Victoria forever …
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral)

  Victoria was in a class of her own. She knew just how to please and tease me sublime. She was a divorcee and in her mid thirties had lots of knowledge of life and sex. Although never promiscuous (so she told me) she had been with three former lovers, all of which, after the initial excitement was over, there was nothing that would last.

  “Maybe it will be like that with us, you think Victoria?” I whispered as she knelt before me and fingered my belt buckle.

  “Darling we have been together several months now so I hardly think so, do you? - and like now, you always turn me on, everything about you, I just want more and more forever.”

  I had to agree, she was all I could wish for, and truly I felt I was falling for her big time. “I love the way you do that, Baby” Her fingers were blocking me through my jeans, bunching and squeezing as her deep blue eyes showed her wanting.

  I felt her fingers slowly unzipping my jeans now as she bent forward to gather a whiff of me as she stretched my jeans apart and stretched back the waistband of my boxers.

  “MMMM. Love you in black, Peter baby; you do spoil me don’t you. And you know how I so enjoy the pungent smell of your cock,” she said stretching my boxers even more as she took a peak underneath  and already there was plenty to show.

  “Mmm mmm, Baby. You have everything a woman like me could desire, wealth, fitness, consideration, a wonderful passionate love and you are only 28!”

  “Your Toy Boy” I teased with a grin.

  “Hey baby, you are only six years younger and anyway they say a woman reaches her prime in her thirties but a guy in his twenties so we are well matched eh? So shut up, I want to explore and taste you.”

  And she did, so wonderfully. Her fingers dipping down between my cock and my jeans, deeper until she was cupping my balls too, all the time those sweet, sweet throat noises telling me just how she enjoyed our sessions. She so gently balled me as she took the head of my cock deeply into her busy mouth giving me that so wonderful rich all was alright with the world feeling as she teased me with the tip of her tongue, balled and sucked me.

  “She took a deep breath for a moment asking me if it was nice. “MMM  it was gorgeous , don’t stop baby, take me all the way!”

  “Down with your jeans first, I don’t want any obstacles in the way, just want to see you in your gorgeous black boxers down to your knees as I abuse you!”

  The next few minutes were out of this world and she knew just how to hold me back, to make it all last longer by tightly gripping me at the base of my stiff shaft until - when she released and sucked me deep throat I came like a volcano, spurting my cream into her mouth and over her face, which she always enjoyed so much, always whispering  “More, more, baby - give it to me!”

  Soon she seemed to have swallowed me all up as I lay temporarily exhausted on her well sprung double bed with burgundy sheets and duvet. She stripped now for me, slowly and with a certain elegance she knew I enjoyed, knowing also by now that in doing this very sexy strip she would soon raise my interest again. Now I wanted just to press my face into her, the craving for her that way and every way never faded, I wanted her taste and her smell all over me, wanted her to bathe and soak me in her wonderful wet pussy juice as she rolled, spread eagled, crouched over my face, tormenting my balls and cock as I sucked and licked her like an animal,

  But she liked it that way, sometimes she liked it doggy over the edge of the bed. “Nice and rough, with plenty of edge!” she demanded. She liked me to lose complete control, to be a noisy lover, to growl at her like a lion.

  But now, in the meantime she swayed gently, her pussy in my face as I so enjoyed the sensual and silky wet feeling of her wide gorgeous red womanhood, all the more sensual in her black stocking tops and that cheeky red suspender belt to give me even more hardness for which she craved so much.

  “Harder, harder!” she yelled - always seemed to be wanting more and more, never daunting, she just could not get enough of my stiff throbbing hungry cock thrusting so hard deep inside her.

  For me, Victoria was the best ever; she was constant and even during her monthly was still horny enough to let me into her gorgeous tight ass. Heaven indeed, who could want more, and all that topped with the occasional creaming - meaning squirty cream, ice cubes and even spaghetti alphabets. How sensual can you get, and there was always room for more, the wonderful adventurous experimentation of each other, out special fantasies and desires which led us to the most wondrous things.

  Watch this space and maybe, just maybe I will tell you more later.


© Copyright Alex Carr

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