By Craig
(FF, solo)

It was a relatively empty plane, thank God! We had been sitting beside each other for five hours. I still don't know her name. I just enjoyed the moment. Exquisite. She was well dressed, like a businesswoman, had high cheekbones, soft complexion, short dark hair and sparkling grey eyes. She was petite and unassuming. Her eyes didn't leave mine for a second.

When I awoke she was sitting with her back against the cabin wall with one foot under my blanket venturing between my legs and the other venturing up my blouse. I was taken aback and tense, but my anxiety melted with her gaze. I relaxed and spread my legs entrusting her with my sexuality. Impossibly discrete, bio-mechanically amazing, she simultaneously caressed my torso, breasts and the patches of soft flesh between my inner thighs and panty-obscured folds.

She was busy with her own hands as well. I imagined what her vulva must look like – painstakingly shaved with the pubic hair clipped so it doesn't cover her vagina. She rubbed herself firmly finally bringing her hand out to lavish her juices on her toes. I moved my panties to one side and spread my legs further for her. She went in again. She ran her toe in smooth circles around my breasts culminating the spiral by grasping my nipples between her toes and gently massaging them one by one. She ran her big toe around my anus and the small patch of skin between it and my vagina.

She took my hand and introduced my index finger, middle finger and thumb to her vagina and demonstrated the movement she desired. My pinky found her anus. She smiled. Her hands caressed my body.

The ball of her foot prized my folds apart and allowed my clitoris to be exposed. She put her finger to her lips, I was panting. "Ssshhhhh…" she said.

Half an hour it lasted, and I still hadn't cum. She did. I was close twice but she was in control.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a velvet bag. "Keep it", she whispered, "go and get yourself cleaned up".

Smart woman, she knew I wouldn't be able to contain myself. One minute in the bathroom was all it took.

Flying has never been the same. I always take that velvet bag with me. I always look twice at my fellow passengers. It makes me incredibly horny to do so. I wonder if they ever have the same thoughts as me? I could never be as bold as her. God, do I make up for it.  


© Copyright Craig February 2009

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