Memories from long ago...
By Vanessa Westgate
(MF, rom)

"My face was pressed against the cold damp window as I watched him walk out the door. I knew this would be the last time I would see him through those doors. He never loved me. I knew this. I pushed my body away from the scene below and walked slowly to my bedroom where I knew I would find the quiet darkness, and the fire place dancing it's shadows across my ceiling for me to watch. As I laid my head down against the soft chenille fabric I could hear someone knocking faintly below. I sighed. Mark must be coming back to tell me that he will never allow me to do law in the state of Massachusetts ever again if he had anything to do with it, and that I was a worthless piece of shit because I couldn't win his doomed to begin with case. Funny though...the man he was suing was quite unusual. He had a large piece of ownership in Westgate Publishing..rather dark, rather mysterious, and he always watched my face never the judge, and never his own personal attorney. He would just sit there and watch me openly in such an unabashed, unapologetic way. It was like he knew me. Odd.

I could hear the knocking get more intent and louder. As I rose from the bed I slipped on my satin slippers, and grabbed my sheer robe from the golden hook. I shivered as I felt the coldness from the robe graze my warm skin. What a cold day I thought, and I wish you would leave me alone in silence. What is done is done. You lost. I lost. Dammit we as a couple lost Mark. We lost.

I touched the cold lock to the old oaken door, and as it slid open so did the opening to my robe. As I stood to the side of the door I froze. I thought it was Mark at the door but it wasn't. It was the gentleman Mark had tried to sue and lost. I started to stumble across my words as I frantically tried to close my robe which I realize was somewhat useless being it was so sheer you could see my darkened nipples protrude through the fabric regardless if the robe was exposing me further or not. I tried to speak out to you to give me a minute to get properly dressed and you took my slender fingers into your hand and took your finger to my lips only to, "shhhhhh" me. I was rather taken aback. You looked at me and asked to come in to speak with me. I saw that my fur coat was within reach near the mud room, and I grabbed it quickly to cover myself. I wrapped it across my shoulders and watched you take me in slowly with you eyes. I asked you very simply what you were doing here and what is what that you wanted. You looked at me with a small smile playing across your lips and asked me wasn't it obvious? I dropped my gaze and asked again what is was that you wanted. You lifted my chin to look up at you and you leaned into my long blond hair to whisper, "you..."

I took a step back and you grabbed me and pulled me hard against you. I knew that with his chiseled looks, his strong jawline, and olive complexion that he could more than likely woo any woman into that incredible body of his. Plus the way he smelled I knew most woman would start to drink a bottle of him by now. I shook my head and his eyes grew soft as he watched my face. What? What do you really want I asked softly. Why did you come to me? Why are you here?

Do you remember me from many years ago he asked? I looked at him quizzically and told him no. I thought back quickly and then my mind shut down. Now I know why he was staring at me in such a way. He was the son of my fathers sailing partner from Martha's Vineyard... Oh my god. I do remember. I also remember that summer where we as 2 young kids of the inquisitive age of 16. John Harrington the 2nd was his fathers name, and he was the making's of the 3rd in the lineage. I looked at him and asked him how was it that his name was different? John was still the same first name but he changed it to Gallow for the last. He chuckled and said that he had wanted to paint his own stars and not off the coat tails of his father. No wonder we lost so badly I thought to myself. He had nothing to lose...but everything.

I turned my attention back to him and asked him why didn't you tell me? He smiled down at me again and said, "I wanted to see you after the case was closed to tell you that you are just as beautiful as the day we spent on the beach playing in the surf, and sneaking a bottle of 30 year old scotch from my fathers boat. He whispered in the open..."do you remember?" Remember what as I felt my lower half of my body begin to swell...

"Do you remember what is was like that day on the beach?" I shook my head closing my eyes trying to forget..."Do you remember how beautiful you looked when you asked me to be your first?" I shook my head again and leaned against the frame of the doorway slightly dizzy. "You took my hand and asked me to teach you." By this point I could barely stand and I asked him to go sit in the formal living room and to give me a moment. As I turned around to go upstairs to put on a more suitable outfit he pulled my arm back to him once again and reached down to grab my legs and cradle myself to his strong chest. I gasped out loud, and he looked at me intently and asked me if I trusted him. I thought for a moment, and I hesitated. My mind was racing. I knew that if he carried me up the stairs to my room that he would remind me...what he taught me on the beach so many years ago. I nodded my head to him and whispered a very small yes. He held me even closer at this point and walked up the stairs in such ease you would never had had any clue he was carrying a body. A body that had ballet thrust upon it for over 25 years. Long legs that moved gracefully in slippers, and 3 inch heels. Breasts tight, firm, and full with round small darkened circles and chewy nipples that were always erect. He caressed the back of my hair just the way he did so many years back. Rolling the soft curls through his fingers and winding up the length of it within his deliciously strong hands.

I sighed in a very sleepy lusty way. He nudged the door open with his foot, and laid me down gently across the 4 poster king bed. He stepped back and took my long body in. I watched him watch me. I started to try to open up my fur coat to try and take it off and he took my hands away from the collar and shook his head. I looked at him with question and he just shook his head. "Let me" was all he softly said. I felt my thighs become wet from hearing him whisper those 2 simple words. I arched my body up towards his mouth as he slowly, quietly took my coat off. He smiled lazily down upon me and asked me if I knew that my "perfume" was just as he remembered it. I gasped at his audacity to speak of such familiarness and he shook his head at me. "That was meant in the most complimentary of all ways...I loved how you you you left your scent on my mouth so many years ago." I groaned. I was definitely wet. He then stripped me slowly of my revealing see through robe. "I love this" he whispers and gently tugged at one of my protruding nipples through the sheer fabric. I nearly came off the bed trying to rip of his shirt to feel his chest against my bare skin. "No," he says. "This is my show. You are only to receive the sensations. Not give. " He peeled off the robe and grabbed my hip pulling them down to where my upper body was lying on the bed and my legs were on the side and feet planted on the floor.

Oh my god. I remember this move only it was against the side of a picnic table, and my breast were pressed hard against the table and his mouth had my legs and lips spread apart as he explored my inner cave with his mouth. I could feel my body start to tremble in anticipation. I knew this move. I remembered it well being I have never had anyone else quite do this technique with such lust, or confidence. You slowly began to open my lips with your middle finger. Dipping slowly in...and slowly out...You could feel my hips try to force your now wet finger deeper inside. You grab my hips and thrust in 3 fingers at once and I cried out in pain and excitement. "Do you like it like this, or possibly like this?" At this point I only saw had penetrated your huge cock, and 2 of your fingers deep within my walls. I gasped as you took yourself out of me ands whipped me around so that you could watch me as you fucked me. You pushed me back up upon the bed, and brought your head down to my wet lips and started to suck deeply while alternating your tongue deep within my clit. Oh my god I don't know if my body can take this. I feel as though I was a rocket just about to be pushed onto lift off and rocketed into outerspace. I grabbed the back of your handsome full hair and guided you to a rhythm I knew I could explode into your mouth to. You decided to add a few fingers to the mix and started to finger fuck my throbbing pussy and suck even deeper. I began to moan, and you suddenly stopped. I was horrified. To be that close to coming and you choosing to stop? What the hell?! You immediately grabbed your cock that had pre cum juices flowing freely off the top and I lowered my mouth down upon your shaft and began to fuck you with my mouth. I started to lower my mouth and throat deeper, and deeper upon your cock, you immediately began to grab my breasts and start to pinch my nipples letting me know you were in heaven. I lifted out one of my long glorious thighs and guided your other hand to play with me below. I could hear my lips drip off the sweet nectar upon the floor of how turned on I was and how badly I wanted you.

As I began to take your shaft in my hand and started to suck and tongue your slit while my hand wrapped itself up and down your magnificent cock you began to tense up. I played the same cat and mouse game you did and immediately rose to a standing position. You shifted your fingers out of me, and gave me one to suck in my mouth. I took your strong finger in my mouth and tasted my nectar, and than started to fellatio your finger. You grabbed my hips lifting them upon you thrust your huge cock into my cave, and started to fuck me against the wall. My back was was slamming against the wall as your thrust deeper and deeper within me. I cried out for you to not stop being I was so close. I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused...I could feel your entire body start to tense up and next thing I knew I felt us both exploding at the same moment and nectar and your sweet smelling cum filled my pussy to the brim. You lifted me from the wall and fell on top of me while placing me upon the bed. I could feel the sheets drinking greedily the juices from our body, and the warm wetness as it soaked in around me. I sighed. You sighed. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt you spoon yourself deeply behind me. How blissful to be held after making love. Making lust. Making a repeated memory of a young girl losing herself to a young man that opened her eyes to the world of sex that hot summer day on the beach.

As I opened my eyes I felt confused. It was light out, and I was naked. What on earth happened I thought to myself...? Then it hit me. A man from my past came by to pay me a visit, and to help me remember days of old. Plus, with the settlement of the case I knew where he lived so I knew there was a repeat performance in my future..."


Copyright Vanessa Westgate June 2009

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