On The Way Home
By Sam Andrews
(MM, oral, MMF, creampie, anal)

I was riding my bike home from work through downtown. It was a warm night, almost midnight, and I was taking my time. It was Friday night and I had no classes tomorrow but it was three days until payday and I was broke. I really didn’t want to go home … there was nothing to do there … but with no money there was precious little else I could do. Add to that the fact that I was really, REALLY horny and it just made my whole night suck.

Tonight I had been working with Melanie, a curvy young blonde with all kinds of latent sexuality. I usually enjoyed working with her. Her bubbly personality and young well-built body always made the mundane work go faster, even as just a polite observer. Tonight it made work hell. Every time we got near each other, every time we accidentally brushed against each other or I caught a whiff of her perfume my mind went on a joyride of sexual indiscrimination, and tonight there had been a lot of brushing and whiffing!

I was glad to be out of there, away from her, and out in the cool night air pedalling away some of my frustration. I had headed downtown, not with any real plan but just to make the journey a little longer. I had thought of going to the adult bookstore and see if I could get lucky back amongst the video booths. There were always horny guys hanging around there and I knew that going into a booth and starting a movie but leaving the door slightly ajar was sending an invitation. The result was sometimes a blowjob, sometimes anal, maybe given, maybe received … you never really knew.

The catch to this plan was, again, money. Without the quarters to start a movie, I would be on the outside looking in and I just wasn’t brave enough to walk into someone else’s booth. I was riding around town with all these thoughts rolling through my brain, not really paying attention to anything, when a pickup truck rolled by slowly. I looked up to see an older man driving and smiling over at me. When I smiled back I thought I saw him wave a twenty dollar bill at me just before he accelerated to go through the stoplight.

“Hmmm …,” I wondered. “Do you suppose …?” I caught up to him quickly and as I pulled up next to his window, I said hello and then suddenly was at a loss of what to say next. “I thought I saw you wave to me. Do I know you?” I asked, just trying to start a conversation.

“I don’t think so,” he said, but then asked if I wanted to go someplace for a drink. I told him I was broke but he said “That’s okay … my treat.”

We went to a bar and ordered beers and sat down, making polite small talk. He told me his name was Charlie and remarked that I did look familiar but he just couldn’t think why. I told him I was riding my bike home from work, he asked how far that was.

“Only a couple of miles,” I said.

“I could give you a lift. You could put your bike in the back of my truck.”

“Okay, I’d like that,” I said. In the back of my mind I wondered if I had really seen that twenty. It had been too public for him to make any blatant proposition and it was really hard to read him. I figured, if nothing else, a free drink and a ride home was better than nothing. We walked out to his truck, put my bike in back and hopped into the cab. I told him where I lived and we started driving. He mentioned that he lived out near me and asked if he hadn’t seen me somewhere before.

“Do you ever go into the adult bookstore?” he asked. “I sometimes go down there.”

“Hmmm, how do you mean that?” I asked grinning. He caught the pun and laughed. He reached over to my crotch and rubbed the front of my jeans.

“Actually, I think that’s where I saw you. You were wearing that same cap. You were in a booth with a guy’s cock in your mouth. He kept opening the door to let people watch and you kept closing it. It was quite the show!”

I felt a little flushed as I remembered the night. I had gone in that night, just figuring on masturbating to some cheesy porn flick. When this guy joined me I figured ‘what the hell’. He started sucking me at first but then motioned me to switch places. I sat down in front of him and started sucking his ready cock. I thought if I couldn’t get off myself I would give him a blowjob he’d remember! Thinking about getting his hot cum in me was getting me hot.

I began to devour his hard meat but as I sucked and tongued, I would hear the door open, look up and see faces outside the booth watching and talking to each other. I pulled the door shut again and continued my loving suck of his gorgeous hard cock when I heard the door again. Annoyed I pulled it shut again. I sucked and tongued him more and when he stared moaning he held my head and began pushing himself into my mouth. He asked if he should cum in my mouth and I sort of nodded, slightly amused, as best I could with his penis deep down my throat. Of course I wanted him to cum in my mouth!

I felt him start to tense up as his orgasm began but when his cum started spurting into my mouth the door again flew open, to the delight of everyone watching and, when I thought about it, to my own delight too. I swallowed and sucked out every drop to the delight of our audience and lovingly tongued and played with his spent penis, getting into putting on a show for those watching. It was strangely erotic having an audience. That night had become a favourite fantasy of mine.

My cock was very hard now in this stranger’s hand. As I thought of that night in the bookstore, he had unbuttoned my jeans and was slowly, teasingly masturbating me. I reached over and began fumbling with his belt, giving the already hard cock in his jeans loving strokes between attempts.

“My place isn’t far. We could go there if you want and get naked!” he whispered as I got his pants opened and put my mouth around his cock.

“Okay … whatever you want!” I said looking up briefly from his crotch, then taking his cock deeply into my mouth. I let my mouth play with his erection as we drove and his hand continued to stroke me, keeping me hard and hot. We arrived at his house with pants undone and raging hard-ons. It was out in the country, away from any prying neighbours, so we walked up to his door both holding onto our undone jeans, erections jutting out of the flies. We walked in and, as we began stroking each other again, he locked the door behind him. He motioned toward a door off the living room.

“That’s the bedroom. Why don’t you go in and get undressed and I’ll get us something to drink.” I nodded and started toward the door he’s indicated, still holding onto the waist of my jeans. He went into the kitchen and I saw the light of the refrigerator go on behind me.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, removing my shoes and socks, my shirt and finally my pants. I scooted up onto the bed, placing my head on the pillow, and started slowly stroking myself. My cock began to swell again at my experienced touching and I closed my eyes, wondering what was taking him so long in the kitchen. I heard someone enter the room and opened my eyes to find a woman walking towards the bed, followed by my new-found friend, carrying three drinks. The surprise on my face must have been obvious.

“Do you just do men or can I invite my friend to join us?” Charlie asked.

“Oh, quite alright,” I said. “I just didn’t know anyone else was here.”

“This is Denise. Denise, this is David,” Charlie said as a quick introduction. Denise gave a soft breathy ‘hi’ as she slipped off her top walking to the bed. She stopped at the edge of the bed, unzipped her skirt and let it slip off her hips. Under it she wore a white lace gartered girdle that held up nude lace topped stockings. The stocking tops and garters framed her dark pubic hair against a redhead’s fair skin. She slithered up the bed and stopped, kneeling in front of my erection, to remove her bra. She wore a sheer white lace balcony bra that cupped the milky white hemispheres of her very round breasts like two strong hands. As she leaned forward, the pink edges of her nipples appeared as her full breasts began slipping the bonds of her bra cups. She reached back to unclasp her bra but I pulled her nearer.

“Please, allow me,” I whispered into her ear as I held her face next to me. I reached behind her with my right hand and felt the clasp, took it in between my fingers and pinched it together. The elastic released with a soft ‘snap’ and her bra fell off her shoulders and onto my chest. She tossed it aside and I pulled her on top of me and kissed her. Our wet lips and hot mouths met, her warm soft firm breasts pressing against my chest as we kissed and she began grinding her hips against my hard cock.

“Now, now … whose idea was this anyway? I hadn’t planned on just watching you two … at least not just watching!” Charlie was watching Denise and I while he fondled himself. He’d stripped while we were distracted and stood at the end of the bed. Denise looked at him and then at me. She sat up and cupped her breasts in her hands as she straddled my chest.

“So you like my breasts?” She leaned forward to dance her erect pink nipples in my face. “Charlie, you’ll just have to find something to occupy yourself,” she teased to Charlie half over her shoulder before letting my lips suckle one and then the other nipple. They were hard and pink and stood out from her breasts like they were looking for lips to kiss them and suck them … and I obliged! I felt Charlie getting onto the bed behind Denise and then felt his hand take hold of my stiff cock. I moaned when I felt his mouth descended over my shaft and he started sucking and tonguing.

“Oh, you’ve done this before, haven’t you Charlie?” I thought.

He took long deep strokes, letting my full length slide down the roof of his mouth and then pulling back and swirling his tongue around the tip of my cock making it twitch and making me moan.

“My turn, Charlie … let me have his cock for awhile!” Denise began slipping down my torso, pushing Charlie aside as her hips covered my cock. She stopped just a minute with her pussy over my erection to rub it on her lips and clit, giving a little gasp as it touched her swollen wet parts. I tensed my muscles and my penis stood even firmer and I pushed the head of it into her, my hands on her hips to hold her against my thrust. I pushed up, flexing my hips to push my cock into her and she gave a gasp and threw back her head. She drove herself down against the hardness of my cock … once, twice, a third time and then stopped and rose up to let my cock slip out of her.

As I looked at her puzzled, she just smiled and continued to slide further down my legs until she bent over and let her breasts surround my cock. I watched her, kneeling with her legs to either side of my legs, lowering her breasts over my cock still slippery from her pussy, pushing her breasts together and sliding my cock between them. As I thrust, she rocked back and forth and squeezed my slippery cock between her breasts. I watched, almost mesmerized by the head of my cock squirting up between her beautiful nipples and then disappearing into the soft flesh again and again.

Charlie was kneeling behind her watching as she fucked me with her titties. He had been fondling himself again and was rock hard watching Denise and I go at it. Now he too straddled my legs and moved up behind Denise. I saw his face as he guided his prick into her dripping pussy and pushed deep into her, matching her rhythm and holding her hips firmly. Denise began moaning, thrusting hard against Charlie as she started to come. I watched her face, watched the pleasure take her away. She could no longer concentrate on my cock as the waves swept over her and she cried out and bucked against his cock, throwing her hair around and screaming before finally dropping her face down against my belly panting and cooing breathlessly. Charlie pulled out of her and she rolled over onto her side, her large white breasts heaving as she panted for breath. Charlie moved up my body and straddled my chest.

“I saved the cream for you, David,” he said. His cock glistened, wet to his balls with Denise’s pussy juices. “I’ve got a hot load to shoot down your throat. I watched you suck that guy at the bookstore. You swallowed every drop of cum his cock could deliver.”

Charlie leaned his hands against the headboard and dropped his pussy scented cock into my waiting mouth. He started thrusting, harder than he had into Denise. I angled my head to let the head of his cock slide across the roof of my mouth and down my throat, stopping it before it gagged me. He fucked my face harder and faster as he went on. “I was so hot watching you suck out his cum that I’ve watched for you ever since. Tonight you’re going to get it all, you cocksucking slut!”

He was fucking my mouth furiously … the more he talked about that night, the harder and faster his cock went into my mouth. “Oh yea … OH YEA … OH FUCK YEA!” His orgasm burst into my mouth, filling it with hot salty cum. I swallowed and swallowed more as he continued thrusting and squirting but the cum began running from the corners of my mouth and down the sides of my face. Charlie pulled his cock out and rubbed the cum around my face with the tip of his penis.

“The first load’s always the biggest, right Sweetie?” Charlie said, looking over at Denise.

She smiled, but then scolded “You’ve been hogging him, Charlie, now get off!” I gave Charlie’s penis a quick little teasing kiss as he rolled off my chest. He looked at me surprised.

“I hope that’s not the last load I get from that sweet cock,” I said.

“Oh no … my turn … enough boy fucking you two!” Denise jumped onto my hips and began rubbing my cock against her slit. “Your cock has unfinished business!” She reached down and guided my cock into her and started to grind and thrust against me.

My hands held her hips and I arched my pelvis to thrust deep into her, bouncing her buxom body on my lap. I thrust and drove my cock into her and her orgasm began to build again. Her breasts bounced and slapped against her chest as I pounded her pussy, her wet fragrant pussy. She crossed her arms across her chest to contain her full breasts as she began climaxing again, her head back and whipping her hair as she screamed. I continued to fuck her hard, holding her hips and not letting her off me even as her orgasm left her weak and panting. She fell against my chest, her breasts heaving.

I rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs. I spread them apart and the hot scent of her rose to my nose. “Mmmm,” I thought, “the sweet scent of a woman’s pussy.” For a moment I thought of dropping my face to her pussy and eating all that juice from her dripping pussy but instead I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and put my cock against her pussy lips. I rubbed it across the wet slit and against her clit, now so red and swollen it peaked beautifully from under its hood. My rubbing was bringing her to climax again, and so it was to me. I felt her begin to quiver and thrust as another orgasm started to swell in her.

Charlie had been watching all this, mindlessly fondling himself as he did. His cock had hardened again so he leaned over to place it next to Denise’s face. She turned toward him and let him insert his cock into her mouth. As she got closer to her climax, it became harder to suck his cock until she could only occasionally suck between gasps.

I felt her orgasm starting to take her, grabbed her hips and thrust my cock inside her making her full breasts rock and heave. She gasp and bucked and started to orgasm, screaming as she did. I thrust harder and faster, holding her hips so she was powerless to do anything but come. I had been feeling my orgasm build, first from rubbing her clit but now faster and nearer. As she lay beneath me in her orgasm, I felt the rush start, felt the pressure of my cum build until I shot it into her. I arched and cried out and thrust deep, deep into her, getting every drop inside her. We slowed to a smooth easy rhythm and I finished pumping the rest of my cum into her dripping pussy, feeling her juices running down my cock and balls. I pulled my cock out of her but instead of lying next to her, I moved down to put my face in her wetness. I started licking the juices, her pussy and my cum. I looked up and she smiled.

“You do like cum, don’t you!” she cooed. I buried my face in her pussy and started tonguing deep into her to taste the cum, my cum. As my tongue probed deep into her, I felt Charlie behind me.

“You like cum, huh? You like eating your own cum? Well, I’ve got a surprise for you.” I felt cool slick oil trace the crack of my butt, now thrust up in the air while I ate Denise’s slit, and Charlie’s cock began pushing into my ass. He worked it into me, deeper and deeper until his whole cock was buried in my ass.

I licked and sucked Denise’s sweet juices, rocking into her wetness with each of Charlie’s thrusts. “My first load wasn’t enough, huh? You greedy little cum slut … you suck out your own cum and I’ll give you a whole new load up your tight ass. I knew you sucked cock but I didn’t know you’d take it up the ass.” He was thrusting harder now, holding my hips to get his full length into me.

I could feel Denise starting to climax again, slowly building this time, her moans and cries getting more intense as she grew closer and closer to another climax. I tried to focus my tonguing to her clit but the hard meat thrusting into my ass distracted me. Charlie’s pace was quickening, his grip tightening on my hips almost to the point of pain. Denise began thrusting her pelvis up to meet my tongue as she came again, the wetness running out of her, my face buried in her, lapping and licking. As Charlie heard her climax, he quickened his thrusting more, excited by watching her squirm under my tongue.

“Oh yea, baby … oh yea squirt his face full of your juice … squirt his cum out of you and I’ll squirt mine up his ass!” His intensity was crazy, fucking me at a furious pace.

“Oh! Take my cock you slut …. Oh yea! Here it comes!” He thrust into me and held my hips, digging into my flesh with his fingers, slapping his hips against my ass and pumping, pumping, pumping. I felt his cock spasming as I had felt it in my mouth only a short time earlier and felt hot cum shoot into me.

“Damn, I do love a man’s cum in me!” I thought. He pumped his cock into me until it started to soften and slipped out. I lay my face on Denise’s belly to drink in her scent, my ass still up in the air with my butt cheeks reddened and Charlie’s cum starting to drip out. We sat up together on the bed. Charlie handed me a drink, and handed one to Denise before picking up his own and we drank, thirsty from all the sex.

“My God! That was incredible!” I finally said, after everyone caught their breath. I had no idea tonight would be like this!”

“You think tonight was fun? Wait ‘til tomorrow!” Charlie said.

“… and the next day!” Denise chimed in.

“But I have to go. I suppose I could stay tonight but then I’ve gotta go.” I said. The expressions of their faces had changed, and it began to worry me.

“No, I don’t think you’ve gotta go anywhere. Your training has just begun!” Charlie said calmly. I looked at him curiously and as I started to get up, he pushed me back down on the bed. I felt weak and Charlie and Denise seemed like they were sitting farther away, smiling at me. My vision began to get hazy and I felt like I was getting farther and farther from them until I could barely see or hear either of them.

“No, David, you’ll be staying a while longer,” I heard Denise say as I drifted away to unconsciousness. “We have plans for you.”  


© Copyright Sam Andrews January 2009

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