By Sam Andrews
(MF, oral, job)

I had finished school but still hadn’t landed a design job so, while I still worked the night shift at a downtown hotel, I decided to take a second job at a telephone marketing outfit. We sold a coupon booklet over the phone, discounts on things at various businesses in town. I would call from a list of phone numbers given to me, hopefully taking down an order, and then one of the delivery people would take the booklet out to the person and collect the money. It was a crappy job and I hated calling people but it was extra cash so I kept the job.

One day I was bored, as usual, making my obligatory calls when I got a woman on the phone. She was very friendly with a nice sounding voice and quite talkative. Yes, she wanted to buy a booklet and asked when I could deliver it. I told her I wasn’t the person that normally delivered them and I didn’t know what their schedule was like so I really couldn’t say when it would be delivered. She said she was gone quite a bit of the day and asked if I couldn’t just bring it over myself. I thought about it a moment then told her, yes, I could bring it early the next morning. I figured I could stop by after working at the hotel. I didn’t work the telephone job the next day so it wouldn’t be a problem, even if it took me a while to find her place.

The next morning I found myself at her door at 7:30 in the morning. It hadn’t taken long to find her apartment. Her directions had been very clear and I knew the area well enough. I knocked and waited, hearing someone coming to the door. When it opened I saw a lovely woman with brown skin, deep brown eyes and short dark hair peering around the door.

“I’m here with your coupon booklet. We spoke on the phone yesterday. My name is David.”

“Yes, of course … come in. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m Sari,” she said, stepping back to allow me inside. As I did I saw she wore a black negligee with a matching sheer peignoir over it, tied with a ribbon belt. The negligee tried to hide her curves but the fullness of her body would not allow it. A bit startled, I offered the coupon book while trying not to stare.

“Yes, the check is right here. Can you stay for a cup of coffee?” she said, turning towards the kitchen.

“I can stay a bit … coffee would be nice, thank you.” “Have a seat on the couch. I’ll be right there,” she said from the kitchen. I went into the living room and sat down. She followed with two cups of coffee, setting the cups down on the table in front of the couch and then sitting down next to me, sitting down so closely our thighs touched. I tried not to look nervous and started to make small talk but she interrupted.

“I wore this just for you this morning. Do you like it?” She loosened the belt of the peignoir and let it fall open, reaching inside to cup her firm breast. Through the sheer material I could see a plump round breast resting in her hand, her finger tracing the edge of a dark, barely veiled nipple.

“It’s beautiful on you. You are a very lovely woman, Sari.” As I looked up from her breast into her dark brown eyes I felt her hand on my thigh tracing lightly up the inside of my pant leg.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she said, leaning toward me with the nearly whispered question.

“Yes … very much,” I answered leaning toward her in response. The initial hesitation of our first kiss was quickly replaced by another more forceful, more passionate … and another after that. Her hand had found my zipper and she struggled with it as mine ran underneath the sheerness of her negligee onto her smooth warm skin and found an erect nipple. I began playing the soft tip between my fingers and heard her breath quicken.

“Come with me,” she said and stood up. Taking my hand she led me to her bedroom and turned to kiss me again. Her fingers found my belt, the button of my jeans, my zipper while our tongues searched and explored each others mouths. We stopped so my shirt could be taken over my head and she slid my jeans to the floor. Backing up to the bed, I sat down on its edge and she removed my shoes, socks and jeans. Naked on the edge of the bed I looked up at her dark face and deeply brown eyes. She let the peignoir slip off her shoulders as my hands went up inside her nightgown, slowly tracing the fullness of her body. She lifted the hem over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her full nakedness … round hips, dark pubic hair, plump full breasts with large dark and very erect nipples, dark brown hair falling to her softly curving shoulders. I reached out for her waist but she knelt in front of me instead. Reaching for my already erect penis, her head lowered over it and my breath shortened as my hot stiff cock slid into her warm mouth. I watched her head bob up and down over my cock, stroking her hair and neck as she did. She stopped and looked up at me smiling, then stood and got onto the bed. She lay on her back with her knees up and her legs parting. I could smell the scent of her as her legs spread.

“I want you inside me,” she said. I started moving up between her legs and stopped to kiss her mound and thick pubic hair, exploring her softly with my tongue.

“No,” she said firmly, “I want you inside me NOW!” I slid farther up to lay my weight on her. Her legs spread further and her hand grasped my erection, quickly guiding it to her pussy lips. The head of my penis rubbed against her and I could feel the wetness of her. I thrust forward and she quickly met my thrust with her own and I felt the rush of her heat swallow my cock whole. I thrust again and then again, getting slightly deeper with each stroke. Her legs spread wider, her heels against my back, urging me into her deeper and faster. I was surprised by her animal needs and the fierceness of her hips thrusting and grinding. I responded with animal power and strength, lifting her butt off the bed with each thrust until I felt my cum ready to burst from me. I stiffened and pushed into her as deeply as I could, wanting my cum deep, deep inside her. She felt my orgasm begin and drove me into her with her legs around my back and her arms wrapped around my shoulders. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted and panting into her hair. Her legs gave up their hold of me and I felt her relax beneath me, kissing me softly.

We began to dress in a strange uncomfortable quiet while admiring each others bodies, still glistening slightly with the sweat of our sexuality and covered in the scent of each other. We walked toward the door and I noticed two cold cups of coffee still sitting alone of her table. After an awkward, too polite good-bye, she closed the door and I walk away down her hallway smiling.  


© Copyright Sam Andrews January 2009

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