Denise - A New Start
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral)

This mountain high up in the sky, it’s just a speck from down under in the minds eye.

I can cover the speck with my little finger, but it is always there like the love I feel for you, like the way you make me feel through and through, remove the finger and the speck reappears, move on and it grows throughout the year - like our love, and all we have learned about each other.

One day we will reach its peak, standing so high up there in the clouds, like our love so proud and strong, the way we like to express the way that we belong - wanting you all night long, feeling the warmth that is in your heart, looking to a new day, a new year, a new start.

“Darling,” you whispered as I felt the surge of your being swallow me deep inside I wanted to stay there, it was so very good like nothing before, never ever had I shared my whole being so complete as with my wonderful Denise. “Darling” you said again. You were responding to my touching and teasing your nipples so firm now as you gently moved over me, taking me in different ways as your gorgeous breasts hung so beautifully over me. I lifted my head enough to enjoy each one, tasting now and feeling the touch of each nipple to my tongue as I gently flicked it across the point. It was so special, your fuck entranced me into our special heaven, your head turning side to side as you moved your hips first to the right and then to the left, bending my hardness so rampant now inside you.

I remember how it was when we first made love in the pouring rain, it was something different and we soon donned our umbrellas and simply let our feeling take control as we found each other after a barbecue in the garden, the storms came in like our love, rapidly and so very wet. Mmm, baby how I loved you that day and what a terrible mess we got into. But how good it was, sliding and laughing in the mud as we fought to make a bond - the way you chuckled as several times you attempted to squeeze and guide me into you, and when we finally made it, how we rolled down the steep embankment into the gold fish pool.

Now we often take to the garden come storm or whatever. You will always be right for me, eternally, because with you the adventure, the exploration, taking our feelings to unknown boundaries will always keep out love fresh full package.

“Does that feel good, Darling?” Denise said as her mouth paused being busy for a moment.

“MMM!” Was my response. I skimpily could not find words for the feelings she gave me as she so wonderfully stroked my red end with her tongue, occasionally prodding into my p-hole giving me all sorts of wonderful deep vibrations. The way she sucked me, deep and with so much conviction, tasting me as I felt the surge come so strong, my face buried in her wet so warm and silken pussy, my lips teasing , tasting and eating her wetness.

I especially loved to suck her through a red tie up thong she liked to wear, and those gorgeously sexy black lace hold -ups beneath a very tight black velvet skirt. We loved our sixty nines, sometimes she and sometimes me on top. And when she was on top, I loved to stretch those gorgeous tight ass cheeks apart to take in all her beauty, to tease and taste lick every part of her there, and she simply loved and adored it as much as I adored her sucking and balling, it was sheer heaven and soon I was taking her ass too, feeling the intense tightness there as she slowly helped me slip my aching cock deeper, deeper up inside her. But Denise was an Australian and her stay in the UK. was limited, “Well you will just have to emigrate and make a new start,” she suggested,” with a look in her eyes that told me that is what she wanted.

So next week I am flying down under, to be with my so wonderful and special Denise.


© Copyright Alex Carr

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