Me & Mrs Jones
By Sazzlebabe
(MF, oral, job)

You order another pint of coke, and as the hotel barman hands you your change you glance at your watch. Its 5 past 8. Your friend said he would be at the hotel by 7.30 and you’ve been waiting for him to drive in from Shrewsbury since then.

You sip at your pint, and notice from the corner of your eye a woman, who comes up to the bar and sits on a stool two down from you. She has long blonde hair that shines as she flicks it back over her shoulder as she sits down. She is wearing a black pin-stripe trouser suit with a pink blouse under it. As she twists round to get her purse from her handbag you catch a glimpse of a red lacy bra. You look away suddenly, worried she will notice you looking.

As you turn to look behind the bar, you realise that a long mirror stretches out behind the wall-mounted spirit bottles. She catches your eye in it and you immediately blush, sure she can read your mind and know that you caught a glimpse of her heavy breasts. You are certain that you can see a smirk playing on her lips. You don’t know what to do, and as if to save you, the barman steps up to serve her.

“Vodka Martini, dirty with a twist” she orders, in a London accent. The barman goes to make her drink and you steadfastly fasten your eyes on your coke.

‘Should I speak?’ you wonder, ‘maybe glance over and smile, see where it leads – might kill 5 minutes until my friend arrives’.

You shake your head to yourself, under-confident and already feeling tongue-tied.

‘Why should I be?’ you demand of yourself. ‘I’m a successful, intelligent guy!’

However, the doubt in your mind holds your tongue for even more minutes.

You sneak a glance in the mirror. She has her drink now, and has drunk half of it already. She is swirling the remainder round in her glass. She looks relaxed and her perfume, which is wafting lazily down to you, is sexy as hell!

‘Sod it – you only live once’ you decide.

As you open your mouth to say hello, your mobile phone goes off. You have half turned towards her and she turns towards you now, face expectant. You fumble in your pocket to find your insistently ringing phone. You fish it out and shrug apologetically. A small smile plays over her lips and she tilts her head as if to say, “Never mind.”

As you answer your phone, she turns back to her drink.

‘Damn it’ you think as you answer your phone.

It’s your friend and the signal is really bad. You twist your stool around, other finger in your ear, trying to hear what he is saying to you. He isn’t going to make it to Stoke tonight. His car has broken down and he’s waiting for a tow truck to take him back home. You tell him it’s ok, that you can re-arrange. After all the Star Trek film that he was coming up to see with you has only just opened so there’s plenty of time to catch it.

As you end the call, you allow yourself a small grin – now you can talk to the woman who has captured your imagination without interruption.

You turn your stool back to face her and she’s gone! Her empty stool is slowly twirling round as if she’s just left it. Her lipstick stained glass is sitting empty on the bar.

Disappointed, you turn back to your drink to down it and leave. On top of your glass is a folded napkin. You hesitantly pick it up and unfold it.

Room 112, 30 minutes

…it says. It’s signed with a crimson lipstick kiss. You spin round and see the woman slowly and seductively walking towards the lifts. As she presses the call button, she turns back to see if you’re watching. When she meets your eyes, she runs her little pink tongue over her lips and winks quickly at you. She steps into the lift and you loose site of her.

You literally groan, and then cough quickly to cover it.

You feel that long forgotten stirring far down in your stomach and realise just how turned on you are with just the idea of what the note seems to suggest.

You don’t know what to do. Nothing like this has ever happened to you before.

‘What if it’s a joke? I get up there and knock on the door and some fat, burly bloke answers the door demanding to know who the hell I am?’ you ask yourself, ‘maybe it’s her way of paying me back for staring at her breasts earlier, of catching that exciting glimpse of her heavy breast encased in that lacy red prison.’

‘My god, I’m horny!!’ you think.

You lift your drink to your lips and before you know it you’ve drank the lot. You check your watch. 25 minutes to go. You signal the barman for another drink. You consider a pint of beer, for the Dutch courage, but decide against it – you need a clear head.

‘Should I go?’ you ask yourself, as he pours your drink.

‘No’ you decide, ‘it’s a joke, it must be’.

‘But what if it’s not and she’s there waiting for me and I chicken out?’

‘Aaaarrggghh!’ You just can’t decide. You sip your drink slowly, arguing with yourself. As the clock ticks down the minutes to judgement time, you go back and forth in your head.

Time’s up! Decision? Yes or No?

You drain your pint and leave a £10 note on the bar to cover your tab. You walk, a little unsteadily, towards the doors, her napkin note clutched tightly in your hand. As you pass the lifts, your hand reaches out for the call button.

You are going to do this.

You step inside the lift and press 1. The lift arrives almost immediately. You don’t think about it and step off. You follow the arrows.

109…110…111……..The door.

You knock, quietly and hesitantly. Then you wait…who will open the door? You hear movement.

The door swings slowly open to reveal your blonde bombshell dressed only in her lacy red bra, matching knickers, suspender belt and stockings.

“Hi” you manage to choke out.

“Shhh” she says, grabbing your shirt and pulling you into the room.

You stumble in as she closes the door. She leans back against it.

“I don’t want to talk. I don’t even want to know your name. I just want to fuck you. Will that be a problem?”

You shake your head – no, it won’t be a problem.

She smiles and slowly walks towards you. She reaches out a hand and puts it on your chest. With gentle pressure, she pushes you towards the bed. She is looking in your eyes and you can’t tear your eyes away from her. You feel the bed hit the back of your legs and you sit down under her direction.

She pulls your jacket off, dropping it on the floor, and then pulls your t-shirt up over your head. She pushes you horizontal, straddling your legs.

She slips her bra straps down one shoulder first then the other. One finger searches under the lacy material to find her nipples. With her, other hand she reaches around to undo the clasp.

No longer imprisoned in their lacy cages, her breasts burst free. Her small pink nipples are erect and her skin is covered with goose bumps. She rubs her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples.

She leans forward and her heavy breasts hang over your face. She oh, so slowly moves them lower. You raise your head towards them, your mouth watering with the need to take her nipples between your teeth, trapping them there, while your tongue rubs the tip. Suddenly she moves them out of your reach.

“Uh, uh, naughty! All in good time” she whispers.

You lay back, your cock straining the material of your jeans, waiting impatiently to be let free.

The gorgeous breasts begin their downward journey once more. Millimetre by aching millimetre they come closer to your open mouth. They fill your vision. You can hardly wait, but don’t dare move in case she denies you again.

Finally, a nipple is nudging your top lip. She guides it in and you gratefully run your tongue over it. She moans loudly. Spurred on, you suck it in, your teeth gripping it lightly but firmly. Your tongue flicks back and forth across her erect nipple. Her moans become even louder then suddenly it’s gone from your mouth. Before you can groan in frustration, her other nipple replaces it. You eagerly work on this one. She takes your hand and puts it on her now wet nipple and you use your fingers to send tiny shivers of pleasure coursing across her skin.

Where she is sitting on your stomach you feel a wetness spreading out from behind the lacy knickers she is wearing. She is rubbing herself against you, her eyes closed in pleasure.

She suddenly moves away and you sit up onto your elbows to watch her.

She slowly rubs your cock through your jeans. Then she pulls off your shoes and socks, slowly unzips your jeans and proceeds to drag them and your boxers down and off – to be thrown across the room.

As she hovers over you, her long blonde hair tickles your thighs and stomach. You feel her gently tracking a path over your thighs. You want to watch her. You move her hair aside and, knowing what you want, she flicks it up and over her shoulders so you can see everything.

Her fingers find your cock. She gently caresses the tip, an angry red now, all the blood from your extremities waiting there, filling your cock, making it pulsate with hardness, waiting for the wet touch of her mouth. Your fingers and toes are tingling with anticipation.

One hand leaves your cock and you watch her slip it inside her wet knickers and rub her clit. Then you can see nothing…

….as she takes your cock into her hot, wet mouth. She takes it all in slowly, slowly until you feel her lips brush the hair at the base. While her whole mouth cocoons you, her tongue is flicking up and down your shaft. She moves back up, her tongue finding the tip. It slides into the slit, quickly but beautifully. You think you are going to cum but hold on because you don’t want this to end.

Her hand is cupping your balls, playing with the hair there. She takes her mouth away from your cock and sucks in, one at a time, your balls. Her tongue tracks round and round them. Then it’s back on your cock, teasing you to see how much more you can take. You clench your fists, digging your nails into your palms, holding on, fighting the rising urge to shoot your load into her willing mouth. Her nipples are rubbing your thighs, still damp from your mouth and her hand is rubbing her clit furiously.

You can take it no more. You push her away, gasping for breath, fingers cramping. She looks up at you and smiles – she knows just how close she took you.

You are close to insane with lust. You get up off the bed quickly, grabbing her and throwing her down onto the bed. She giggles, not knowing what you are going to do but happy to let you take control.

You grab hold of the flimsy, wet material of her knickers and rip them off her. She gasps at the sound of tearing lace, her breath coming quicker now.

You bury your head in her hot wet mound. Your tongue heads straight to her erect clit, lips sucking it in. You bite down gently and she cries out. Your tongue rubs and rubs at her clit. One hand finds a nipple and you pinch it and make her gasp with pleasure. With your other hand, you rub her opening, teasing her now as she has teased you before. She tries to thrust up at you, to make your fingers plunge deep into her, but you don’t let her, pushing her hips back down flat on the bed. You keep rubbing your finger around the opening to her pussy without entering her.

She is moaning loudly now. You want to feel inside her so when she gets to the point where she thinks you’ll never do it; you thrust your finger in deep.

“Fuck” she yells, the breath exploding from her as you pump your finger in and out of her pussy. Your tongue is still flicking over her clit and she pushes your face deeper into her as her hips thrust forward to make your finger go even deeper. You put another finger in and twist them round as you go in and out. You are driving her wild...

Suddenly you feel the pleasing rush of hot pussy juices pour out over your hand as her orgasm slams into her. She screams out, her fingers entwined in your hair, pushing your tongue down harder on her clit.

Her whole body judders with the heat of orgasm and finally she lets go of your hair and pulls your face up to meet her own. When your eyes are locked together again, she fiercely kisses you, your tongues clashing and teeth smashing together. She reaches down and grabs your cock, which is now buzzing with anticipation.

She moved her hand up and down your shaft while she is sucking her juices off your tongue.

She releases you and pushes you over onto your back. She straddles your thighs, dripping pussy hovering tantalisingly close to your erect cock. You feel her pussy kiss the tip of your cock, her wetness exciting you even more. There it stays, with her holding herself over you on quivering legs.

“Play with my tits you dirty, dirty bastard,” she says, and you happily comply.

As you fiddle and tweak her nipples, she gently and slowly lowers herself onto your cock. It takes an age and you feel every single millimetre of your cock being welcomed into her tight, wet pussy.

Then she has taken all of you. You cry out together and she eases you back out of her. Each micro second is pure pleasure – it’s as if time has stood still as she raises and lowers herself onto you as you massage her now heaving breasts.

The time speeds up again as she increases her rhythm, writhing up and down on your sensitive cock. You have to stop yourself once more, as you want to make her cum again before you do.

You are locked together; sweat dripping down your respective chests, cries mingling in the brightly lit room, as she rocks and rocks and rocks on your cock.

Then you feel it – her pussy tightening around your cock, her juices flowing down it and out onto your balls.

Then she’s gone! She lifts herself off you and smiles.

“Don’t you dare cum yet” she growls, rolling over onto her front.

She gets up on all fours, her arse raised into the air.

“Fuck me, and fuck me hard,” she moans at you.

As you stand, your legs feel like jelly. You pull her down the bed towards you. You take a handful of her hair and pull it towards you, turning her head. You almost viciously kiss her, stealing her breath.

“Tell me you want it,” you say into her mouth.

“I want it,” she says.

“Louder” you say.

“I want it,” she shouts.

“Want what bitch?” you shout back.

“Your cock, I want your cock,” she shouts, as you plunge into her waiting pussy.

You fuck her hard, letting go of her hair and grabbing her hips hard and using them to ram her pussy hard onto your cock. Her huge breasts are swinging back and forth and you can’t resist them. You lean over her and grab them, tweaking the nipples forcing her harder and harder onto your cock.

You can hardly stand it. The sensation of her juicy wet pussy rubbing up and down on your rock hard cock is starting to make you see stars. Then you feel it again, her pussy closing in around your cock, gripping it, coaxing the cum out of you.

You can stand it no more. With a cry of “I’m gonna fill your cunt with my cum” you climax, your burning hot cum squirting deep inside her pulsating pussy. You cum for what seems like a lifetime and she is shaking all over with the waves of her orgasm.

You pull out of her and she groans with the loss. You both collapse onto the bed and within seconds, fall into a deep sleep.

You wake a few hours later, cold and shivering because you are naked and still on top of the bedclothes. You hear the shower going and realise your mystery woman is not lying next to you. You sit up and as you do, you hear the shower go off. Seconds later, out of the bathroom she comes, wrapped in a white, fluffy towel, her long wet hair sending rivulets of water streaking down her shoulders.

“I’ve got an early start in the morning, so you’d better go” she dismisses you.

As she towel dries her hair, you dress in silence, wondering what you did wrong.

When you are fully dressed, she walks you to the door. When there she says “Thanks that was great” and kisses you on your cheek.

Out in the corridor you wonder what just happened. Nothing like this has happened to you before and if it wasn’t for the fact that your cock was still tingling you could almost believe it never did!

* * * * *

The next day starts early, and you are tired. By the time you made your way home last night you were wide awake. Then as you lay in bed scenes from the night kept replaying in your head. Sights, sounds and tastes kept coming back to you and you found yourself growing hard again. Finally, at about 3am, you had to pleasure yourself to fall asleep, because you were just so turned on.

But you’ve got no time to feel tired. You are far tool busy today. OFSTED are due in at 9am, to conduct an audit.

You prepare yourself for your meeting and with half an hour to spare you take the time to lean back in your chair and close your eyes. As you do the image of a breast making its way down to meet your lips forces its way behind your eyes. As last nights memories fill your head, you feel the now familiar stirrings in your groin. You have to snap your eyes open – it wouldn’t do to have a raging hard on when you stand up to greet the stuffy old man from OFSTED!

You shake your head to rid yourself of the lingering memories, reading through the stack of reports in front of you, readying yourself for your meeting.

At about 10 to 9, your PA knocks on your door. It swings open.

“This is Mrs Jones,” she says, “from OFSTED. Here for your 9 o’clock”

In walks Mrs Jones. At least now, you can put a name to the face. Your jaw almost bounces off your desk as the woman from last night strides over to your desk with her hand out stretched. You stumble to your feet, trying to regain your composure.

“Please to meet you,” you mumble, your sweaty palm shaking her cool, dry one.

“You too” she says, shrugging off her jacket and draping it over a chair.

“We have a lot to discuss” she declares loudly “I would suggest we are not disturbed for the next, ah 3 hours – shall we say?”

You stare at her, unable to believe she is there in front of you but you manage to stutter “Yes, definitely. Hold all my calls, no disturbances till 12”

“Would you like a drink?” your PA enquires.

“No” says Mrs Jones, “That won’t be necessary.

As your PA walks out of the room, closing the door behind her Mrs Jones states loudly and for your PA’s benefit “In fact, I suggest all the blinds in the room are closed immediately, lest you begin to gaze out of the them and stop paying attention”.

You comply, shutting out the bright, sunny day.

“How did you get in here?” you manage to splutter, thinking of ways to call security without making your stalker mad.

“I showed my credentials,” Mrs Jones says walking over and locking your door with a decisive click. “I really am with OFSTED. Last night was just a terrific coincidence. However, I always say ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’. So I’m not wasting a chance to pick off where we left off. So sit down please,” she demands.

You do.

She gets down on her hands and knees and crawls across your office floor towards you, pushing any obstacles out of her way.

She crawls under your desk and you feel her hands on your ankles.

“Shhh” you hear, slightly muffled, “We can’t make the noise we did yesterday”.

Her hands continue on their journey north, up your calves, across your knees, caressing your thighs.

You actually pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming but – Ouch! – it’s real alright!

Now your cock springs into life, not needing much encouragement due to how turned on you have been since you knocked on her door last night.

Her flighty fingers find your flies and she slowly unzips you. She reaches in and takes hold of your cock, through the material of your boxers. She grips you hard.

“Please to see me then?” she asks, a smile in her voice.

“Uh-huh” you whisper, unwilling to speak in case you moan out loud.

She manages to free your cock and you can feel her firm grasp on your skin.

Without another word, she flicks her tongue over the tip of your cock, tracing it’s now familiar contours. Her lips slowly take you all in, sucking you hard, just the way you like it. Her fingers massage your balls and you lean back in your chair, feeling a red hot flush pass over your entire body.

This blowjob is made more exciting than last night’s because you can’t see her. All you see when you look down is you, in a shirt, tie and suit jacket but all you can feel is her hot mouth clamped round your cock, her tongue licking and flicking its way up and down your shaft.

The urge to moan is building within your chest but you are worried someone will catch you if you do.

You don’t want to cum yet, although you really want to see your cum coating her tongue and lips. But you also want to be back inside her tight wet pussy. You wheel your chair away, her mouth leaving your cock with a satisfying ‘pop’.

She looks up at you from under your desk, her blouse somehow unbuttoned to the waist, her left breast free of her black satin bra, nipple erect.

“Get out here” you demand.

She meekly crawls out from under your desk and stands up. You take her free breast in your hand and lower your mouth to her nipple. You hear her quiet gasp and feel a shiver of pleasure rush down her spine.

You use your other hand to rescue her other breast and you squeeze and rub them together, bringing the nipples as close as you can. Then you flick your tongue over each one alternatively, and suck them hard.

Similar to what she did to you last night you gently push her backwards until she is sitting on your desk. You take a step back, your hands leaving their haven and allowing her breasts to hang free.

You look down at her legs, encased in sheer black stockings. You reach out and push her skirt up her thighs and over her hips. She is wearing black satin knickers. You kneel down and push her legs as wide open as they will go.

You nuzzle her pussy through the satin. It’s already wet and you taste her through the delicate material. Using one hand, you roughly pull aside the material to greedily lick her wet pussy. You head straight for her clit. After the events of the previous night, it must be so sensitive. She grabs a handful of your hair but you pull away. She groans with frustration.

“My office, I’m in charge today,” you tell her.

She smiles and leans back, happy for you to use her like she used you.

You suck her clit into your mouth and pinch it lightly with your teeth. Your tongue rubs it hard, back and forth. You have been running your hands up and down her stocking-clad legs but they now find themselves on her pussy. You pull her lips apart and push your tongue into her as far as it will go. You hear her sharp intake of breath. You flick your tongue round inside her, drinking in her juices. Then it’s out and back on her clit. You plunge two fingers deep inside her pussy and your other hand caresses her arse.

You get a finger covered in her juices and use it to circle her arsehole. You tease it, round and round, pressing against it but not entering. She is squirming with pleasure and desperate to cry out.

You ease a finger into her arse, just fingertip length and twist it around. You know she likes it because you feel her contract around your finger. You push a little more inside her. All the while you are thrusting into her pussy with two fingers and licking her clit. She is wild with desire.

“Stop, stop” she whispers harshly, her breath robbed from her, “I can’t…..”

You raise your head and shake it.

“No way” you say, “I want you to cum on my face” and you lower yourself to her again.

It doesn’t take long. You soon feel those sweet juices pump out over your chin and onto your hand. You happily lap them up.

Now you want to fuck her hard, then cum in her mouth. You don’t think it will take long.

You pull her off your desk, turn her round and bend her over. You use your leg to push hers apart and lean forward to grab her tits with your juice soaked hands.

You slide straight into her; she is so wet and ready for your cock. You fuck her so hard, ramming your cock into her hot, wet pussy. Your monitor is wobbling crazily as the whole desk shakes under your thrusts. You take your hands from her tits to grab hold of her hips to use them to pull her onto your cock quicker and harder.

You slide a thumb into her arse and keep thrusting up into her. She comes again, you feel her pussy pulling tight around you and more juices spill out of her but still you carry on. You are so close.

You feel it happening and pull out of her. You drag her up and push her down onto her knees. She has her mouth open ready for you. You take hold of your cock and wank yourself hard into her waiting mouth. Her tongue flicks out and licks the end of your cock and then it happens. You cum, long and hard, and it all flows into her wicked mouth. You fill her up and then grab her jaw to tilt her face towards you. She sticks out her tongue and you can see your cum glistening on it. She swallows every last drop down, licking her lips to make sure she doesn’t miss any of it.

She gets to her feet as you sag exhaustedly against the wall.

She pulls down her skirt, straightening it as she does so. She captures her sweaty breasts and harnesses them back into her black satin bra. As she buttons up her blouse, she says, “So shall we begin our meeting now?”

…and so begins your affair with Mrs Jones, the OFSTED Inspector.  


© Copyright Sazzlebabe February 2009

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