On Top
By SandieQ

Side by side in bed we lay slumbering, dozy lazy but aroused from a really long love-making session. Our damp bodies dry and cool slowly under the heavy duvet, cosy warm with our effortless exhausting passion. I'm curled up at your side, and I feel the need for more.

I reach down and caress the slickly sticky curve of your return to stiff readiness. You're on your back, breathing slowly now after a panting, energetic marathon, and I pour my body over yours, soft rippling curves of my tum and breasts, oozing gently onto the firmness of your chest, stomach and... ooh, something else quite, quite hard now.

I rub my body in one giant caress up and down yours, bring my lips up to yours and smooch lustily. Your hands rise up either side and give a loving squeezy hug under my arms, down my hips, over my bum and reach under each thigh. I'm draped over you, my legs falling either side of your hips as my hair hangs over your face. I don't want the effort of another wild bout, at least not yet, and inch myself up you just a small amount. Your hands reach over my spread thighs and heft me down... the tip of your heat tickles the soaked warmth between them, slips easily into me with the pleased surprise of an 'O' on my lips.

I grip your shoulders, lift myself up your body... mebbe an inch or two... snog you mercilessly. Your grip on my thighs tightens and you lift me, separate me, tug me down onto the stiff steamy shaft which pokes perkily parallel with your stomach.


A pull-me push-you tug of passion begins... I snuggly-snoggly giggly myself up off your cock and attack your lips with my tongue, you grip and grapple me down to squish and squelch around you, parting my other lips with thickening rigidity and trembling throbs. The pace of me-up me-down speeds up until somehow your hands slip grippingly under my thighs and with forklift strength lift me back and forth. Your knees come up and I'm parted pleasurably against them with you deeply, widely, plungingly inside me.

I try to lift myself up so you can suck on my sensitive but squashed nips but the jiggering teeth-chattering shag drives me senseless and I lay there... a human blancmange of a body with no energy but to stay draped over you. I'm raw with the pumping thrusts as your cock tries to rise against gravity but sways giddily round my soft slurpy sex, in and out, like a blender. Sucked in by my wetness and dragged out by your passioned animal strength.

Usually I'm tight round you but the fearful forcefulness keeps me loose, the whirling wetness means I feel you on one side then another instead of all over at once. There's no sudden end to my pleasure, no satisfying sneeze of an orgasm that explodes out in one powerful surge of your climax but a sparkler of sensation that fizzles over one hip then lights up under a rib while another champagne bubbles between my thighs. As you give out drumming, spurting random machine gun-like bursts of your own climax, my own ping-pongs around like a pinball game... only the ball is your gushing short squirts that ricochet against my g spot, bounce off the tender walls of my vagina before hitting a high score replay over my cervix. P-p-per-ping!

My thighs come together in a shrieky wail of frighteningly loud pleasure and your hands are catapulted out to bearhug me as your moans and gasps deeply outsound my release. The pinball of your climax continues to light up deep inside me as I grip your hips with uncontrolled wildness. Unable to bring them together without crushing your pelvis, I cunt-clenchingly orgasm again and tear myself from your embrace to sit up on you... the surprised 'O' now a wide yell of agonising mindless ecstasy as my nails dig into your chest while my shaking arms try and support my shuddering arched body. Under me, my sudden jolt bends you inside me and you buck like a wild stallion... your cock squeezed by my uncontrolled rippling as the topside pulled up, rubbed mercilessly against my fired g-spot, the exposed swollen bud of my clit dragged over the rough bush of your hair. Your hands grip my breasts, fingers swirling over my now large poky nips.

Impossibly soon you fire another hot gusher and my sore raw tender insides burn with a final climatic surge that turns from painful scald to blissful balm as it soaks and coats every last fibre of my vagina... your spent semen has never felt so horrifyingly hot nor steamily soothing as it has now. It seems to drip down, splashing back round your softening shaft, oozing out of me to cool my thighs, tackily threatening to glue me to your hips forever more...

At last we both relax, released, relieved, raw... I slump over your body again and become a living duvet, covering and comforting you with a grin wider and hotter than the sun, while under me you glow like a lava and burn with volcanic passion as we cool slowly together...

...until next time.


Copyright SandieQ June 2009

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