His Touch
By Purple Love
(MF, rom)

His touch was incredible, even though she had just walked in from work and was tired she felt the warmth of his lips on hers and already wanted more. The smell of cooking food was a welcoming treat and she glanced over in the corner of the kitchen to see what was in the oven. She could only see the outline of a baking tray unable to make out what was inside but did see the green beans in the pan on the stove. The glass of wine already poured was just the thing to take the edge off another stressful day at the office. He kissed her again before pushing her off in the direction of the table whilst he turned to drain the beans asking if she had had a good day.

After the meal and another glass of wine, she had finally relaxed a little and sat watching as he loaded the dishwasher before disappearing up stairs. She smiled as she heard the bath being filled and looked forward to the warmth of the water that would soon envelop her as she slips into the bubbly foam. He appeared a few minutes later in the kitchen announcing that her bath awaited her. As she got to the top of the stairs, she could smell the lovely aroma of her bath and saw the flickering of candles lovingly placed around the bathroom to aid her relaxation. She removed her clothes and underwear and stepped into the hot bath sliding down until she was immersed in the warmth resting her head next to some candles giving off a warm glow.

"Shout me if you need your back scrubbing" he called from downstairs in a suggestive manner. He always said that whenever she had a bath instead of her usual shower and tonight she thought that she might just take him up on his offer. "Whenever you're ready," she shouted back, waiting for a sarcastic comment of which never came. Instead, he appeared at the door with her wine glass topped up.

Sitting forward she closed her eyes as his hands smoothed the soap over her back and shoulders. His thumbs expertly rubbing her neck she let out a sigh and he knew he was doing good. Her eyes still closed she felt his hands move over her shoulders and start stroking the top of her breasts. Her nipples had already started to increase in size, but his latest touch made them fully erect and again she let out a sigh of pleasure as he brushed over them giving them a gentle squeeze.

She loved her nipples being played with and never bored of his touches. He cupped the water in his hands and splashed it over her back and shoulders. Whilst his hands were busy, rinsing her down, he bent over and kissed her neck, lovingly kissing around her shoulder and back. His hand moved down under the water and snaked its way to her soft thighs, stroking them from knee to top. She kept her eyes closed as she felt his hand move over her stomach and then stroke her pubic mound knowing that he would have a thrill feeling she was freshly shaved and smooth. This time it was his sigh she heard giving her the confirmation she needed of his approval.

His lips met hers as they kissed passionately, his fingers doing the work under water, which he knew she loved so much. Expertly he rubbed her beautiful soft flesh taking her clitoris between his finger and thumb and gently teasing it. His middle finger slid along her cleft feeling the wetness before slipping inside. He adjusted his position so he could get better access to her whilst still kissing her.

She bit his lip gently as she felt him move further up inside her, gasping as he added his index finger so he had two in her. He cupped his hand knowing that he would be hitting her G-spot as he increased the pressure. He knew she was close to orgasm and he moved his mouth to her right breast, flicking the nipple with his tongue, lightly nipping it with his teeth. Even in the glow of the candles, he could see the red flush across her chest and sensed her climax only seconds away. He pressed harder now with both mouth and fingers and felt the nipple stiffen one last time as the full pleasure of orgasm flooded through her body starting around his fingers and then moving up and down in waves.

She let out a shriek of pleasure as the orgasm hit and felt her body tighten before relaxing again into the heat of the bath. His kisses returned to her mouth giving her the opportunity to thank him.

He then stood up and handed her the glass of wine, giving her a smile as he dried his hands on the warm towel hanging against the radiator. As he left her to enjoy the rest of her bath time in peace, she heard him say that that had been just the starter and the main course was waiting for her when she had finished. She smiled, laid back and enjoyed her wine looking forward to bedtime.


Copyright October 2009 Purple Love

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