(MMF, oral)

My one and only threesome was only meant to be some harmless flirting. It was in my last year of university. I'd just been through a breakup, and needed to boost my ego a bit. There was an SF&F social in the SU bar, and I'd had a few beers, and there was a guy Marcus I quite fancied there and I was flirting with him and one of his friends, who I found out was called Simon. While we were talking Marcus noticed that I winced when I turned my head to look at him. I had shoulders set in concrete - tense after the breakup - and they offered me a back rub. I jumped at the chance, and we went back to my room. I took off my tshirt and lay on the bed while they worked on me. It took them three hours to get me loosened up. By the time they were finished I was very turned on - massage does it for me big time. I also felt they expected something in return.

I rolled onto my front and said that I needed massaging somewhere else. Marcus asked where. I was wearing a miniskirt and stripy tights, rather than answer I lifted my hips off the bed and pushed my tights down and opened my legs. They didn't need any further invitation, Marcus tugged my knickers off while Simon unhooked my bra and released by tits. Their hands were all over me, Marcus feeling my wetness and slipping two fingers into me while Simon nuzzled my nipples before kissing me, his hands continuing to caress my tits and nipples.

I told them that I wanted to see their cocks and while they undressed I took off my skirt. They were both hard and a good size - Simon slightly shorter but wider than Marcus, both bigger than the ex I'd just spilt up with. They both sat on the bed next to me and I watched spellbound for a few moments as they both stared at my pussy and stroked their cocks. I reached out and grabbed one in each hand. "Who's first?" I asked and the guys looked at each other. "Let's toss a coin for it," Marcus said. I loved the idea that they were going to use a coin toss to see who would have me first and I stroked my swollen clit while Simon found a coin. "Heads," Marcus called and it was so he knelt between my legs. I took his cock in my hand and guided him to my entrance, he slipped in easily as he was so hard and I was so wet, and he was soon in to the hilt. He stayed still a moment so that I could get used to the feeling of him being inside me, then started to fuck me slowly then picked up the pace until he was giving me the hardest fuck of my life.

While he was fucking me, Simon sat on the edge of the bed wanking while watching my pussy being pounded into by Marcus. I was much shorter than Marcus so he found it hard to kiss me while we were fucking, but he adjusted his position so that our mouths met and tongues tangled until I heard him moan and he was twitching inside me as his cum filled my pussy. He pulled out of me and I felt our combined juices drip out of my pussy. He got up and Simon gave him a high five and told him he'd done a good job warming me up and then he wasted no time getting between my legs and he was fucking me. He was closer to my height so it was easier for us to kiss. He'd been playing with his cock while Marcus fucked me so it wasn't long before he was spraying my womb with his own cum.

I wanted to keep going but because Simon had been quick, Marcus wasn't yet hard. I got some lube out of my bedside drawer and told him to lie down. I took his cock in my mouth then smeared a couple of fingers with lube and slipped one into his ass until I reached the bundle of nerves at his prostate and Marcus gasped and his cock twitch in my mouth as he came to full hardness. I straddled across him and lowered my dripping pussy onto his cock. Simon played with my tits while I bounced on Marcus' cock. He lasted longer this time and I was getting close to coming myself but I couldn't get there before he was depositing another load of cum into me.

I climbed off Marcus and looked at Simon, who was rubbing his erect cock. He told me to get on my knees so that he could "fuck me like a bitch". I got myself in position and Simon grabbed my hips and entered my achiny pussy. He buried his cock in me and was resting on my g spot. He pounded hard and fast into me hitting the spot with every stroke until I was shouting as I came, my pussy muscles clenching around his cock taking him over the edge so that he came a few seconds after I did. I felt a flood of him inside me and we crashed down onto the bed. When his cock popped out his cum gushed out of me.

They were going to leave but I asked them to stay - I sleep much better with somebody else in my bed. In the morning, Marcus went down on me while I blew Simon. When Simon had come, Marcus fucked me, and this time he lasted long enough to make me come too. Marcus told me it had been the night of his life. I ended up going out with Marcus, on and off, for 7.5 years. Simon remains cheerful and happy to see me - not to mention horny - every time we get to catch up. He'd like to repeat the experience of sleeping with me, and maybe one day he will. You see, sometimes I regret not being taken in the pussy and ass at the same time. At the time I didn't know how to ask for that. I'd love to try it, though my current guy isn't keen on sharing me. On the other hand, he's not interested in anal sex in any form, so maybe I could work on him to persuade me to let Simon use my ass. A girl can always hope!


Copyright ELP February 2009

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