Afternoon Swim
By Sam Andrews
(MM, voy, oral)

It was only the sixth of June but the afternoon sun was hot as I drove through the Virginia countryside. Having just finished my freshman year at college, this was to be my first solo adventure. I had purchased an older car with the money I’d saved working through the school year. As a freshman, I hadn’t been allowed a car at school but it was 1975 and I was a sophomore now and the world was my oyster! I had left the Midwest behind and, after visiting my older sister in Pennsylvania for a few days, was headed for the Outer Banks. The parents of one of the girls I’d met in school had a home there and she’d invited me down for a week of lying in the sun, swimming in the surf and best of all … no classes!

Without air conditioning, the heat of the afternoon was making my cotton dress cling to me, even with the windows open. My hat tried to contain my hair as the wind swirled through the car but without much success. “God, I must look a fright,” I said to myself. I drove along kind of daydreaming until I noticed the road cross a small creek and got an idea. I took the next small gravel road that seemed to follow the direction of the stream. If I could find the right spot, I thought, this would be a perfect stream for a swim. I could cool off and waste some of the hottest part of the day, then continue cooled and refreshed and in the cooler evening hours. I could see the stream wind through the fields by the trees that surrounded it and then saw something intriguing. In the distance, in a small grove, I saw a building (or the remains of it) and decided to park and explore. It was some quarter mile off the road but I found a field road and set off. My heels were not the appropriate hiking attire and I slipped them off and began walking barefoot. The warm earth felt soft and forgiving as I strode down the path towards the creek.

When I reached the building, I saw it was an old mill. The low dam that had once fed it was crumbling, as was the mill itself, but next to it was deep still pool shaded by sprawling oaks and giant cottonwood trees. The banks of the stream were covered in tall grass that waved in the wind. I stood breathless for a moment, drinking in the sight and sound and scent of this idyllic scene. “What a find!” I thought. I had found my place to cool off and relax away the heat of the afternoon. I began to unbutton my dress while nervously looking around to see who might see. The shading trees concealed the spot and the only people I could see was a farm crew baling hay in a distant field. Feeling more secure, I peeled the sweaty cotton dress over my head. The cool breeze instantly cooled my skin and I quickly slipped off my panties and bra. I padded softly through the tall grass to the side of the pool. The tall fuzzy heads of the grass tickled my thighs and a few, finding their way between my thighs, tickled other more sensitive places. I reached the water and carefully waded in to the middle of my thighs. I rinsed out my dress and underthings so they could be fresh again. I draped them over some of the tall grass to dry and returned to the cool still water that seemed to call to me this hot Virginia afternoon. I walked into the water, carefully feeling my footing until I was deep enough to swim and then plunged into its coolness.

I came up nearly gasping from the coolness of the water. The stark contrast of the day’s heat and the spring fed water was wonderfully exhilarating. I lay over onto my back and floated, relishing the feel of the water as it caressed every part of my body. I looked at my stiff nipples projecting from the surface and watched my breasts floating, seeming to move like pools of mercury on my chest. I spread my legs and gave a quick kick to propel me across the pond and felt the coolness of the water penetrate and kiss the folds of my labia.

“Mmmm,” I thought. “I could certainly use more than water penetrating and kissing my pussy!” I lay back and floated, watching the sky and clouds, but my mind was on other things. It seems like I always got horny when I swam naked. It was a lot of fun when there was someone along to enjoy it with, whether boyfriend or girlfriend, but alone it was just a little frustrating.

I swam to the bank and walked up to where my clothes lay over the grass. They were wet and I was wet so I lay down in the soft grass to dream as I and my clothes dried in the warm breeze. The warm day and quiet whispers of the cottonwoods lulled me away from where I lay and I was soon asleep.

I woke suddenly to the sound of movement near where I lay. Realizing I was naked, I lay still and listened more closely. At last, I braved a peek through the grass. Down the creek bank some twenty feet a man stood by the shore. His shirt was off and I could see his muscular shoulders glistening with sweat. I rose up a little higher to get a better look as he bent over to slip his jeans off. He turned half around to put his jeans on the grass along the shore and I ducked my head again. Had he seen me? If he had, he paid me no heed and instead dove into the cool water. I had certainly seen him! As he had bent over, he had profiled his strong butt and thighs and given me a glimpse … just a little peek … at his manhood! Oh my! I thought I was horny after my swim but now this?

He surfaced with a loud “wooo!” and shook the water from his hair. I smiled to myself, remembering the exhilaration I felt just a short time before as my body plunged into that water. Forgetting my own nakedness, I began to creep through the grass toward his clothes. I reached his clothes and, watching him swim as I did my clandestine work, I crept back away from the shore with my prizes sniggering quietly to myself. I reached my own clothes and sat watching for him to emerge from the water.

After a few minutes I saw him walk up the bank, dripping and naked, and begin looking along the shore for his missing clothes. I sat up and quietly waited until his eye caught sight of me. When he saw me, my dark hair tousled and my white breasts just visible above the grass, I called to him.

“Missing something?” I called, smiling and coyly holding his jeans up in front of me to cover my breasts. Without a word but with a somewhat vexed look on his face, he strode over to me. He seemed completely unashamed, almost unaware, of his own nakedness but rather was silently surveying my own. Realizing his penetrating gaze, I blushed slightly and covered myself in earnest with his jeans but at the same time my own eyes were focused on the manly figure standing before me … and in particular on the penis directly in front of me! It was still small from the cold water when he first stood before me but as the afternoon warmed him I could see its true size. More than the afternoon, the sight of my nakedness was also having its effect.

“I apologize. It seems that I was the one missing something!” I cooed. “I’m Samantha … and you are gorgeous!” I looked up at his eyes and gently reached over to stroke his growing cock. He stepped closer to stand directly in front of me. I reached out my hand to cradle his swelling penis and gave the head of his cock a quick kiss.

“My name is David … I was working in that hay field there and just came to cool off,” he explained. “What are you doing here? I’ve never seen anyone else here.”

“Just driving by,” I said, leaning forward. “I went for a swim too. Skinny dipping always gets me so horny.” My lips kissed the head of his cock and he moaned. He was fully erect now and just too inviting. I parted my lips and let him push his cock into my mouth. My tongue flicked his head and I sucked with my cheeks to pull him in and out of my pursed lips. I lowered my head and let him thrust against the roof of my mouth. His head fell back and his knees bent as he thrust again and again against my mouth and tongue and I let his whole length push towards the back of my throat, almost gagging me. I tightened my lips and tongue and made my oral pussy as tight as I could, forcing him to hold my head and push his rock hard cock into my mouth. I could sense his urgency … his nearness. He wanted to come … he wanted to shoot into my mouth but I wanted something else. I pulled my head away and stroked his hardness. My pussy was dripping from the anticipation of being filled with this gorgeous cock and I was not going to deny my wet pussy ANYTHING!

“I want you, David. I want you inside me. I’m on the Pill … don’t worry.” I lay back in the grass and stroked my nipples, letting my legs part invitingly.

“I want you too, Samantha. God do I want you! I want my cock deep inside you!” he said.

He knelt between my legs and my thighs spread widely to invite him nearer. His weight felt so wonderful on me! I reached down between my thighs to guide his hard cock to my wetness. He rubbed its head against my lips … his cock still wet from my mouth and my pussy so wet from the thought of his cock … and then with a strong steady push he parted my lips and plunged into me. I gasp … he withdrew and plunged deeper and I gasp again … and again … until he was so deep in me and my aching wet pussy was so beautifully filled. Oh my! What a glorious cock! He filled me so perfectly! As he stroked in and out of me, rocking my body with the power of his hips, I could feel the tip of his penis rubbing me just right … his shaft pulling against my clit with each stroke. I lifted my legs in the air and grabbed onto my ankles to get his angle into me just right. My orgasm started quickly, almost unexpectedly. I had never come by penetration but I was certainly coming now! I rocked under him as my orgasm took me away, swept away everything but the sheer pleasure of his cock against my clit. He slowed a little as I climaxed … screaming, clenching, clawing … my breath barely there as I was engulfed, consumed, devoured. Every part of my body was electrified and throbbing, my nipples and clit erect and screaming with sensitivity. David slowed his rhythm to a slow smooth glide in and out of me while my senses returned. His arms surrounded me and he kissed me softly. His deep gentle eyes gazed almost through me and my body relaxed into his embrace.

“I have never had an orgasm like that … by penetration, I mean. The way you fit inside me is SO GOOD!” I cooed as I caught my breath. He smiled and kissed me again.

Our bodies were wet now, glistening slippery nakedness against nakedness. David began pumping his cock faster again. His strength was so sexy! I felt the muscles in his arms and back and the tightness of his buttocks as he thrust into me. It was such a contrast to my soft breasts and full hips lying beneath his hardness, my smooth legs wrapping around his strong back. I could see the orgasm in his face now … that intense far away look that told me the pleasure was taking him. I dug my heels into his back to push him deeper into me and he started to come, his strong deep strokes becoming fast and jerky.

“Oh God … yes … oh YES! Oh my GOD!!!” David screamed and bucked and I felt his cock spasming inside me, deep deep inside me, unloading his precious cum in my hungry pussy. I held his hips against me with my legs wrapped around him and squeezed my pussy to drain his wonderful cum from him. He relaxed and let his weight fall onto me. I held him in my arms, my legs still holding his hips, and stroked his hair.

“You are a wonderful man,” I whispered softly “and a fantastic lover!”

“You’ve left me breathless, Samantha!” David said softly, still regaining his regular breathing. As his penis softened and slipped from my pussy, he rolled off me to lie beside me. I moved next to him and he wrapped me in his strong arms, pulling my soft breasts close and into his chest. We lay quietly in the half shade of our private grove, listening to the water burble, the wind rustle the trees. We talked about ourselves … where we were going (or thought we were going), what we thought of life and love, sex and pleasure. It was so special to find such a deep person, such a strong sexy man, such a skilled lover all in one person.

He let go of his embrace and lay me back onto the grass. His rough hands softly caressed me, tracing my hips, my waist, my breasts, across my belly to my pussy hair. David paused there and twirled my fur softly in his large calloused fingers, then slowly moved a finger to my clit and pressed gently into my slit. My reaction was quick and I gasped and pushed myself up toward him. He smiled and then moved down to place his lips where his fingers had been. His tongue was so skilled … firm pressure in exactly the right places … and I was soon writhing under his magic.

“Oh David! How do you know exactly how to play me?” I crossed my arms across my breasts trying to keep there weight contained as I rocked and thrust and swayed. I had never felt an orgasm like this … Oh my God! I grabbed his head and pushed myself toward him as I came … screaming his name and nearly smothering him in my dripping pussy! As I relaxed again, so exhausted and spent from the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, David kissed my inflamed clit and looked up smiling.

“I’m glad you like that … I love licking a delicious woman, and your pussy is delicious!” He moved up to lie next to me again and kissed me. I could taste my pussy on his lips and detected a slight taste of cum as well … David’s cum still buried inside me. It made me hot and ready and needing again and I reached down for his manhood.

“Mmmm, yes,” I said, finding him hard again. “My turn on top!”

I pushed him over onto his back and swung my leg over him to straddle his hips. Leaning into his body, my breasts suspended over him, I reached between my legs and found his cock. My pussy was wet … my wetness, his saliva, a little of his cum … it all made me slippery and ready and I wanted him in me again! I wanted this gorgeous man to fill the wanting in me. Lifting up on my legs, I guided him to my opening pussy lips and moistened the tip of his cock, making it twitch in my hand. I smiled and watched his face as I sunk down onto his hard shaft, gasping as his stiffness parted my wetness. He reached for my breasts and cupped their overflowing volume in his large hands. I began to move up and down on him and my head tilted back as I enjoyed every sensation.

“Oh baby! You fit just right inside me! God, the way you hit my clit!” I could tell I was nearing another orgasm. I had never had three! I could see by his face he was coming again too. I started to ride him … ride his stiff prick hard and fast as my climax approached. David was playing with my nipples now and the sensation was going directly to my clit! I couldn’t stop now … writhing, bucking, screaming, my hair wildly flying about my head and my breasts straining against David’s firm hold. As I came, he started pounding hard into my pussy from underneath, holding my hips against his thrusting. I came and came until I collapsed on him, panting and weak. He continued his thrusts and then I felt him arch and drive his cock deep into me. I held him and ground my hips against his pelvis and gripped his cock with my pussy. We lay together, I on top of him and both of us spent and breathless. It had to be a dream. I had never thought I could come like that, and then again … and then again! I moved to lie beside him, my head cradled in his arm and he stroked my breasts and belly. His hard strong hands caressed and traced the curves of my young body … my hips, my belly, up my slender waist to cup my breasts and cradle my shoulders and neck. I lay mesmerized by the sensation of his hands on me, my clit still tingling from the last climax. We lay together for a while touching and kissing and talking, watching the clouds and listening to the breeze in the grass and treetops. Suddenly realizing how late it had become, I turned and lifted myself up on one elbow to look down into his eyes and rugged face.

“I really must be going, you know,” I said quietly. “I’d only stopped for a quick swim to cool off.” David smiled, cupped my full breast in his hand and lifted it to his lips. He kissed my nipple, instantly arousing it to full hardness, and then sucked it gently into his mouth. My head fell back as the sensation of his tongue and lips suckling and teasing my breast sent waves of fire through my body. I felt my clit swelling and aching again. “Oh God,” I thought, “if I climax one more time I’ll never leave!” I pulled away and slapped his hand. He looked up at me from my breast with an impish smile.

“No, David, I really do have to go!”

“Oh, alright. I suppose they’re ready to send out a search party for me too. Will I see you again?” David asked. “May I see you again?” he repeated, getting to his feet.

“Perhaps … I would love to think our paths would cross again someday.” I reached over and took his flaccid penis in my hand and gently guided it to my mouth. The last of his cum still dripped from the end. My lips opened and I slipped him inside me and gently sucked the remaining cum from him, enjoying his salty taste mixed with my own fragrance from my pussy juices in his public hair.

“Just one more taste to remember you by, sweet David,” I said as his cock left my lips once more. I got up and put on my bra, a sheer thing that did little to hide my nipples. As we got dressed, our hands still wandered over each other … sometimes just loving caresses but sometimes very erotic and purposeful. He pulled on his jeans and started buttoning his shirt. I took one last look at his muscular chest as he did up the buttons, sighed quietly to myself and slipped my dress over my head. Standing up to dress, I started to feel the wetness inside me wanting to flow out of me. Quickly I pulled on my panties and clenched my pussy to hold this wonderful gift inside me. I knew I could not hold his cum inside me forever but just for a while … just for a little while longer.

I took my shoes in hand and David and I walked to my car. He opened my door and helped me inside and kissed me. I reached over and got a scrap of paper, quickly jotting down my phone number, and handed it to him.

“I live a long way from here and I don’t know if we’ll ever see each other again.”

“Thank you,” he said. He smiled and leaned down to kiss me. “I would love to see you again,” he near whispered into my ear sending chills through my body again.

I blushed and began to drive, heading back toward the main highway. “He’s thanking ME?” I thought as I reached the highway and was again on my way. The air blowing up from the floor vents carried a scent, an unmistakable scent, and I felt his cum soaking my panties. I lifted my skirt and the scent flooded the car and I could not resist. My hand slipped into my panties and found my labia and clit wet and slick from his cum. I took my fingers away and licked them, licked his delicious taste from them. Back and forth from my panties I carried his cum to my lips, each time lingering to fit my fingers inside me and massage my swelling clit. The more I tasted his cum on my fingers, the more eager I was that my fingers bring me to orgasm. I pulled to the side of the road urgently needing to finish what I’d begun. As I parked, I lifted my hips and slipped down my soaked panties and my fingers went deep inside me … stroking and playing my clit and g-spot while I fantasized once again about the afternoon’s delights. His scent, his cum, my juices … all filled my senses and my fantasy and I exploded in orgasm with my fingers deep inside me.

I sat in the seat, being only able to breathe, with my panties around my hips and my dress pulled to my waist. I slowly licked away the cum from my fingers, both his and mine. Finally I put my panties back on, the crotch of them slick white and creamy. I rubbed the juices remaining in my panties against my pussy and smiled. Pulling my dress back into place I quickly brushed through my hair. I put my hat on and looked in the rearview mirror to fix my hair underneath it. With a quick and practiced swipe I put on fresh lipstick, smiling slightly as I remembered how it had gotten worn off, and pulled back onto the highway.


© Copyright Sam Andrews July 2009

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