Wash Day
(MF, cheat, Exhib, Msolo)

Doing the washing doesn't sound like the start of a sexual adventure, but yesterday evening that's how it turned out. I'd just emptied the tumble drier and had an armful of washing when the front doorbell rang. I dropped the washing on the kitchen table and went to answer the door - it was Chris, the husband of the couple from next door. We never socialised much, so I was surprised to see him there.

"Hi Chris - what can I do for you?"

"Hi Ellen. I'm really sorry to bother you. Sarah's away and there's no eggs, and I was going to make pasta carbonara. Don't suppose I could borrow a couple of eggs from you? I'll get you replacements tomorrow."

"Oh, sure Chris. Come in, I've got plenty."

I stepped away from the door to let him past and led the way to the kitchen, Chris following me.

"No need to worry about paying me back," I said as I opened the fridge and pulled out a couple of eggs. "Two enough for you?"

I turned back to look at Chris, who was looking at the pile of laundry on the table. I suddenly realised that some of my lacy underthings were on top of the pile.

Chris looked up at me, blushing. "Uh, yeah, two's enough, thanks"

I handed him the eggs. "No need to blush - I'm sure you've seen girly underthings before?"

"Yeah, sure - I've just never thought about you wearing them! Now I can't stop wondering how you'd look in these," he said, as he picked up a pair of panties from the pile. "Sarah doesn't like wearing what she calls 'fancy pants'"

I took the pnties from him and put them back on the pile. "I don't always wear them; lots of days I wear sensible knickers," I grinned. "Like today"

"I bet you look sexy as hell, whatever undies you've got on"

"Chris! - whatever would Sarah say?"

"I won't tell her if you don't. It'd be just like seeing you in a bikini - what's wrong with that?" If it hand't been so long since I'd had sex, I'd have told him to go. But, I was feeling in the mood. "Well, if you put it like that ... " I said. " ... you show me yours first and I'll think about it"

I didn't thin he'd go through with it but I could hardly draw breath before his shoes socks and jeans were off and he was stood there in his snug fitting boxers, the bulge of his cock obvious in the material.

"You now," he said.

I thought about not going through with it, but what harm could it do, after all? And he had shown me his, so I'd kinda made a deal. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zip down, then slipped them over my hips and down my legs before sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs to take them off completely. I slipped my socks off and stood up so he could see me. There was no doubting that the bulge in his shorts was getting bigger as he stared at my cotton covered pussy.

"Oh wow you're even hotter than I ever imagined," he said as he reached into his boxers and took his cock in his hand, rubbing up and down the shaft as he stared at me.

"Chris!" I said, startled. "Put your trousers on and get back home. You're married!"

"I often wank thinking of you," he said, without breaking the rhythm of his hand. "Don't make me stop now I've got to see you like this. Please. I won't try and touch you, I promise. Just let me finish. It's ages since I've had any action."

The sight of his hand moving furiously back and forth along his shaft was turning me on - after all, a girl likes to feel attractive and he was certainly making me fee that. "Tell you what," I said. "How about I put those black lacy ones on and you cum over them?"

"Oh God, would you?"

I reached out to take the panties that he'd picked out earlier from the washing pile.

The rhythm of his hand increased as he watched me take off my white cotton panties and put the black ones on, letting him get a good look at my pussy as I did so. I raised myself up to sit on the table, my legs parted, the outer folds of my pussy lips spilling out of the skimpy material. "What do you think?" I asked.

Chris just stepped forward until he was stood between my thighs, his hand almost a blur. I was concerned he was going to do himself some harm!

"I think I'm gonna cum," he said.

I kept my eyes on his cock and sure enough a few seconds after he'd said that he yanked back one last time on his cock and the first gush of his cum shot out and splashed against my left thigh, then the head of his cock was pushed against my pussy through the thong and I felt his cum soak through the material as he slid the head of his shaft up and down my slit. By the time he was finished my panties was soaked.

"You sure came a lot," I said, as his cock started to lose its erection. "Told you - haven't had any action for ages. Must be a couple of week's worth. Um, thanks for the eggs, Ellen. And - well, yanno"

I grinned at him. "Wait a mo - have a souvenir for next time you're in the need of a wank," throwing him the white panties I'd been wearing earlier. "Next time Sarah's away I expect you to do something for me ... girls need to come too, you know."

"You bet," he said, grinning. "It's a date!"

After he'd gone I frigged myself off, still wearing the cum soaked panties and thinking about his cock. I know I shouldn't - he's married and my neighbour - but if he comes back I'm gonna have sex with him.


Copyright ELP June 2009

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