Babysitting Adventure
By Anna
(MF, dream, MMF, oral)

One evening I travelled to another town to baby-sit for a friend and his wife. Once they had left, I kept busy, playing on his games console, watching TV and getting some work done. Things started to get interesting when I decided to play on his Xbox, requiring me to go into their bedroom, which enabled me to access all sorts of other things...!!!

However, I avoided temptation, and left the deep-red coloured bra that was hanging off the arm of a chair well alone! Although tempted to have a closer look, I kept myself busy on the Xbox and decided the only lightsaber I’d be waving around the place was on the Star Wars Lego game...!!!

Knowing my friend’s wife had a liking for erotic literature, I started to imagine scenarios that she’d enjoy. My imagination started to run into overdrive as to what might happen upon their return, knowing that after a drink or two, she could get pretty randy. Thoughts ran through my mind including whether she’d come in, take out my cock, and go to work on it. Fat chance I thought, but then again, stranger things had happened!

I imagined her hands slowly working their magic as her eyes looked it up and down as it grew in front of her.  She licked up and down it, slowly running her tongue around the rim, and then took it into her mouth. The warmth and moistness of her mouth, together with the action of her tongue took my breath away, and I closed my eyes, savouring every moment. I had forgotten that her husband was there, in the background, wanking himself off at the sight of his wife pleasuring another man whilst probably getting wet in the process.

I opened my eyes and saw him taking hold of her hips and slowly slipping her trousers down. She continued to work on me, flicking her tongue as he slid down her pants and parted her now wet pussy lips. Slowly working his cock into her as she continued to suck me off, her face was a picture and aroused sounds were now coming from deep within her.

He was now deep in her pussy and she started to work off his rhythm whilst sucking me. The sight of her getting fucked from behind whilst taking me in her mouth was amazing, and I had to breathe deeply to stop myself cumming.

Her husband pulled out, and asked to change positions. He wanted to see me fuck his wife, but I was unsure whether she wanted to be, and whether I should...

My cock was still rock hard, and she took it in one hand and her husband’s in the other. With a cock in each hand, the look in her eyes was like that of a girl in a candy shop. There were clearly so many possibilities...

Suddenly, I heard a jangle of keys in the door, a giggle, and a stumble towards the sitting room where I was watching TV. I was hard in my trousers, and the jogging bottoms I had worn were not the best for hiding an aroused cock. Did I get up and let her see my state, or wait and let things subside? Would I get the chance to let things subside? She came into the room and draped herself over the sofa...  



  We’d finally managed to have a night out. We’d had to cancel the last two with one thing and another so I’d really been looking forward to this night. I felt bad though that our babysitter had a long drive home. I’d tried everyone I could think of before I’d had to accept that the only way we were going to get a night out was by imposing on a friend who lives a bit too far away really, but then again that’s what friends are for!  

Walking home the air was cold and the booze I’d had gone to my head a bit, but I was far from drunk. I smiled at a sudden cheeky thought of accosting the babysitter, stranger things have happened! – but dismissed this and decided I was going to be good.

After all he had a long drive home and was sober so I was sure nothing adventurous was going to be happening this evening. It had been a good night and as we opened the door, I was breathless from keeping up with my husband, as we’d walked up the road.

Dropping into a chair to catch my breath I asked the babysitter if he’d had an okay evening. It seemed like the kids had been okay and he’d taken advantage of playing on the computer games.

I went to grab a glass of water from the kitchen, the babysitter was gathering his belongings when I came back down the corridor to the front door. Watching him bend over I couldn’t resist teasing him and mentioned what a nice bum he had – I thought I was on safe ground.

My husband just laughed and said ‘you know she’s after sucking your cock.’ The babysitter smiled and said that was fine anytime. I was surprised. I’d been sure he’d just go. I wasn’t sure what to do, so said I thought he should go home, but by then the seed had been planted and something was growing!

He repeated that if I wanted to dally then that was fine by him, to a point. Walking into the front room, I stood with my husband on one side and the babysitter on the other. Reaching out I stroked two fantastic cocks and knowing that my husband would be getting his serving shortly I turned to the babysitter. Pulling down his trousers I took out his hard cock and stroked its length before bending over and taking it into my mouth. Wrapping my hand round his shaft, I dipped my head further taking his cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. Pushing his cock into my cheek, I trusted that the soft warmth of my mouth and continued thrusting would give him the thrill he was looking for.

My husband had already pulled my top off over my head. Not really concentrating on what he was doing it took my brain a while to catch up and realise that he’d pretty much stripped me off within seconds. I wasn’t too concerned. I was enjoying the feeling of his hands between my legs whilst reaching up I found the babysitter’s hands and indicated that I wanted them on my head. He obliged, running his fingers into my hair and sighing as I continued to plunge his cock deeper into my mouth. Soon I could taste the precum building on his tip and knew even before he said it that if I kept going he’d soon fill my mouth with juice. He stopped me. Enough.   

Nothing else needed to be said. The babysitter disappeared into the night. Turning to my husband I said, ‘your turn – get up those stairs.’  


© Copyright Anna January 2009

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