An Opportune Moment
By Paris Grey
(MF, cheat, toys, oral, anal)

Edward was studying the internet with gusto; he knew that he would have to come up with something really special this time. He really wanted his wife, Amanda, to like this surprise present. He had been recommended this website by some of his colleagues at work; they said it was far sexier than the rest of the sites, and very sophisticated. On looking at some of the items on display Edward’s eyes grew larger, some of the stuff on-line was very explicit and the models that were demonstrating the wares could only be described as drop dead gorgeous. Edward’s eyes scanned page after page until he stopped, this was it, he had found it, the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator. Perfect he thought risqué without being too rude and he felt pleased with himself. He was so sure this would bring the spark back into his marriage.

He reached in his trousers for his wallet, and selected one of his credit cards, he had so many, and he was often lost in all the designs. So many finance companies wanted his business, hardly surprising, he was a top London Lawyer, specialising in high profile divorces. His job certainly came with all the trappings, a large house in Holland Park, his and hers BMWs, exclusive gym membership to one of London’s top gyms, private day nursery for their children Cedric and Amelia, life could not get any better, he thought, apart from one thing, his sex life, or rather the lack of it. He really loved Amanda, well of course, he did, she had born him two children, but the initial lust in their heady days of their relationship had died and all he heard her whinge on about was parent meetings and school governor elections, fascinating stuff, if you were into all that, but he certainly wasn’t.

Amanda was studying the paper with her morning coffee, she really had to crack on and get an au pair, as she needed help around the house. Living in a six-bedroom house was not easy, and she required someone with good childcare experience and possibly a French girl, as she would love her kids to be bi-lingual. There were loads of adverts in the back of the newspaper but one caught her eye. It read, “French student, 22, wishes to continue her studies in London, looking for a nice family to live with, and loves children”. The advert had a French phone number, and without hesitation, Amanda picked up the phone and called the number.

Edward was passing the kitchen when he heard Amanda on the phone, he gleamed from the conversation she was talking to an au-pair, he really hoped Amanda would take on someone, then maybe, just possibly, she would not be so tired when she came to bed and they could get back a little of what they had. That would be so nice he thought, and he felt a brief stirring in his trousers, he really was so very frustrated... Not that he had been a saint recently; there had been a sexy temp in his office who he had wild sex with in the stockroom while rest of the company had gone out for the day. He was supposed to be working on a divorce settlement for a top West End Actor, but he had been so distracted when Caroline sauntered in, he could not help himself. He could not take his eyes off her; she was wearing a tight white blouse a long tight red pencil skirt, sheer black stockings and very high patent black shoes... She was very attractive, and had the most gorgeous mouth, Edward could not help himself, even though Caroline was probably only about 25, making her 25 years his junior, he had to have her.

Caroline had made a bit of a play for Edward, not that he needed much persuading. One day as he was watching her, she bent down to pick up some papers, her ample womanly behind proved just too much for him, and he felt a massive erection stirring in his trousers. As Caroline stood up, she turned and looked at him, her eyes wandering down his body, before settling at his crotch. Edward went bright red, his heart was beating loudly, he strode over took Caroline by the hand, said nothing, and pulled her into the stock room. He bent her over the dusty box of archives that no one had bothered to move, pulled down her skirt and panties and entered her immediately, and there he fucked her good and hard… It was rough and dirty sex just how he liked it, and afterwards he made sure he phoned Caroline’s agency to put in a complaint about her work and had her removed from the company. Even a girl that gave blowjobs as good as Caroline could not be trusted to be in the same office as him after that.

Edward was tired, it had been a very long week, when he got home he wanted a bath, dinner and to watch some rubbish on the t.v. he certainly did not want any distractions. Unfortunately, Amanda wanted him to meet the new au-pair Monique, and although he did not think it was necessary, anything for a quiet life he thought.


Edward heard his children fighting as he approached his front door, no change there he thought, as he went into his house, he heard his wife and the new au-pair deep in conversation in the kitchen, they appeared to be getting on well and he was pleased. Amanda looked up as Edward entered the kitchen, “hello darling, please meet Monique” For a moment, time stood still for Edward, and he was taken aback, Monique was an absolutely stunning girl, Amanda had told him she was 22 but she seemed so much more mature, more womanly. Monique had long dark brown thick curly hair, dark skin, beautiful large brown eyes a full mouth, but it was her figure that he could not staring at. Monique was wearing a tight white t-shirt, her breasts were large but pert and seemed to be straining. Edward was not sure but he could have sworn the girl had no bra on, her nipples looked enormous under the cotton t-shirt, and for a moment he wondered what it would be like to suck them. And for a job interview, she was not exactly well dressed, her skirt was short, exposing a wonderful pair of long tanned legs, he was a real sucker for legs and that had always been his weakness.

Amanda was annoyed. Why was her husband acting like a pre-pubescent school boy, for goodness sake they needed help around the house, it was so embarrassing the way he was gawping at her, men, she thought, so transparent, so bloody obvious, put your tongue away Edward, thought Amanda.

Edward left the two women and went to his study, he was supposed to be finishing some work, but now he was very distracted, he was sure that if Monique came to live in his house, he would not be able to help himself, and although he knew it was wrong that girl was just ripe for the picking. He knew full well that you should never do the dirty on your own doorstep, but he had a very vivid mental image of Monique in his bed, his cock deep inside her and Monique moaning his name in a sexy French accent, the image was very very arousing, indeed, and he reached down to touch his erect cock. He could only quell his excitement when Amanda told him that she hired Monique to start immediately.

Amanda was studying the invitation from the Bader-Collins. She had been expecting it; it was a dinner party to mark their 20th wedding anniversary, catered for of course by London’s top caterers, nothing but the best for the Bader-Collins. Oh, the bloody rivalry in her circle, thought Amanda, it was getting totally and utterly out of hand. Amanda was so sure it would be a grand event, and was tingling with anticipation of what she was going to wear. In fact, she thought, this would be a good excuse to go and buy something new, and to hell with what Edward thought about her spending.

The evening of the dinner party arrived and Amanda was very pleased with her new outfit, and even Edward had said she looked nice, mind you he always said that, for once she wondered how bloody limited his vocal bury was.

Edward and Amanda arrived at the party on time; the Bader-Collins lived in a marvellous house in Parliament Hill. During the evening, Edward began to get a blinding headache, why he did not bring his headache pills with him, oh bugger he would have to go back home. Anyway, he did not think Amanda would notice, she was so bloody engrossed in the parent-governor election debates with some other well meaning bore, and it should only take him twenty minutes to get home and back again.

As he opened his front door, he noticed how quiet it was, no t.v. nothing, the kids were asleep obviously it was after 9.30, but where was Monique, he called her name but nothing. As he went upstairs to the bathroom, he went past her room, he noticed it was ajar and he could not help but peeking in to see if she was in there. He noticed her room was dimly lit, but he could see Monique and his eyes grew larger as he took in the view. Monique was lying on her bed, in her underwear; he could see her full heavy bosom swell out from her bra almost revealing her large nipples. He could not believe it, she was wearing his wife’s underwear, but her figure was spilling out of it. Edward recognised that set it was brought from La Redessa, the shop on the Kings Road; he had chosen it because of the ties on the transparent panties. He could see that Monique had her bush trimmed and the lips of her pussy were visible through the sheerness of the panties. Edward’s breathing hastened, Monique looked amazing, and although he was annoyed, she was wearing Amanda’s clothes he was pretty turned on too. Even though she had her eyes closed, he was sure for a moment she opened them and took in the fact that Edward was standing there, knowing that she knew he was watching her, heightened his excitement.


Monique knew she was being watched, she did not care, she had been snooping in Amanda and Edward’s master bedroom and found the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator along with the underwear, she really wanted to try it out, she had read such a lot about it. It was not as though she really fancied Edward, but she saw the way he looked at her, and she was a tease and knew that she could tease this man to distraction, she loved to be the exhibitionist, and it turned her on a lot. Very slowly, Monique pulled down her bra straps one at time until her full pert breasts were exposed. She expertly stroked her nipples until they were erect. She began putting one finger in her mouth, licking it and then began circulating her nipples, she was so turned on, and she knew that Edward would be too, she really did love to tease. With one hand playing with her nipples, Monique’s other hand slowly crept down to her panties, in an instant she had undone both ties and lay there fully exposed, her pussy lips on show…

Edward thought he was going to explode, his French au pair was naked and obviously fully aware of what she was doing, her body was magnificent to say the least, he really wanted her and he knew it was wrong, but he was going to have her.

Monique reached into her bedside table and got out the vibrator, and turned it on, my goodness she thought, it was so lifelike, and she had never had a vibrator inside her before, and now was good a time as any to try it especially with an audience. Slowly she slipped the humming vibrator into her wet cunt. In and out, in and out, it really felt like a man’s cock she thought. She was so very aroused and gasped as she felt it touching her g-spot… After a minute or two, Monique withdrew the vibrator and began gently rubbing the tip of it on the nub of her clit; she opened her legs wide as well so that Edward could have a good full view of her wet inviting cunt.

Edward could stand it no more, he really could not care what the consequences would be, he opened Monique’s door and strode in her bedroom. Monique watched as Edward approached her, she was nervous but excited at the same time, He came up beside her on the bed, unzipped his trousers, and stuck his erect cock in Monique’s mouth, he knew he was taking a massive risk, but he was too bloody turned on to care now.

Monique sucked and licked Edward’s cock eagerly, she was right, no man could resist her it was only a matter of time with Edward. He certainly was well endowed, what a lucky lady Amanda was she thought, Monique loved to suck cock and she ensured that she showed him that she was a woman, not a girl and that she knew exactly what she was doing. She was relentless in sucking his cock and she knew it would only be a matter of time before he came.

This was so wrong Edward thought, but so right too, he could feel his spunk amassing in his balls; he really did not want to come just yet. Suddenly he pulled away from her, and climbed on to the bed with her, he began to kiss Monique’s neck. She moaned in French, and his mouth found its way down her body to her magnificent tits, he began sucking on her nipples and rubbing them, they were massive; he did not think he had ever seen such beautiful tits… Then, he slowly began working his way down Monique’s body, past her rib cage, lower stomach until he reached her pussy, and without hesitation started licking out her cunt. She tasted so sweet, he kept flicking her clit with his tongue, backwards and forwards, and at the same time entered her with two fingers, her cunt was so sweet so yielding, he really wanted to put his cock deep inside her and fuck her brains out.

Monique was so turned on, here she was about to fuck her employer it was so naughty, but she wanted him… Just at the point of her orgasm she moved away slightly and bent over the bed in a provocative pose, so her wet pussy was exposed just waiting to be fucked.

The moment was now Edward thought, the sight of Monique’s firm arse from behind was just too much too take. Her pussy lips were protruding and were so wet he could see her juices on the insides of her thighs, and without further hesitation, he took his cock and plunged it deep into her.


Monique was so turned on and loved Edward’s cock being deep in her, for he was a man… She had only been used to boys in France, and they had no idea whatsoever… Edward certainly knew what he was doing and he continued to give her a good fucking, fingering her nipples, kissing and biting her neck at the same time.

Edward’s cock felt fit to burst. What man got the chance to fuck his au pair he wondered? Monique was so gorgeous, he wanted to fuck her all night, but he had this dumb dinner party to get back to. He loved her pussy, so soft, wet, but also so tight. He loved to suck and play with her large nipples, he knew from the way she stuck her arse out that she wanted his cock so badly. Now he felt he was going to take a chance, he had tried to do this with Amanda, but she had thought it was disgusting. Edward took his cock out of her pussy and began rubbing it at the entrance to Monique’s arse. He slowly started pushing his cock into her arse, slowly but further and further in each time…

Monique was moaning, she loved it, the tart he thought. He had never fucked a woman up the arse before, he had always wanted to and his cock felt so right in his au pair’s arse. Edward pulled her hair. “You fucking bitch”, he said. “Repeat after me. Fuck me in the arse Mr. Hillingdon, fuck me hard”.

Monique did as she was told and for good measure, Edward smacked her bare arse as he fucked her… He reached around and started playing with her large clit; the harder he fucked her arse, the faster his fingers flicked over her clit. Monique groaned loudly, she was coming; she knew it and could not stop herself. He arse clamped tight round his cock, her pussy gushed with her juices, covering his hand running down her legs.

Edward was so aroused he could no longer contain himself, his cum was rising; his balls were heavy as they smacked against Monique’s arse. He started thrusting deeper and deeper, harder and harder, grabbing her nipples so hard, she was really going to get it, he thought. He cried out her name as he shot his cum right up into her tight arse, shuddering as his climax totally took over him. It had never been like this with Amanda.

As Edward left his house to return to the dinner party, he felt in his pocket. He had picked up Monique’s panties from the floor and put them in his breast pocket, he really wanted to smell her pussy again. His headache had now gone he noticed, maybe by shafting the au pair had made it go away! He hoped no one had noticed his absence.

He straightened his tie, smoothed his hair down in the car and drove back quickly to the dinner party. As he thought, Amanda was still in deep conversation, but his ears pricked up when he heard her discussing Monique with her friends Anna and Charles. “Such a wonderful au-pair” Amanda said, “I have no complaints about her whatsoever, and would highly recommend her”

Amanda then turned to Edward. “You would recommend Monique wouldn’t you darling”. “Oh yes, most definitely” Edward said, “she is the most accommodating au-pair we have ever had, and I think that any employer would be more than satisfied with her”.

If only they knew, Edward smiled to himself. If only. He turned to move away and he noticed he had accidentally dropped Monique’s panties on the floor. He moved the evidence under the table, for he really would not want Monique’s wet sticky panties to be found at this event. No, that would not do at all… For Monique was his now and when he wanted to fuck her he could. She would have no say in the matter, or he would tell Amanda she had come on to him. It really was that simple. A sexy French au pair on tap, what man could ask for more…?

© Copyright April 2009 Paris Grey

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