By Sandie Q

We meet casually, strangers in an unknown place. Our eyes meet, my green to your blue, there's electric attraction. You're well built, dark but clean, smart but devil-may-care. I'm slender and petite, seeming lost at your side, wondering in your size. You could carry me if you wanted but I'm led by gingerbread crumbs of wit and charm, the musk of your scent.

I'm pulled into your arms which I would have fallen into anyway. Embraced strongly but caringly, held sensitively yet passionately. Lips meet, our tongues feel and dance. My heart pounds, and I feel yours beating beside it. Breathless, you invite me to love, to desire, to be.

We're naked in the night. There's so much to explore, and a life seems no time. Fingertips brush over my nipples, coming to life like wildfire, sensation dances through me. My hands trace a map of your skin, you come to know every part of me, and blind in darkness we become one.

We don't need eyes, sounds become sight. You hear me moan under you, and know my lips are parted. I hear you sigh, and can see you smiling. We feel our heat, guiding each other, burning.

Drops of sweat coat us. My palms close on your clammy shaft, as your fingers slip into my hot wetness. We appreciate mutually, picture our sex. I kiss the tip, suck needily as you slide past my lips, your veins tingle on my tongue. Your hand reaches deeper, sticky with me, wiggling and exciting. I taste your strange sourness, made sweet with arousal. You are thirsty too and drink from me, lapping and flicking damp desire.

I'm rolled on my back, my legs wrap round your thighs as you kneel between them. Your cock, a beautiful trembling hardness, teases me, unlocks me, key to my bliss... I'm open and you're inside.

I'm filled with you, with ecstasy, desire, lust. Your cock feels huge, hot, satisfying. You rock my body, my world. Our stomachs press hard to the other, your hair tickles my skin, rough softness brushing up and down. Large strong hands widen my thighs, you start to pound between them, each thrust pain yet pleasure. I gasp, squeezing on you, hair tossed wild, biting my lip. Reach up, claw your chest, dig my nails in. You clasp my wrists, hold me down. I bite your neck, you kiss mine. Lock my feet behind your cute ass, pulling you to me, inside me. Thighs grip you, sensually aroused, wanting to close but can't. Your cock seems everywhere in me, hot skin and veins touch each nerve.

There's a silent roar, a rush. My twat quivers and trembles as you cum, a powerful jet of warmth, a strong summer breeze inside. My body is a pond, and my orgasm ripples out with the splash of your climax. It rolls down my legs, through my body, hitting my thoughts like a tidal wave of your passion...


Copyright SandieQ June 2009

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