Autumn Dig
By Alex Carr
(MMM, oral, anal)

It was always the same with Ned, he just loved to get me inside his potting shed with the story he wanted me to help with the allotment Autumn dig. A fine tale as I very soon discovered the second time I went to help him for a fiver. I was so cheap too, considering the extras he got, and by the time I wised up he'd dibbed me several times. But now I'd put my charges up, he groaned some at the new fee of a twenty pound note but, accepted - having the sheer audacity in saying that I'd miss his weekly service too if he didn't pay up.

What did he mean, 'service' I wasn't reliant on him, had plenty of other guys interested, there was Danny for instance - now there was a quality fuck, once you'd been with Danny you knew it, but that was a non profit arrangement, something we both wanted to share of each other - and how.

But visiting Ned' s allotment once a week kept me in food at least, at first it seemed like a real pain, literally the first once or twice he put his dibber in, me spread across the bench, him behind working it deeper and deeper - hurting like hell at first. I plead with him to give it some lubrication, anything, the trouble was his huge dibber was bone dry, and needed something to help ease it in, He found some Vaseline on the top shelf. "I'll try this," he said, literally taking a finger full of the stuff and pushing it up my ass, like I was some sort of rag doll. I complained bitterly, but it was on deaf ears, he rimed me anyway, stretched it and manoeuvred his fingers inside until, I have to admit, it felt a lot easier, when he slid it into me again.

He fucked me with heavy lasting thrusts until he came strong with a blast of energy, his throat giving sounds like a mating Lion. And there was I, slung over the bench at the other end of it, feeling his cum ooze out of me while I put my fingers there to see if there was any blood, because that's what it seemed like before the Vaseline treatment. But Ned assured me it was fine, said I just needed working in that's all, that next time it would be fine and we could have a ball, he said he had other ideas too, my mind boggled as he put his dibber away after cleaning it down with a man sized tissue.

But for now, life was fine, Monday's with Ned in his potting shed and Sundays with Danny. I had the best of both worlds, the always generous fucking from Danny who loved to suck cock and loved me to suck his too, usually at the same time. He was the gentle guy, letting me have the full thrill of his slim seven inches, wanting to share the things we both had in common; whilst Ned liked it rough, altogether different, wanting to master and control me.

Inside Ned's potting shed something was different every week, somehow he'd even manage to fit a small mattress inside and, there, hanging on the hooks there appeared harnesses, small canes, paddles, and things. Assuming it was all intended of use with me and that he didn't have another attending his dibber, maybe I would have to increase my fee once again for 'services extraordinaire' if he had any intention of using that gear on me.

It wasn't apparent until one Monday. I had knelt on the floor before him, had sucked, and wanked him, gulping his thick dibber as I pulled it forward to take him in and then releasing as he took it away, finally swallowing his cum as it filled my mouth. Then, following the pattern of how it had become, I stood up, turned and spread myself wide open for his across the bench. It was just high enough for me to bend over enough to give him a good presentation of my ass and balls, that's how I liked it, it had become very thrilling for me to be all that for him, to feel his busy tongue lick and explore me in every direction. He loved it so much, his mouth almost eating me as he cupped my balls and then wanked me to stiffness, then taking the spurts of my cum in the palm of his hand, smearing the fluid over my ass cheeks and into my hole, a fine lubrication indeed, better than Vaseline. Not as though I needed so much now, I was well and truly stretched by both Ned and Danny - it seemed there was never any problem any more in that direction. Which was so nice too as it made for much more sensual feelings. It came to the point I was aching for cock, feeling it ease and throb inside me, a wonderful, heavenly feeling, a feeling that everything is okay with the world. The extreme thrill of tasting cock, making it primed, feeling his balls, kneading and squeezing until he begged to fuck me, was paramount.

Anyway come that Monday, he still in full penetration inside me when he stopped a while, as he did sometimes. It was good too, he held it there for a long time, I could feel the beating inside, he was manoeuvring my buttocks as he was wedged inside, it felt like I was his to control and do what he wanted, I could not move anyway, he had me locked in position.

Then he slowly started to move inside me again, he spoke deliberately into my ear, "I want you ass over my lap boy. Let's start with a good spanking, and then see what is for afters!"

My mind took a while to absorb what he had said. So this guy was into spanking? And how did I feel about that? In my mind the fee was rising again, but to what result, I mean maybe this was going to sting, "Well it will at first, lad - like it did when I first fucked you, but trust me, you will enjoy eventually."

Eventually? Was the reply in my mind, how long would that be? When he asked me to don my jeans again, and bend steeply over his lap, he said for me just to wiggle my ass. Me thinking it was just another fantasy, that he would get a kick out of feeling me through my jeans, but it was to be more than that. When I felt the slap of the palm of his hand come down, first on one cheek and then the other. He was yelling, "you naughty boy, I shall teach you!" I felt my bum begin to sting, the way he was coming down on me, as if he was in some sort of hypnotic state. I asked him to stop; it was really stinging by then, felt like it was burning up.

"Take 'em down, let's see!" Ned demanded.

He was serious, like his tongue was hanging out, he had a great need to see my plum red bum he said, I wiggled my legs to remove my jeans, got them down to my knees when he said that's enough. I felt him taking it all in, then his hand, gently now massaging each cheek individually. "You will grow to like, you shall see, lad, now let me massage some of this baby cream in and it will feel much better, then I'll give you a good wank, 'how's that?"

But Ned's fun was hindered by a knock at the door.

Ned put his fingers to his lips, whispering to me to keep still and quiet.

"That you in there, Ned" was the shout.

He whispered our secret must be kept and anyway, I was in rather an awkward position, ass propped up over his lap showing all.

But then came a huge thud bursting the latch on the inside of the door and there. Low and behold stood this guy, about fifty.

"Oops, sorry Ned - it's just that I heard these noises, thought you had thieves like!"

"John, you wont tell anybody, will you" said Ned looking terribly embarrassed. I glanced around and saw this John taking a good gander at me.

He seemed to be in deep thought for a moment and then boldly announced. "Give us a piece of the action and I'll promise, I haven't seen a thing out of the ordinary."

"You mean you would like to…?"

"Well it looks very tasty to me, and it's been so long since me and the wife were together," he said rubbing himself. "What do you think, lad?"

I thought about it, in for a penny I was thinking and I would make him pay. He agreed my price and I could see he was rampant for it, already he was touching me, stroking my butt as I was still stretched over Ned.

"Better move it, Pete" Ned said to me, over the bench would be favourite okay?"

I moved and took the bend across the bench, presenting my now well spanked ass for servicing.

"You gonna stay or wait outside, Ned?" Asked John.

"Will stay, protect my goods, want to see this."

"He's got a lovely ass, Ned. You chose well. You are a bit of an elusive character, but I don't blame you, this is just asking for it."

I glanced behind me again, wanted to see what I had coming, he was already hard as can be. He unzipped himself rapidly, he was in a hurry and I knew it would be a quick one. When he worked it into me I yelled, he was bigger than Ned by far but showed no remorse, he fucked like an animal, his strong hands gripping my sides, and when he came, he came so strong, the grunts the groans and all.

And it didn't stop there, soon both guys were naked, both taking turns with me as I sucked the other. I loved that, to suck and be fucked at the same time. There was a certain electricity about it, and John's cock was cut too which made for a different and thrilling cock suck. I loved to roll the head inside my tongue curled around it as Ned fucked me deep so beautifully. Then the change around, It was Ned's cock then, foreskin and all, the sniff and taste was different, it made for a lovely variation, and I discovered how the way John liked me to suck was different to Ned. He liked the sideways approach, the deep squeeze of his balls as I wanked his cock into my mouth, his cum oozing out over my face. My mouth was numb, and soon my ass was too, as John wanted some of the spanking action he'd seen when he came through the door. Funny how you get used to something different when you learn to enjoy it.

During the next few days my ass was gonna get a lot of attention that way - and I simply loved it, both guys were different in their own way. John liked me propped over the bench spread eagled when he used the Back. A hair brush to flare me up with a sound best of five on each cheek, the slaps, the sounds and the grunts of pure pleasure and enjoyment was really something, and to ease away any pain there was. By the time they'd finished, it was quite numb anyway, a pleasurable numbness at that.

I felt them take full advantage of my hole, sucking and teasing it, cock wanking and teasing and then the smothering John like to give me at one end, as Ned fucked me, my legs wrapped around his back, the other. I just wanted to smell and taste of cock and balls. John certainly knew how to roll it all over my face, feeling the heaven of it as he came so strong, teasing his hot cum into my mouth. By the time he came, Ned had well and truly fucked me too, the swell of his cock in my ass and the feeling of him cum inside me too. It was so good.

What an episode in my life that was, unfortunately it was never repeated, not like that anyway. You see John had a heart attack and that was that, but he died happy and to this day, I can still feel him as deep in my ass as he was in my mouth.  


© Copyright Alex Carr February 2009

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