By Aria Star
(MFF, oral, Exhib)


It was Thursday evening and Danielle had just finished class. Making her way to the library to study she wished she had brought some sweatpants with her to exchange for the tights and skirt she had been wearing all day. The library was full; it seemed as if everyone had made the same decision. Walking through the halls, down a few flights of stairs, searching for somewhere she could relax and stretch her legs for the long night ahead.

She came to the lower level of the library, somewhere she hadn't been before. The newly furnished part of the building had abruptly ended and Danielle found herself in the basement of the library. There were very few people there and the lighting was not very bright.

Danielle made her way to a table that was close to some shelves of old books. She put down her bag and began making herself comfortable. She realized that there was no reception after trying her phone and her laptop had a very slow wireless connection. Nobody was going to come down here she thought to herself. She decided to take off her skirt and sit cross-legged in her tights. It was warm and comfortable in the basement and, as she sat down, she felt very relaxed. She slid low in the chair; her tights stretched up, her pussy felt warm.

She slid further down in the chair and the tights strained around her clit. She licked her fingers and slid a hand underneath her tights, rubbing her clit with her forefinger gently and sighing. She started circling her clit harder with her finger and slid a finger from her other hand into her pussy pushing in and out, feeling the wetness. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. It felt amazing. Danielle heard something move. She jerked up and opened her eyes, pulling her hands out of her tights and turning around. There was a couple standing at the end of the bookcase looking at her and smiling slightly.

Danielle was embarrassed and started to pick up her things to leave. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned. Both of them were very attractive. The man was tall and broad with curly brown locks and the girl was petite and had straight black hair. Both were slightly tanned and had a European look about them, when the girl said 'hello' she could hear the slightly accented lilt of her voice and guessed they were from South America somewhere.

The man pushed Danielle back into her chair and told her to relax, sitting next to her and taking her feet into his lap he began to massage them, smiling dreamily at her. The girl was sexy; she was wearing a skirt too, the same kind, and tights.

She came over to Danielle, lifted a leg over her outstretched ones, and straddled her on the armless chair. She lifted her skirt and moved so that her pussy was pressed against Danielle's. Danielle felt her warmth and moaned slightly. She bent down and took Danielle's mouth against her own, using her teeth and tongue to bite and lick her mouth. Danielle found herself wondering if she would do the same to her clit and looked at her directly.

She felt her tights being pulled; she moved her hips up so they would slide off. She felt herself and the girl being lifted off the chair and onto the table where her laptop lay. She closed the screen and slid her hands up under the girl's shirt feeling her tiny waist and small, round tits. The girl's nipples were hard and she pressed herself against Danielle as her boyfriend's hands began to massage her thighs. She pulled back and smiled, as she lay Danielle down on the table and turned down towards her pussy.

She was flicking her tongue across its rapidly increasing wetness, while her boyfriend unzipped his pants bringing his cock to Danielle's face. It was hard and as she clasped it, she could feel its thickness pulsating. She felt the girl licking her pussy, and sliding her fingers in and out quickly while she fingered herself as well.

Danielle could see the girl's tight pussy in her face and decided to lick it while pumping the cock in her hand, stopping to suck it before going back to the delicious pussy she had in front of her. Danielle let go of his cock and pulled the girl up closer so she could suck her clit.

She licked harder and harder and the girl started moaning. Danielle began rubbing her tight little ass hole and licked around it, circling back to her clit, biting it gently as she slowly pumped two fingers in and out of it.

She felt his cock against her pussy. He pushed into her, and began fucking her slowly, while he made out with his girlfriend. She was so turned on watching them above her, while she sucked the girl's pussy and he fucked her tight pussy. She moaned and arched her back, he pushed up, deeper into her the girl dropped down and began sucking her clit while he fucked Danielle.

He was going harder and faster, bringer her closer and closer to climax. She got closer to coming, when he pulled out and flipped his girlfriend around. She was sucking Danielle's clit and he was fucking her from the back. They were all moaning now as they fucked and sucked.

The girl started to cum. As she did, she sucked on Danielle's clit, Danielle screamed as her own orgasm shook her whole body… he pulled out and his thick cum spurted all over his girlfriends back and Danielle's open-mouthed orgasmic face.

They lay in a heap for a while. A hot sweaty, sticky, panting heap as they regained their senses. And then Danielle cleared her throat and asked them if they would like to come back to her place for the night. She had a lot more studying to do.


© Copyright October 2009 Aria Star

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