By SandieQ

My mobile vibrates silently in my hip pouch, tingling down my thigh like your caress. A hint of things to come. I read the text, the single word in our secret code... horny4u.

It's late, I'm alone, you want me and are on your way. You want me to dress, be sexy for your arrival. Be your virgin, your slut, your whore. My bra is slipped off, breasts barely covered by a plunging neckline little black dress. Up and down gypsy hems barely covers my stocking tops.

I've barely loosened my hair, long reddish brunette locks cascading over bare shoulders, hanging down my back, when the door crashes open. Your big bold silhouette looms, I'm lost in your shadow and darkness. This is our wildness, our secret, our passion. I stand tall in my heels as you bear down on me, hold me, grip me, kiss me. Long lingering smooches, our tongues entwined as you force your masculinity on me. I won't yield, try to pull away but you're hard, too strong. I mustn't give way but the smell of you excites me, arouses me. I won't be weak but my knees are trembling, my thighs tingling, my femininity dampens, softens, explodes with heat.

I feel your hardness through your tight trousers, pressing through onto my tum, wanting to push through fabric into me. Your hands feel up under the dress, gripping my bum, I'm pushed back against the wall, hoisted up on tip toes. Your tongue tears tween my lips, hard passionate kisses, forced wild embraces. Your fingers fumble at your belt, zip, trousers and boxers falling. Race over my tum, tween my thighs, rip them apart. I'm lifted, physically and emotionally, to settle on your hard hot horny cock. I'm wet, and your stiffness slides past my slender stretchy thong, letting it twang as it slips softly but steamily into me.

I gasp, cry, tear the shirt from your chest in pleasure as you pin me up. My hands grasp your back, claw at your skin. I bite your bare shoulder as you start to pound me, your hands hefting my thighs wide, my knees hanging from your elbows. You fuck me like I've never been fucked before, virgin to this wildness and unbound sex. I'm raw and tender inside as your cock tears me in two, my soul is afire with your heat and forcefulness.

I feel your hair brush my slit, against my clit, strange roughness as you thrust in and out. I can barely contain myself, as I moan without meaning my desire for you. Head tossed back, eyes barely open, lost in your fucking.

I hardly notice you swing me, falling on me as I'm thrown on the bed with you still inside, between my wide thighs. Pressed into the soft sheets, your knees spread me further, harder. Hands pin my arms beside my cushion of hair as you keep shagging me with uncaring abandon. Every pore of your skin, each vein, presses inside. You're so hot I burn. So hard it hurts. So big you stretch me. So wild you excite me.

Your mouth lowers from mine, teeth tearing at my dress, my breasts exposed. Rough lips suck at my nips, sensation explodes through me. If I couldn't feel you any more I do now. Feeling ignites like fire, sizzles down my spine and up inside, surrounding the powerful pounding you're giving me.

Suddenly your cock trembles, quivers and explodes. My nails lose themselves in your back, drawing blood. I sigh, gasp, scream. Too much for me as you cum in long, strong streams of hot stickiness I feel forever inside, clinging to me like sweet wet candy. I feel it even now, a part of you that remains eternally in me, love made liquid.


Copyright SandieQ June 2009

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