Teresa & Two Make Three.
By Alex Carr
(MMF, oral, anal, toy)

I remember her taunting fuck, the way she held me in her baby oiled hand, teasing me through her fingers with a certain chuckle that could only belong to Teresa Binkley. But she didn’t know that I was about to tease her in sweet revenge with a plan she could never have envisaged, I cherished her love though, cherished her being every time we made love, the feel of her firm buttocks could only be Teresa’s for no other had I felt and squeezed that were so delightfully enthralling as hers, the certain way she swayed for me, appealing for me to squeeze and slap and make her feel all woman as only I could do (her words)

I had no problem with that and smoothing my hands along the small of her back as she bent across my lap taking in strong sucks of my cock and bunching my balls in her own inimitable way, separating them as I felt the slight roughness of her tongue slide over each one. At the same time I was finding the valley between her gorgeous ass cheeks, down to the well of her femininity, as if waiting for my touch and tease and gentle at first but increasing finger fuck, stretching her gorgeous soft pussy lips as wide as can be, slapping her with my open hands over those very round spank able cheeks, then watching the colour change to deeper shades of pinkness until red, the time to stop and rub some oil into her, as she liked it, as I knew she wanted of me , something I had discovered during our brief six months together.

I was about to take a bit of a chance arranging what I had in mind but my mate Chris was definitely up for it because I knew he had the hots for Teresa, when I beat him to it for a date with her.

“You sure she will be up for it, Pete?” he asked.

“Nope, but I have good reason to think she may like it, from what she has told me about after seeing that TV advert of this girl in a bath fantasising three or four guys turning up in her bathroom. Well I feel sure she will go for two of us and besides there are lots of new things I want to try.”

“In my dreams!? Put in Chris not sounding positive at all. I know how you meet your girls, being a store manager has it’s assets, like interviewing for jobs, I bet that’s how you got into Teresa’s jeans!”

“How did you guess?” I laughed. Was true to a certain extent, she did want a job and as soon as I saw Teresa I knew I wanted to get into that tight ass, so taunting as she walked before me and up the stairs to my office. That was the first time and, on agreeing to our first date, she seemed quite natural about letting me sample her body, When she started work in my store I remember the fone going twice as I was rough fucking her across the desk in my office upstairs and a cashier yelling to me that could I come and deal with an irate customer, I was far too involved in Teresa at that moment so he just had to wait. The cashier said afterwards she knew exactly what I was doing and aimed to report me to Head Office, that it was just not right to carry on like that when working in a retail responsible job. She was plainly jealous of course and a couple of visits to my office put that to rights. It has become a regular chore now but no worries, she has a delightful way of executing a very keen blow job, the way she twists her mouth is something exhilarating and at least it keeps her happy - more than her partner could from what she told me, he had nothing to show where as I… - need I say more! And her fuck was always good too, she liked it doggy, spread eagled on the floor, her ass propped up high for my perusal, and Wow! Did I peruse!

Back to Chris: “Well just do as I have asked, Chris,” I continued, “ turn up on my doorstep and take it from there. If you make it 6pm I will make sure I have her well revved up by then!”

“Revved up, Pete?”

“Yes, where have you been, Chris? One thing you should find out about women is their ability to give out their passion like an animal when geared up with some very special coaxing and teasing. If I have sucked her once I have sucked her several times, in that certain way with my fingers helping, to really get her to the point of no return. She has even muttered to me in her spell of ecstasy how good it would be to share two guys like me, so are you up to it, Chris?” I chuckled.

He looked rather overcome for words and gave me a quick nod. I could only hope it was going to work out now and so looked forward to it, my girl Teresa being fucked and enjoyed by the two of us.

She was one sweet woman full of joy and passion, a great capacity to enjoy the better things in life and the adventure love and relationships like ours could bring. “Pete, you are truly so good for me and I look forward to our dates so very much, you know I will always be there when you want me, always ready to share everything with you, and I mean everything, no need ever to hold yourself back any more. Remember when you were worried about those noises you made when we were at the peak of our fucking? Well no problem because I have told you, I will never batter and eyelid, in fact it is an even stronger turn on for me,. Hearing those noises as you cum so strong into me, or over me!”

All the time now I had tonight in mind, she said anything goes, but that was with her and me I should imagine, what about with her and me and Chris! Perhaps I would mention it to her when she came round for dinner at four that afternoon, No I would wait until we were enveloped in passion, that was my number one plan of action, I would just let it flow as always she told me, “ imagine a gentle country stream,” she said, “first so steady but then as winds and storms came the stream would become a raging current like the rhythm of our love, the storms would come like our love and then the calm again, just let is flow and let it happen, and if neither does not like or enjoy a certain thing then it will be easy to just say.”

At 34, Teresa was ten years older than I and had taught me a lot, and anyway I have read somewhere that a woman is in her prime in her mid thirties, I always liked the idea of being with an older woman, with that much more experience although I had enjoyed younger too, and on one occasion a delicious innocent virgin and that was very memorable. But now the time had come for Teresa to be with me, I was a good hand at cooking something up and had prepared a great Chinese dish for her. She would like that, always said Chinese food acted as an aphrodisiac for her… not as though I needed it!

During lunch I sort of hinted that a mate called Chris may just be dropping in, something about work it was I told Teresa but she did not seem to batter an eyelid, just asked if he was good looking like me so that was something!

We had already had a deep fuck when Chris turned up and Teresa plainly looked flushed and well primed, if this was the time to put my plan into action this was it. I introduced her to Chris and I could see straight away from his look that he fancied the hide off her, and I noticed Teresa glanced him up and down too, she was sort of looking at him and then me in a very provocative way and I felt that this idea of mine was going to take off with a real bang!

“You mind, Teresa? I told Chris I would show him this video.”

“Video, is it a dirty one (I hope)” she grinned and then it was all systems go, She was up for it , I showed the video of two guys and a girl and she was positively up for it. I gave Chris a wink and thumbs up and soon he was stripped to his boxers like me, Teresa looked well happy and stripped down to those gorgeous red black trimmed panties I had seen earlier with matching bra and looked like a gorgeous meal waiting to be consumed.

I was soon behind her, guiding her to the edge of the bed where Chris sat, legs apart, his bulge waiting for her attention as I stirred my cock between her lovely ass cheeks and felt the warmth between and the growth of my cock as she keenly wriggled her ass - steeping over a bit for me as I teased her thong aside and I slid my cock inside her pussy, making her gasp as I felt the pure warmth of her inside, my fingers tightening around her ass cheeks, spreading them to gain a deeper penetration as she went down on the carpet all fours now just in the right position to feel Chris. She absolutely loved it that was soon plainly evident as she almost ripped Chris’s boxers from him and keenly took his seven incher into her mouth. I could plainly hear the sound of her wanting suck as she enjoyed him . I felt her fuck coming on now in leaps and bounds as she deep sucked, I sort of noticed Chris’s expression as I thrust into Teresa, his head rolling and his eyes half closed in ecstasy.

A few moments longer and with Teresa’s prompting we swapped places and now I enjoyed the special feeling of her deep throat suck in a way I have never done before with any woman, something really to enjoy knowing she is being well fucked behind at the same time, and surprise, surprise she wanted Chris up the ass too and he wasn’t slow in giving it. I had been up there several times and remember the wonderful tightness of her inside, it was so good to fuck her both ways and now this was another addition to our special relationship, one which we never regretted and would never look back, it was a sort of mutual arrangement that once a week or so Chris would join us for that very special evening.

And Teresa seemed to glow more and more for what she called the comfort of two great guys together.

“And there was me thinking, Teresa that you would be offended!”

She giggled and commented how splendid we both were and how good she felt having two guys love her that way. “You know what I would like to try, Darling?” she asked later. “I long to feel the heaven of both of you inside at once!”

“Wow!” I gasped, you mean ?”

“I do, yes, you up for it?”

I couldn’t wait. There was me telling her “look, baby perhaps we ought to practice with a vibrator first” (My excuse) and we did, she nudged the anal vibrator deep up her ass as I fucked her pussy so relentlessly as she reached about three orgasms one after the other. When Chris turned up I told him the new venue and he was as chuffed as can be, we arranged to have her in turns each way, and sometimes doggy style and one beneath arranging it so we could both excess her easily and then with Teresa on her back, and on top of my front , thighs wide and high we did it from the other way. We had a couple of slip outs but it was good for laughs, and what is fucking if there are no laughs, for us it was all part of the wonderful adventure and exploration and if Teresa was fucked both ways once that time, soon she would be getting us both many times afterwards.

And that went on for a year when Teresa emigrated to Australia. No hard beans, we understood from the beginning that the relationship was without commitment and we would always be devoted pals, her, Chris and myself …


© Copyright Alex Carr

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