Hot Stuff!
By Jack Ward
(MF, oral)

Darling, I got to fantasizing late one night about what we'll get up to when we get a couple of hours alone together. Somewhere where we can really let go ... Perhaps at the local spa ...

I hope its not too raunchy for you my love



As soon as the door closes behind us and we're on our own, we fall into each others arms and kiss lusciously. I love feeling the softness of your tongue and the wetness of your mouth. You really focus your passion in the intensity of your kisses as you respond to the urgency of my desire.

Naturally, my hands wander up to your tits. Surprise, surprise, no bra in the way! I love feeling the softness and weight of your breasts; and running my hand from your armpit to your hard nipples. Such a turn on for me, and that special look you get tells me you're seriously turned on already too!

You start on my shirt, unbuttoning from top to bottom and getting your hands on my belly, chest and back. I pull the shirt from my jeans and lift your top up and over your tits so we can feel our bodies together. We're both as horny as hell!

Of course I start kissing your neck and shoulders, bending lower to find your nipples to lick, suck and gently bite. My hands find your backside ... what no knickers either?

You unbutton my jeans ... one, two, three, four ... and push your hand inside to find my thick cock. Kneeling, you make me gasp by licking and sucking the tip and shaft with the same intensity of our kisses. My cock is slick and wet in your hand. Watching you and feeling your hot mouth drives me wild.

I pull you up and lead you to the bed. Grabbing your pants I pull them off quickly, leaving you dressed only in your top. You lie back with your arms above your head offering yourself to ecstasy. Now it's my turn to eat you!

I kneel between your legs, and gently but insistently my tongue moves from your mouth, to you nipples, and across you belly to your thighs, and from there to your pussy. You breathe in sharply as my tongue finds your clit: licking and teasing, driving you wild.

Your fingers join my tongue as we both focus on the wetness and heat between your legs. You lie back with your eyes closed and back arched as my mouth works its magic on you. When I push a couple of fingers deep inside, you respond my writhing in pleasure. A panting moan let's me know that you're ready to come for the first time.

Pulling you up, we kneel on the bed in front of one another. Though I still have my jeans on, we're close enough for you to guide my yearning cock between your legs. Now we can kiss while I play with your tits and you rub yourself against the hardness of my cock. The combination drives you over the edge, and I feel you begin to come against me.

I lie down beside you, get rid of my jeans, and pull you on top of me. I guess this must be your favorite position. Slowly, you slid onto my cock and I'm amazed by the hot wetness deep inside your pussy. I lie back as you begin to ride me; rubbing your clit against my body as you rock back and forth. You come again as I grab your ass and join your rhythm.

Finally, I can hang on no longer. I move around behind you and, as you lean forward, I push deep inside you again. I've long imagined us fucking from behind like this, and I am unable to control myself! Grabbing your hip and shoulder I thrust strongly over and again until with a final effort I come.

Exhausted, we lie side by side gently kissing nand fondling in that post-orgasmic haze that is the lover's nirvana.

I reflect on how sublimely we know one another, and how perfectly our bodies fit together.

How fortunate we are to share this secret intimacy. I wonder if there's time to do it again?


Copyright Jack Ward February 2009

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