The Stranger
By Sarah Anderson
(MF, cheat, job, oral, MFF)

It was 7.43am, the train was late. Faye was waiting at the platform for her train to work, the cold wind on her tanned legs, her hair blowing lightly in wind. She glanced at her watch; the one Dave bought her for her birthday just two days before. She didn’t normally wear watches but she felt she had to please Dave, he knew she wouldn’t have an excuse to be late now. She looked along the track and back at the watch as the train pulled up.

She lifted her skirt slightly to just above her knee and boarded the train, then adjusted her skirt back down again. That morning she decided to wear her grey pin stripe pencil skirt, her tight white blouse that showed off her amazing slim figure, black kitten heels and a fitted black jacket. Her hair was flowing to the middle of her back, jet-black with a wave through it. She tossed her hair to the side and took a seat on the busy train. She wasn’t looking forward to the 40 minute trip into the town centre and got her book out.

She was trying to concentrate on her book but the argument with Dave played in her mind. The shouting, the name calling, the ordinary sex as they made up. The way he touched her, the way she didn’t get excited any more, and the silence afterwards. Her mind drifted from her book and she noticed the tall figure standing by the door.

He must have been 6ft 2, broad shoulders, dark hair and eyes, his tight T-shirt showed his athletic build and she could see his penis bulge in his black jeans. She could feel her white silk knickers get damp as she sat starring at him. She held the book tight in her hand and crossed her legs to feel her clit throb. As she sat there on the busy train, she thought of him walking out the shower dripping wet, walking over to her as she sat on the edge of the bed in suspenders, black heels and hard nipples. In her mind she saw him walk closer as she slid two fingers in and out of her wet pussy, his cock rock hard as he finally reached her, the length of him ending up in her mouth as she fingered herself faster and faster………… The train came to halt just as she could feel her back arching in the seat.

When he left the train, she stood from her seat, adjusted her skirt, moved her hair from her face and walked off the train carrying her book in her hand. Faye enjoyed the walk to work, her jacket over her arm. The sun was out but there was a nice breeze, which kept her nipples hard and she still a glow about her face. She reached the doors to the tall building, through the glass doors and not paying any attention to who she was passing she entered the lift. Faye had failed to realise that the tall dark stranger from the train was sitting in reception flicking through a magazine, those long fingers turning the pages. The lift door closed and she took the time to feel her pussy, it was still wet, she slid her fingers into her mouth and loved the taste, she thought of the pussys she touched and tasted and missed it. Dave wouldn’t even let her watch lesbian porn, let alone touch a pussy again. The lift opened, she licked her lips and walked into her office towards her desk.

Faye placed her jacket on the back of the chair, placed her book on the edge of her desk, pulled the chair forward, and turned on her PC. Up flashed a message from her boss telling her to go and meet a new start, called Chris, in the reception. Faye had enjoyed having the seat in front of her being empty; and now she was going to have to train a new start who would be taking that seat. As she walked passed her desk that book fell off, she lifted it off the blue carpeted floor and place it the side of her PC. She walked the length of the room, reached the lift and let out a sigh as the doors closed. “I bet its some young chav,” she said to herself, with sheer frustration that this was left to her. Once in the reception, she saw two young men sitting reading newspapers, she called out “Chris” and up he stood. It wasn’t until he approached her to shake her hand that she realised that it was the man from the train. Her nipples got hard in a second.

As they reached the office, they chatted about how the office worked and what she would do with him that day. She had her own personal thoughts of what they could be doing. He sat at his new desk and noticed the book, “I thought it was you” to which Faye quickly said, “Excuse me”, “The book, you the woman on the train, I, I," he stumbled on his words “I was admiring your book on the train”. It was at that point she knew exactly what he was admiring and it wasn’t the book. She pushed her chair back and bent over slightly to run her hand from her ankle up just passed her knee, flashing Chris a hint of her 32DD cleavage. She pulled her seat back in and caught the sparkle in his eye, check her watch, the one Dave bought her. Her mind raced. Apart from the argument, she and Dave hadn’t had sex for weeks, he was too tired, even in bed he didn’t cuddle her. She needed to be touched, to feel her body shake, she needed Chris. “Shall I show you the room where they keep the files” she heard the words leave her mouth still looking at that watch, “Yeah sounds good” he said with a wink.

Faye left her seat and Chris followed, they reached the room and she opened the door, turned the light and after Chris entered, she closed the door behind him. She was telling him what files went where and as she turned up the second row he place his hand on her hip. She stopped turned round and looked at him. Her mind was screaming, “Get away, what are you doing” but her clit was saying something else. She took one step, they looked and each other and Chris place his other hand on her and kissed her. It was like a no other kiss. So passionate, so deep, her body tingled. He pushed up her pencil skirt and rubbed his hand on those white silk knickers all the time kissing her. She ran her hands over that thick black her and down his back stopping at that tight ass holding on. He rubbed faster and faster till she had to bite on her bottom lip to stop the loud moaning. He slid her along the metal shelves till the reach the wall and lifted her up slightly so her bum was resting on a shelf and she had the wall for support. He fell to his knees, her pussy dripping wet and clit pulsing, slid her pants down her slim tanned legs and lifted her right leg up and out of the pants. He slowly parted her legs and placed the softest of kisses all the way till he reached her cunt, flicking slowly at her clit until she reaches her first orgasm and grabs onto his head. Just as he pushes his tongue right into her pussy. The sudden feel of his tongue flicking the inside of her pussy sends her body into another orgasm and as she lets out a tiny moan he flicks her clit once as two fingers press on her g-spot, “Fuck me now”. As the words leave her mouth he rises and kisses her, that taste, the taste she so misses, get her so horny, she undoes his belt, and feel the length of him for the first time. She is shocked at the size of him, so much bigger than what she remembers starring at on the train. He’s so thick and she wants him now. “Please fuck me hard,” she whispers in his ear and without a word from him, he pins her up against the wall and thrusts hard into her, that thrust pushing her up the wall, she moans in a combination of sheer pleasure and pain at the size of him. The next thrust comes just as hard, and the next, she bits down on his shoulder to stop the moans escaping her. Her nipples so hard now he can feel them pressed against his chest. He fucks her hard and fast the whole time staying so close to her, she can feel his heavy panting on her neck, left hand on her the base of her back and his right on her arse cheek. Before she knows it, he has a finger inside her ass and her legs are shaking with the orgasm that followed. He kisses her, still fingering her ass and he fucks her so hard and fast and the both cum hard together, she could feel his cum shoot fast and the warmth of it inside her. They stayed together for a few moments before moving away. Faye placed her right leg back in the pants and pulls them up just in time as his warm cum starts to drip out. She pulled that pencil skirt down, his hard cock back in his jeans, give each other one last kiss and leave the room.

Back at the desks she explains what he will be doing in the office, how things work but all the time she just wanted to sitting on top of him fucking away and he knew it. He could see it in her that she wanted him again right there. It was now 4.35pm, it said on her watch. When she looked at it, the guilt set in. She was living with Dave, she loved Dave, it was the lack of sex that led her to do what she did, and it wouldn’t happen again, she couldn’t hurt Dave. “Do you fancy a drink after work, you can tell me the office gossip so I don’t’ feel left out,” Chris looked at her with that cheeky little smile, she knew she shouldn’t but that look, those dark brown eyes, were to much to resist. She didn’t answer him but picked up the phone and dialled Dave’s mobile. It seemed to ring forever. “Hello baby” came Dave’s voice over the phone, “hi babe, listen my sister has just called saying her and Alan have had another bust up, you know what they are like, and she wants me to stay at her’s tonight, you don’t mind do you?” She knew what his answer would be as he always liked Dianne and didn’t like the guy she was with, “sure baby let me know how she is tomorrow, love you,” she heard her saying, “love you to” all the time looking at Chris across the desk. They both got up from the desk, “are you taking your book” said Chris, “I don’t think I’ll be needing that tonight”. They walked towards the lift, got in and as the doors closed, they kissed.

It was cold outside but he held her close as they walked to the train station. On the train they had small talk and as they got off at his stop he confessed to her that he had a female flat mate who was a lesbian, he didn’t want Faye to think that they were a couple. Faye felt a bit uneasy at the thought of fucking Chris is she was in the flat but the more she thought about the more she got turned on, Chris fucking her as she ate pussy.

The arrived at the flat and he put the key in the door as soon as it was open he turned round and kissed her, pulling her in the door. “So your home” came a soft voice from behind them, Faye was startled and pulled away. “Oh hi Jen, didn’t realise you were there” Chris said, “its OK I’LL leave you two to it” Jen replied and walked off to her room. All the time Faye was starring at her. She has lovely long blonde hair, must have been a size 10, curves in the right places and perfect pert boobs. She was wearing tiny little pink hot pants which showed off her round tight bum and black vet top, her nipples hard underneath. She instantly wanted her to stay. Chris led Faye to his room and slowly took his time under dressing her. She longed to feel his hard throbbing cock in her again but she kept thinking of Jen all alone in that room. She felt his lips kiss every inch of her naked body, his fingers sliding in and out and her kissed her lips and neck, she arched her back as she came and whispered “I want to eat Jen while you cock is in me”. He stopped moving his fingers instantly but kept them in her, “you sure” and she nodded. He slowly started moving his fingers again as he shouted Jen through. She knocked on the door “come in Jen”, she entered the room. “Oh sorry I didn’t reali….” before she could finish Faye called her over. Without speaking Jen walked over to the bed when Faye was lying on her back, Chris leaning on top fingering away at her.

Jen stood beside the bed; Faye reached up and started touching her. She could feel Jen getting wet through those hot pants and pulled them off. She slid her fingers into her wet pussy, pushing them in faster and faster and Chris moved down and starting licking her cunt. As Jen came, she begged her to sit on her face, Jen climbed on. Faye’s body shuddered as she felt Jen’s clit on her tongue and into her very wet pussy. She moved her tongue up and round her asshole before sucking on her clit really hard. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” Jen screamed while Faye worked harder and harder, all this time have her own clit sucked on. She reached round and pulled on her own nipples as she came hard, just seconds after she felt a gush of Jens cum on her tongue and drip on her chin. Jen climbed off, pulled her hot pants back on, kissed Faye and left the room.

Chris slid up and bit down on Faye’s hard nipples, she loved this feeling and with the taste of Jen on her, she was ready to be fucked. Chris turned her over on the bed, spread her legs, and slowly licked from her clit right up to her arse. He the slowly slid into her bum and reach his hand underneath onto her clit. He moved his cock in and out very slowly and she could feel her orgasm build up. He starts rubbing her clit and she begs him to for more. As he fucks her harder and faster and rubs her clit faster, she can feel her pussy dripping. She screams into the pillow as they both cum and he falls onto of her in a sweaty heap. He slowly pulls out of her arse and they lie in each others arms to catch there breath.

She looks at that watch, feels a twinge of guilt and then catches a glimpse of Chris’s cock. He reaches for her nipples and as he plays with them, she can see his cock rising in front of her. That twinge of guilt instantly turns into a throbbing in her clit and a longing to be fucked again by Chris. As they move through to the shower she realises that she’s no longer in love with Dave and this is what she wants from now on, just Chris no one else, not even Jen and that tight wet pussy. Chris turns the shower on, stands behind her and pushes his hard cock into her pussy as she takes off that watch, throws it to the floor and screams in ecstasy.


© Copyright Sarah Anderson August 2009

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