House Sitting
By Craig
(F solo, Voy?)

My parents lived in a small cul-de-sac. Two weeks in Greece, "Can you water the plants and collect the mail luv?"

Sure, what else do I have to do? I didn't mind house sitting, they have a lovely home and let's be honest it's better than my flat. I put my keys on the hall table, hung my coat on the hallway peg and revelled in the silence. I got myself a cup of tea and opened up the morning paper.

And there it was, in the corner of my eye, sitting on the table with a red ribbon tied in a bow around its shaft. Batteries included. A vibrating life-sized replica of some porn stars dick! The card read "Thank you darling, enjoy your stay. The neighbours will look after you if you need anything. See you soon".

It always embarrassed me when I was young but now I embrace it. Truth be known there's quite a lot in me as well. My mother can't get enough nymphomaniac I think they call it. She has a drawer full of wondrous creations and she always shares. It's just the way she is. Her excuse, "I just want you to experience mind-blowing orgasms so you can be sure when you've met the right man!"

I don't really know why but I actually got giddy with excitement, very nervous and wetness overcame me in seconds. It felt so real. I held it in my hand it was like grasping my partner's erection, soft on the outside yet hard in the middle, only much bigger. "My mother is filthy," I thought "and I love it!" I didn't really know where to start; I was horny as hell.

I found two pulsating pussies, two vibrating pleasure bullets, 1 vibrating cock ring, a string of pearls, a strap-on clitoral stimulator, a tube of lubricant and my new friend. My goal: multiple orgasms with no emotional baggage, pure sexual lust and selfish indulgence without the need to share. This was going to be all for me!

I filled my vagina with the string of pearls and watered the plants - a slow but sensuous start. Beautiful. Every movement was wonderful, the beads massaging every ripple. A strap-on to check the mail? Yes, I think so! I was sopping already. Mrs Jacobson was checking her mail too. I gave her a wave.

I couldn't bear it. I waddled upstairs and stripped, vaginal juices running down my inner thigh. Time to step it up? I pushed the pulsating pussies onto my big toes God I've always loved having my toes nibbled this will have to do!

The magma was rising to the surface, I ripped off the strap-on, I didn't want to cum just yet. I tucked the pleasure bullets in my bra and felt my aureoles contract and my nipples got even harder. I looked at my ridiculous self in the mirror. The up welling flooded inside me again and I had to support myself against the bed. I was dripping on the floor, the beads slid out.

The porn star dildo was on the bed. I lubed it, rolled on the cock ring and switched everything on. God it was unbearable, the expectations were overwhelming me and as I crawled onto the bed, my entire body contracted in pleasure. I wanted more. I plunged in the dildo, stroke after stoke, after stoke. My vagina was aching, my nipples were exploding, my skin was prickling, and my head was pounding. I was dizzy and confused. I thrust in the dildo, each time it went deeper and deeper and deeper. I was desperate now. "I'm gonna eat you up you bastard" I thought as I pressed in the flesh above my pubic bone with both hands. The pounding continued my G-spot engaged. The cock ring touched my clitoris and my vagina contracted, hard, forcing the dildo out like a rocket and I came. I came like I've never cum before spraying juices across the bed. Gallons of liquid came flooding from my body. I was shaking like a leaf with stars and flowers dancing in slow motion round my head. Everything tingled and a blurry distant voice said "Enjoy it my dear, enjoy it"

Mrs Jacobson?


Copyright Craig February 2009

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