Shattered Resistance
By Lucy Felthouse
(MF, oral, magic)

Suzy drew her jacket collar up more snugly around her neck. It was damn cold; an icy wind blew through the park, stirring up the fallen leaves and muffling the silence. Not that it made any difference. She'd never have heard him coming anyway - he would appear from nowhere, swiftly and silently. Just like always.

Dane was great at creeping up on people. He was also a vampire, which naturally gave him the advantage. But Suzy only cared about the fact that Dane was dangerous, sexy and immortal. Some girls use guys for their cars, their houses, their money, or even for sex. Not Suzy. She wanted Dane for what he was. All-powerful, lightning fast, indestructible. Well, almost indestructible. She'd take her chances - it was still better than being human. No illness, no aging and a drastically reduced chance of dying. What's not to like? Dane was everything Suzy aspired to be. And unfortunately for Dane, Suzy was determined to make her aspiration reality.

Now, what Suzy wanted, she usually got. The fact that Suzy was extremely attracted to Dane didn't help matters. So she not only wanted to be like him, she wanted to be with him. Which is why she was lurking in the deserted park at such a late hour. That and the fact she knew he'd be walking back to his dorm room this way. She'd known him long enough to have memorised his every move. He may have been a supernatural being, but not much got past Suzy, much less the man that was going to make her immortal. Oh, he was. He just didn't know it yet.

Soon she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. By that point, of course, it was already too late. Had he wanted to kill her, she'd be dead already. The mere thought turned her on. Knowing that he could take her life within seconds and nobody would ever know what happened got her juices flowing. His strength and beauty rocked her to her very core.

She turned to look at him, her pussy already responding to what she knew she'd see before her eyes registered the image. He stood there, tall, thin and gorgeous. His dark hair was chin-length and looked as though he'd been dragged backwards through a bush. His eyes, normally a deep and startling shade of blue were impossible to make out in the darkness. But she knew without being able to see properly that his facial expression was currently one of amusement.

"What are you doing out here Suzy?" His tone was exasperated rather than surprise, the result of many similar meetings with Suzy in a variety of places.

"Waiting for you."

His full lips curved in a sensual smile. "Isn't it supposed to be the other way round? Doesn't the vampire normally lurk in the dark waiting for his prey to come along, then sink his teeth into their neck and drink zer blood?"

He mocked the old vampire characters and legends readily, since he was proof that not all the age-old rumours were true. He could do mirrors, garlic, fire and daylight, though only small amounts of direct sunlight. As a student, though, that wasn't really an issue. Since the majority of them dragged themselves out of bed late morning, spent the day in lectures and then partied the nights away, Dane wasn't exposed to much sunlight. Nobody knew there was anything amiss. Until Suzy, that is.

"I'm saving you the trouble of hunting down your prey. I'm right here for the taking. Drink my blood, give me some of yours, I'll turn, everybody's happy."

"Not this old chestnut again. I fail to see how turning you could make me happy. What would I get out of it?"

"I'd be forever in your debt," Suzy replied, sidling closer and smiling coyly up at him, "I'd do anything you wanted."

"There's nothing you can offer me that you couldn't offer as a human being."

"I beg to differ. According to legend, if I'm human, you can have sex with me. It'll be great, but the pleasure can be surpassed. However, if I'm a vampire, you can make love to me. You can connect with me, mind and body and have the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life. I don't want to be screwed and thrown away like old rubbish. I want to fuck you like there's no tomorrow, and then do it all over again. I want you Dane, you know that. But I also want to be with you. You know there's something between us, and that we could be great together."

"I'm sorry, Suzy, I just can't do it. I'm not willing to take your life away in order to have great sex."

"It's not just about sex, and you know it. We can't be together if I'm human, it'd never work. But if I was a vampire…"

"Suzy, forget it. Just leave me alone, please."

And he was gone as suddenly as he had appeared. Suzy wasn't too concerned. He'd turned her down before, she could handle it. It was only a matter of time before he gave in. But then again, he was immortal and had so much more time. She'd better up her game.

Suzy decided she'd have to play dirty. She didn't really want to, but she didn't see that she had any other choice. He wasn't responding to her pleas, so she'd force his hand. It wouldn't be pretty, but it'd be so worth it.


Later that night Suzy crept into Dane's room, hoping desperately that she'd left it late enough and he was asleep. There's another couple of bullshit rumours dispelled - vampires DO sleep, and they don't sleep in coffins. Well, they can, but it's not necessary for survival. Besides, how could someone living in student accommodation sleep in a coffin without somebody noticing?

Dane was in bed, and he appeared to be asleep. Perfect. Suzy crept over as silently as possible. Her heart was pounding in her chest - she knew she was taking a risk, but she had no other choice. He would turn her. She cringed at every minute sound, knowing everything that if something sounded quiet to her, with Dane's super-sensitive hearing it would be magnified tenfold. In fact, she was surprised she hadn't woken him already.

As she stood by the side of the bed looking down on Dane, Suzy's nerve almost gave way. He was so handsome, and yet so dangerous. Yet here she was, slinking into his room in the dead of the night to make sure she got her way. She must be nuts. Still, no backing out now. She was lucky he hadn't heard her up until now; trying to get back out of the room undetected she might not be so lucky.

Suzy took a deep breath, knowing she had to act fast to put her plan into action before Dane awoke. She grabbed the duvet that covered him, wondering what he wore for bed, if anything. She didn't have to wonder for long. She pulled, and revealed his body in all its naked glory. As he was lying on his back, nothing was left to the imagination. Suzy was pleased to note than even in its flaccid state, Dane's penis was still of an impressive size. Not that she'd expected anything less - vampires were superior in every other way - it just wouldn't make sense for him to have a small cock.

Time to make it bigger, she thought. Discarding the duvet, Suzy sat on the edge of the bed, reached for Dane's cock and began to stroke it. As she did, she manoeuvred herself so she could reach it with her mouth. Presently, he began to grow tumescent beneath her fingers and she leant down and closed her lips around the tip. Continuing to caress him with her hand, she began to lick and suck at the head of his rapidly growing prick. She'd always enjoyed giving head and considered herself to be pretty good at it - but giving oral sex to a vampire was on a whole other level.

Dane's breathing started to become somewhat laboured, and Suzy was unsure if he was going to wake up, or whether he thought he was just having a particularly realistic dream. She felt sure her luck would run out soon and that he'd regain consciousness and discover what was really going on. As his cock became more rigid as a result of her ministrations, she sensed he was going to come soon and smiled inwardly. Soon he'd be hers, and she'd be his. Her plan was coming together perfectly.

Dane's cock began to pulse, a sign of his impending orgasm. She looked up at his face and was shocked to see his eyes wide open and watching her. Their eyes met, and he smiled; his incisors white, strong - and elongated. Suzy had been so intent on the job at hand that she hadn't realised quite how turned on she'd become, until more pussy juices began to seep out and onto the already-soaked material of her panties. Surely he couldn't turn her down now. He clearly wasn't going to stop her at this point in time - and who knew how long he'd been awake and aware of what she was doing?

Moving her hand off his shaft, Suzy deep-throated Dane's cock, despite its now extremely impressive size. Dane moaned loudly, no longer able to stave off his orgasm, and gasped as he shot load after load of white hot come down Suzy's throat.

"Fucking hell, Suzy. You don't give up, do you?" Dane said when he recovered the power of speech.

Suzy shook her head, simultaneously swallowing his spunk and wiping her lips on her sleeve. She grinned wickedly at him, and enquired,

"Care to return the favour?"

"After a blow job like that, what do you think?"

Suzy stood and stripped naked within seconds, then rejoined him on the bed. Now there was no resistance. Dane's hands were all over Suzy's skin, making her feel as though she was being set alight everywhere he touched. Her pussy was molten, the juices trickling in a steady stream down her inner thighs. They kissed deeply; Dane's teeth having retracted in the afterglow of his orgasm. His fingers caressed her pussy lips and her clit, then delved gently deeper, finding her red hot core. He pushed two fingers inside, smiling as she moaned into his mouth. He bent his fingers, searching out her sweet spot and knowing instantly when he hit it as Suzy's back arched, crushing her breasts against him, and seconds later, covering his hand with a sudden gush of wetness.

Her body trembled as she ejaculated, and Dane marvelled at the strength of her inner muscles as they clenched tightly around his fingers. It also had the effect of fully rejuvenating his semi-erect cock, making it ready for action once more. In one fluid motion, Dane pushed Suzy onto her back, and entered her.

Both of them moaned deeply at the blissful sensation of penetration. Suzy's cunt stretched to accommodate Dane's length and girth, and she relished the feeling of being filled so completely by the man she desired so much. Dane felt like he'd come home. He'd wanted Suzy for so long, but had been resisting the temptation as he was unwilling to end her human life, despite her being so desperate to throw it away. He still wasn't sure he was capable of doing what she wanted.


He'd been turned unwillingly - a female vampire had taken a fancy to him and turned him so she had companionship. It hadn't worked out; Dane's feelings had never been mutual so the moment her back was turned, he left. After the initial novelty of immortality had worn off, he understood why the female had done what she'd done.

It was possible to maintain relationships with humans, but inevitably they would grow old and die, leaving the vampire alone once more. There was no way Dane would be able to handle having this happen over and over. It would be soul-destroying to have to keep watching people you cared about wither and pass away. And yet, he still didn't give in to the temptation to turn someone as a constant companion. Even if he did, there was no guarantee she'd stay with him for good. There was nothing to stop her leaving, the way he had all those years ago.

However, he'd come to realise that Suzy was different. He'd joined the University for something to do, and besides, a little more knowledge never hurt anybody. As soon as he met Suzy he knew that she was streetwise. More than streetwise, actually. She was incredibly smart and quick off the mark, and they'd established a friendship. Soon enough, though, Suzy began to ask uncomfortable questions and Dane thought she knew more than she was letting on. Despite telling himself it was impossible, he thought Suzy suspected his true nature.

Then one night, he knew for sure. They'd been hanging out, Dane as always maintaining a distance so as to stop their relationship developing beyond the platonic. And she'd just come out with it.

"So, come on then. Show me your fangs."

From then on, under Suzy's relentless and informed questioning, everything had come out. The whole sorry story.


Back in the present, Dane was close to coming again. He normally had more stamina than this, being supernatural and all. But the combination of Suzy's red hot, impossibly tight pussy around his cock, her ample tits mashing against his chest, her thrashing and moaning, clamping her legs around him and digging her nails into his back was driving him wild.

"Dane…" Suzy wailed, "Please fuck me harder, I'm close and I want us to come together."

Dane didn't need to be told twice. He began to pound harder into Suzy, his hips pumping rapidly back and forth, increasing the pleasure for them both tenfold. Dane knew he couldn't hold back much longer, and judging by the agony in her face, nor could she. He slipped a hand between their bodies and pinched Suzy's clit - hard.

With a gasp, Suzy's body went momentarily rigid, then the contractions started, her pussy rhythmically clamping his cock, setting off his own orgasm. As she came, Suzy whispered,

"Bite me…"

At the very moment of his climax, all Dane's fight left him. All he could concentrate on was his release, so, hardly thinking, he lowered his lips to Suzy's neck, and did as she asked.

He felt her warmth flowing through his veins, her thoughts, her feelings, her orgasm. He could see with absolute certainty that being a vampire, and as a result, being with him, was what Suzy wanted. In that moment he was certain. He knew if he turned her, she would never leave him. For she loved him. Mind, body and soul.

He drew back, gently cradling her head as his spent penis slipped out of her. Then he ran his sharpest fingernail across his throat and pulled her mouth to him.

When it was over, they fucked like there was no tomorrow. And did it until it was tomorrow. Eventually, they were satiated, albeit temporarily. As Suzy lay in Dane's arms, she smiled, thinking how hard he had resisted her many advances.

He may have been a supernatural being, she thought, but I am a woman.


© Copyright 2009 Lucy Felthouse

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