.

"Not good enough," Mark replied. "I wanna fuck your girl"

"I'll pay you double," Mike said, starting to look worried.

"Tell you what, mate," Mark replied. "Double or quits"

"What - another hand?" Mike asked.

Mark grinned again. "Nah. Ellen gets down to her undies while you and I strip. Biggest cock wins. At least I get to see her in her scanties. If you win, you keep the money and that's the end of it. If I win, I get the money and get to fuck her next week as well. What do you say?"

Mike looked at me. "Deal," he said, and started to undo his trousers. "El, take your jeans and T-shirt off," he told me.

"But Mike, this isn't"

"Just do it love," he said.

I slipped my T-shirt over my head and took off my jeans, watching Mike and Mark get undressed. I'd only been with three guys but Mike was the biggest of them - just over 6 inches - so I was sure that he'd win. Sure, I'd seen bigger in the pornos I watched, but I knew those guys were chosen for their larger than normal equipment.

Mark was down to his boxers and he looked me in the eye and smiled. "Hope you like it," he said and I instinctively looked down to his groin. He slid down his pants and stood up. I couldn't help but gasp.

"You like it?" he asked me. He took it in his hand and stroked it a few times until it was fully hard.
"Eight inches long, six inches round," he said, looking at me. He glanced down at Mike. "I think I win.".

I looked at Mike, who was staring at Mark's huge cock. My pussy was starting to throb at the idea of having him inside me, thinking about how it would feel. At the start I'd been appalled by the idea of Mike betting me on a hand of cards, but now I'd seen Mark naked I knew that I wanted him.

"Mark's definitely won, sweetie," I said. I knelt in front of where Mark was stood and took his erection in my hand, then licked around the end.

"Don't El, please don't," Mike said.

"You made the bet, Mike," I replied. "Now I'm gonna pay out"

I eased the foreskin away from the end of Mark's shaft and took the tip between my lips, slowly moving my mouth down until I'd taken in as much as I could, using my hand to work the base of the shaft while my tongue circled the tip.

"She gives good head," Mark said, "you've trained her well. Hope she's a good fuck too!"

I broke away from Mark and looked up at him. "Why don't you find out for yourself," I said, and went to sit on the sofa. Mark sat beside me and put his lips to mine, our mouths parting so that our tongues could meet. His hands reached around me and expertly unclasped my bra - I realised that he must have done this to loads of girls. We broke the kiss and I slipped the bra off. He cupped my left breast in his right hand, then lowered his mouth to my nipple and sucked it gently. I reached down and took his erect shaft in my hand again, feeling its rigidity and wanting to feel it inside me.

I looked up and saw that Steve had undressed as well, both he and Mike were stood watching and stroking their cocks. I felt Mark's hand on my knee and parted my thighs so that he could touch me. He moved up my leg really slowly, teasing me, and then I felt the jolt as he cupped my pussy though my panties.

"Hmmmm, nice and wet already," he said, "I can feel that through your panties."

"It's because I want you so badly," I said.

"Lie down then, El," he said.

I did as I asked and I felt his hands at the waistband of my panties, pulling them down and over my feet. I spread my legs wide so that he could get a good look at my neatly trimmed pussy. His head dipped between my legs and I felt his breath on my thighs, then he was kissing my outer lips, teasing me. I raised my hips off the sofa and Mark laughed, then I felt his fingers part my outer lips and he was kissing my slippery slit, his tongue starting at the bottom and then slowing edging upwards until it was on my clit and I moaned softly. His tongue continued to work my clit while he slipped first one finger and then two into my slippery pussy.

I looked up at Mike, then moaned again as Mark slipped a third finger inside me. I could see that Mike was already oozing precum, and he was hardly rubbing his shaft at all - I knew that he must be very close to cumming and was trying to hold on.

"I think you're ready for me," Mark said and he kissed his way up my body, over my belly, both breasts, my neck and then his mouth met mine and I reached down between us to position him at my entrance. I expected him to slide in straight away but instead he rose up on his hands and looked at me.

"You sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," I panted

"You want me inside you?"

"Fuck me now, please Mark. I want it"

I concentrated on the feelings in my pussy as I felt him slide into me, my walls opening to accommodate him. It seemed as though I could feel every bump and vein as he nudged ever further in. When he was in as far as he could get he stopped again to let me get used to the feeling of being stretched around him, then slowly started to move inside me, small movements at first then getting longer until he was using as much of his length as he could. I'd never felt so full and it was amazing, I was gasping each time he pressed fully into me until before I knew it I was tingling from head to toe, my body twitching as my orgasm washed over me.

Mark remained still inside me for a few moments while I recovered my breath. "She's a hottie ... does she always come so quickly?" He asked Mike.

Mike was looking dumbstruck so I answered for him. "No, I've never come that quickly before. Normally Mike has to finish me with his fingers because he cums before I do."

"Glad you're enjoying it. You want more?"

"As much as you've got," I said

Mark started moving again and now was going faster and ramming me full of cock on each thrust. My pussy was running with my juices in response to the pounding that I was getting and I knew that I'd be coming again before much longer.

"I want you to cum for me, Mark," I gasped between thrusts.

"Where do you want it? On your tits, on your belly?"

"Cum inside me, please cum inside me," I said. "I want to feel you fill me with cum"

My arms clung around his back and I raised my head up to kiss Mark, then lowered my hands down his body until they were grasping his buttocks and I was pulling him further into me with each thrust, trying to take all of him inside me though I knew he couldn't fit.

"Harder, harder, I'm going to come again," I said to him as I felt a huge orgasm start to well up inside me. I bit my lip and concentrated on holding on but the feeling of being impaled on that huge cock was too much and I was soon screaming out in pleasure as my second orgasm ripped through me. The clenching of my walls around him was enough to take Mark over the edge and I felt him get even harder and then he was pulsing inside me as he filled me with his man milk.

Mark kissed me again before withdrawing, then Mike and Steve both moved forwards and finished themselves off over my beautifully fucked body, spraying my tits with two more loads of cum.

Mark handed me my panties and I slipped them on. "You'll be ready for more next week, El?" he asked. "Can't wait!" I answered as I stood up, his cum dripping down my thighs as I pulled my panties up.

After Mark and Steve had left, Mike wanted to fuck me so I rode him until his cum was mingled with Mark's inside me. I knew then that I couldn't be satisfied with our sex life anymore, I wanted to be coming every time we fucked not only when he could be bothered to finger me afterwards.

The next week just confirmed that, Mark bringing me to orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me doggie style while Mike and Steve took turns with my mouth. We split up not long after, and I moved in with Mark. We didn't last long as a couple - all we had in common was sex. But, while it lasted, it was the best sex I've ever had.


Copyright ELP June 2009

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