James & Amy
By Purity
(MF, oral, toys)

James smiled at Amy, “Babe, why don’t you go get us each a glass of bubbly.” As she turned to go down the stairs, his hand shot out and tweaked her nipple through her top. She giggled and vanished down the stairs, returning a few minutes later with two glasses of cold champagne. Coming up beside him Amy put the glasses down on the little ledge in front of him, and silently moved to stand behind him, suddenly feeling horny. As she stood behind him, she leant against his back, her breasts pressing against the warmth of his skin. He could feel her nipples through her thin top. Her hands held his hips for a moment as she softly kissed his tanned back and shoulders. Turning her head to rest her cheek against his soft skin her hands slowly moved further around his body till she was holding him in her arms. He moaned softly, “I’ve missed this lately. I’m going to have to take more time off.”

She murmured in agreement, as her hands slowly slid up his gym-toned body, her long nails grazing over his skin. His moans increased in volume as she reached his nipples and slowly started tweaking them erect with her fingers. As He turned his head towards the side and over his shoulder said to Amy, “. Why don’t you come stand in front of me wordlessly she slid around him to stand between him and the desk.  Amy felt her boyfriend slide up hard against her. In more ways than one. His erection pressed against her butt, restrained by his shorts. His hands moved to hold her hips, gently rubbing the soft curves as he bent to kiss her neck. She loved having her neck kissing and touched, it made her so wet. His hands slowly moved to rub her soft, flat stomach; his lips nuzzling around her neck, behind her long, thick brown hair. She tilted her head to expose her neck more, eager for his touch on her body. As his mouth concentrated on her neck, his hands moved lower to her shorts. In one experienced flick of the wrist he undid all the buttons holding them on and pushed them down over her hips. As they fell to the ground, Amy stepped out of them kicking them to one side.

His hand slid down the front of her knickers, his hand sliding over the smoothness of her shaved pubic mound. He stopped as his fingers reached the top of her pussy, slowly moving his hand up and down over the soft warm skin, feeling her move slightly under his touch. “Keep going baby, please don’t stop,” she whispered. He chuckled, as his hand resumed its downward path. His fingers traced the softness of her pussy as they started rubbing her wetness. Her breath started growing more ragged as his rubbing fingers moved faster. His other hand moved from her hip to cup one of her breasts, squeezing it through the fabric of the flimsy top. He could feel her erect nipple poking through the fabric like a pin. Her heavy breathing slowly increased into little moans as his fingers slowly but firmly rubbed at her wet pussy lips and her swollen clit, his other hand rubbing harder over her hard nipple. Then James reached for the Trojan Vibrating Finger he massaged Amy’s cit and watched how excited she became He didn’t stop rubbing her pussy the whole time and she didn’t stop moaning.

Amy was more turned on than she had been in months. She turned to face James and putting her arms around his neck she pulled him against her and kissed him hard, her tongue sliding into his mouth. Without breaking the kiss she started lifting his t-shirt until for just one moment they had to stop to lift it over his head. As they resumed the kiss, her hands slowly traced over his back, sliding over the top of his shorts. Suddenly, he pushed her back “No, baby. Today I get to give you attention first. It’s been too long since I gave you what you deserve.”

James led her over to the bed and knelt down before her. Gently he pulled her knickers down around her ankles. “Sit down on the edge, babe. I want to taste you.” As she sat down he lifted each foot to free her knickers from her ankles, then turning his attention back to Amy, he spread her legs open wide and leaning in between them he started to lick her pussy lips. She moaned at the feeling of his mouth on her body. As his hands pressed against her inner thighs holding her legs wide open, his tongue probed gently over her pussy, flicking in between the lips, occasionally flicking teasingly over her clit. She leaned back, as her moans got louder.

James started flicking at her clit more and more, softly sucking at it, feeling his girlfriend rock her hips as the sensation built. Her hands pressed against the back of his head, pushing him in between her legs. She wanted him to keep going so much. As her moans slowly and steadily increased in volume, he sucked harder on her clit, flicking his tongue with more pressure. He lapped at her wetness, feeling her juices in his mouth, running down his chin. She arched her back and wove her fingers through his hair as an orgasm rocked through her body, her moans turning to screams.

As her body stopped its convulsions, James didn’t stop. His tongue probed her dripping pussy, sliding between her engorged lips, tracing outlines along the edges of her labia, sucking them into his mouth. His finger slid into her vagina, pushing in as she whimpered at the pleasure. He continued sucking her throbbing clit, slowly sliding his finger in and out of her. Her hips rocked as the wave of pleasure built again. James slid two fingers in now and started finger fucking her harder and faster as he sucked her juicy, wet clit. This time her orgasm was longer, more intense. She cried out as it washed over her body in waves, her hips bucking furiously.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, Amy sat upright slowly, waiting for the world to stop spinning. She smiled down at James, watching him lick at the juices running down his chin. “That was amazing, sweetheart.” He smiled up at her, winking cheekily as he replied, “Just imagine what the sex is going to be like!”

They spent the next hour lying dozing on bed, listening to the silence. James’ rock-hard erection had finally subsided as they dozed. While he slept, Amy woke and gently moving down to his groin she started softly rubbing his crotch through his shorts. He stirred at her touch but did not wake. She started rubbing firmer, as she felt him start to harden. Carefully she undid the button at the top of his shorts and slid the zip down. Usually he wore boxers, but today to her surprise, his semi-erect cock poked out of his shorts unrestrained by anything. Careful not to wake him she nestled between his legs and leaning over his groin, she took him into her mouth. As her wet lips slid up and down over the shaft, she felt him harden. He jerked awake as he realized what was happening, “oh baby, that is the best wake up call I have ever gotten.” She smiled up at him as she sucked and licked. Her hand gripped the base of his dick as her mouth moved faster. Her tongue flicked the head expertly each time she lifted her head. His sighs of pleasure told her that he was enjoying her ministrations. As her mouth slid over his hard cock, each time she pushed it a bit further. Then without warning him, she slid his cock right into her mouth till her lips were touching the base, her hand squeezing his hard balls. His quiet moans became a gasp of pleasure as her lips sucked at the base of his cock, sliding firmly up till she was sucking on the head. As she sucked the head her hand resumed its pumping motion, moving the shaft up and down. Her tongue flicked at the sensitive spot underneath the swollen head, making him moan, “Oh baby, yes that’s it. I’m so close.” She sucked harder, her hand moving up and down his cock. Suddenly, his body stiffened and he moaned as his cum flooded her mouth and throat. As he came she pressed hard on his balls. She swallowed mouthfuls of his hot cum, the saltiness filling her mouth, as she sucked him dry. She kept sucking the head of his cock till every last drop of cum had been shot into her mouth. Licking her lips clean, she looked up at her boyfriend from her place between his legs and said, “Mmmm baby, I’ve missed that so much. You know how hot it makes me when you cum in my mouth. Now I’m horny again.” He raised his head to look at her “I need a few minutes to get hard again baby, that was just too good. Why don’t you sit back up on the seat and let me watch you play with your pussy.”

Amy didn’t need to be asked twice. She took her place on the edge of the bed again, and spreading her legs wide open her fingers starting sliding over her shaved, wet pussy lips. James sat back, watching her. Her fingers seemed to hypnotize him, his eyes were drawn to them as two of them slid into her tight hole, the sound of her wet juices revealing how turned on she really was. She slid her fingers in and out, faster as she rocked her hips. After a few minutes, she removed them and sucked on them with a moan. Then placing them back on her wet labia they slid between her lips and expertly began rubbing her engorged clit. It didn’t take long till she felt the pressure building inside her. As one hand rubbed at her clit her other hand rubbed at her top, which hadn’t been removed yet. She looked down at James’ groin as his cock twitched into life. As her moans came louder and stronger, his cock slowly swelled until it stood erect again. His hand moved to stroke it as he watched his girlfriend rubbing her wet clit.

Her head flung back and her legs flailed as her third orgasm of the afternoon rocked through her taut body. She screamed out as James pumped his cock at the sight of her Cumming. As Amy’s cries subsided back into quietness James slid out of his shorts and crawled across the floor till he was kneeling between her legs. Without saying a word, he reached behind her and took off her top and bra freeing her curvaceous breasts with their luscious puffy nipples standing erect and hard. Cupping them with his hands he leaned in to suck on them, drawing first one nipple into his mouth then the other. His tongue flicked across each nipple, teasing it, tugging on it with his lips, nibbling at it. She squirmed at the feelings, one hand pulling his back in closer to her; while the other reached down to grasp his cock. Already it was fully swollen again; it felt rock hard in her hand. As his mouth suckled greedily at her tits, her hand slowly started working his shaft up and down. Her nails dug into his back as his teeth nibbled harder and he sucked more insistently.

She softly moaned at the pressure on her nipples. “Oh God, I want you in me, baby. I want you so bad.” At the sound of her voice, he stopped sucking. Straightening up he moved his lips to her mouth. Her hand moved from his cock to his back, both hands pulling him tight now. As their lips parted and their tongues explored each other’s mouths, she felt his erection against her throbbing pussy. It slid over her wet labia, his precum mingling with her juice. His hands slid round her sides to her back, and sliding down her toned back, he grasped her hips, gently pulling her body forward as his cock pushed its way into her tight pussy. She gasped as he pushed in deep. As they kissed more intensely his hips started to move harder, his cock sliding into her pussy faster with every stroke. She broke the kiss, her back arching and her head bucking as she moaned. She had waited so long for him to fuck her like this. Her legs locked round his hips, forcing him into her. Her nails dug into his back, making him buck harder. Yet another orgasm rocked her body, her nails scratching across his back to his shoulders. Her moans filled the otherwise quiet room. James slowly stopped thrusting and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you from behind, baby. I want to watch your ass as I cum for you.” Sliding around she knelt on the bed, her legs apart. Her hands braced on the headboard as she bent over, her hair falling around her face James slid his cock back into her pussy and holding her hips began thrusting into her furiously. As his groin slapped against her firm ass her breasts bounced, swinging with each thrust. Her moans took on a long drawn out tone as the pleasure became almost unbearable. She loved it when James fucked her hard from behind. As her orgasm subsided James slowed his pumping motion and slowly slid his cock in and out, enjoying the sight of her pussy wrapped around him as he heard her cries relax. He started thrusting hard and fast again, his small moans mingling with her suddenly much louder ones. “Oh God, James. Cum on my face, I want to see you cum for me.”

He bucked furiously as he neared his climax. “I’m so close!” As he pulled his wet cock out of her, Amy slid round to sit back on the bed and take his load on her face. His hand jerked his shaft as a stream of hot white cum shot out of it, coating Amy’s face and hair and shooting into her open mouth. As his load flowed over her lips and down her chin, she took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking out the last of the stream of his salty cum into her throat.  


© Copyright Purity February 2009

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