By Alex Carr
(MF, oral, toy)

  Being with my girl is a dream. Jennifer is just 21 and has all the attributes any guy could ever want full package and more. 

  Jennifer is for keeps I feel that inside, just to be near her sends me lock kneed to say the least. She is something more than more for sure. She is part of my soul, my being and when we make love it is something so very deep and holding, feeling her rhythm flow with mine as we enjoy each other so divine, wanting and wanting her all the time and I know too without any doubt the feeling is mutual…

  I look into her deep brown sensual eyes and know she is mine completely. We relish the absolute thrill and joy of that first deep searching kiss as out fingers soon find each other while tongues touch  and those certain sounds expel - knowing we are both delving into our special heaven, just us to slowly at first explore and enjoy.

  The first time I saw her, the way she smiled, the way she walked, that very sexy way she swung her hips, quite naturally but so very gorgeous. Remembering when I asked her for that first date, but how she beat me to it, just - we started our relationship so well with that first chuckle -realising out minds were as one for that moment of time.

  “Your green eyes and red hair do it for me, Baby,” she told me later. “And Pete, I don’t mind your being five years older - I like more mature guys.

  She was beautiful; and now sharing her in every way changed my whole life. After an evening out we showered together. Jennifer wanted soft fresh ness to love her and I went along with that no problem. The special way she held her firm nipples against my chest as she scattered the shampoo over out heads, her arms raised as I hugged and stroked her behind, feeling the response to my touch as she did that certain wiggle, coaxing my fullness to slide between her diamond, the enticing gap beneath and between, in which Freddy loved to snuggle into, to feel the warmth and wetness of so fuckable Peach.

  We’d nicknamed mine Freddy and hers, Peach - just to give us that certain uniqueness we both wanted, but when aroused they had other names too.

  But the waterloo always came when we chilled on the bed. I always craved for her. To taste Jennifer sets sparks off in my whole body, and especially the way she tasted me too as we chilled and enjoyed each other in the most delightful ways.

  The first time I felt her tongue was fabulous enough - but and since our knowledge of each other has developed,   her pampering and mine of her had become a ritual of sorts, and always, always we were learning. Her lips delicately  held the head of Freddy as she gently at first stretched  me back, to reveal the true fullness of ripe cock so ready and revved up for her teasing tongue - feeling the wonderful way she did those things she did, how the very tip of her tongue teased my p-hole in such a way I could feel the deep soothing sensation of her tongue probing me there, like she was stretching it  - but all the time whispering to  me just how pungent  it was and how  riveting the taste of ripe cock was, licking it now with full tongue, wrapping it around the extremity of Freddy, the throbbing intense now - her slender fingers so very expertly teasing their way along the underneath of my shaft - until she reached the base to tie a little yellow ribbon around, “ just to keep him primed for me” she whispered as she busied herself so passionately licking, teasing sucking and balling me moving her head in different ways, different positions, to feel the firmness of my cock excite her deep mouth in different ways.

  When I turned and went down to her, teasing the firmness of her nipples with my tongue and we gradually dispersed into a comfortable sixty nine, me on top now but her later, I relished the beauty of red pussy lips, my  ‘Peach’ - and stretched them apart, my thumb teasing her clit as I did so, her thighs spreading instinctively for me now as her ass came into view, that beautiful roundness of feminine ass was so wonderful, gorgeous and appealing, as if just waiting for the licking I was already giving, between her soft thighs, around Peach down again to her subtle  anus and around and around those gorgeous voluptuous cheeks nibbling and teasing with my lips and tongue until I reached the deepness of her wet warm pussy, stretching my tongue into her as deep as can be, her lips bulging out for me now as I lodged my tongue behind, licking them and tasting the taste of Jennifer and sniffing the wonderful nectar there to prepare for our imminent  fuck.

  We sucked madly now, we were as one, nothing else mattered, out senses were deeply incensed in giving absolute passion and joy to one another, to expel the true passion of our special love, so unique as again and again we sucked and swallowed, - Jennifer releasing the yellow ribbon now as Freddy came with such a gush like an erupting tornado, spraying her face as well as her receptive tongue with what she liked to call her cream.

  And me? I was still taking all the nectar she could give, and we soon knew how we wanted to compliment all that wonderful foreplay in the fuck of fucks, her whole body wreathing now, she wanted it rough and doggy because she moved to all fours, her gorgeous ass spread and splayed for me, to press my hungry cock deep inside her …. So good and so satisfying as I felt her vaginal muscles hold me deep eight inches inside, her hips writing again to feel me in different ways as I felt her too. And soon we were having the second round, this time she was on top, guiding my length first inside her ass and then into Peach as I hear her gasp and yell “Fuck me, fuck me crazy, fuck me numb!”

  But perhaps the most thrilling time of our relationship came when we both realised a certain something, I didn’t know how it happened but it did and Boy! Am I grateful for that.

  Well we were looking around our local Ann Summers shop you see. And besides other things I noticed took Jennifer’s interest were the various types of strap-on’s they displayed. I saw that she was enchanted and took the initiative …

  “Are you thinking what I think you are thinking, Baby? I hope!” I asked with a quiver in my voice.

  She smiled and whether it was the look in my face, expression or what, she  bought one and from that night onwards there was a whole new revolution going on regarding who was fucking whom and the result was so charging it was absolutely electric. For I never imagined I could enjoy anything so much, I never considered myself gay but this, well with Jennifer it was different and boy, did it turn her on, she  absolutely adored experimenting with my ass this way and I felt a wonderfully deep and fulfilling warmth inside me that I could never have envisaged that way.

  And the way she wanked and balled me at the same time was really something. I can’t remember just how many times I came, I was away and soon I was fucking her ass over the snooker table - feeling her tightness there as she yelled and demanded “more, more!”

  And at the end of it all, each time we emerged into the gentle caressing again, she whispering she loved me, that never before had she loved guy so deeply and completely.

  I felt the same for Jennifer…

  When we finished the heaving, the thrusting, the touching afterwards, the hugging, the kissing we fell asleep, as our bodies seemed to sooth our souls - yes with Jennifer as well as lovers we were truly soul mates.


© Copyright Alex Carr

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