Dream Lover
By Alice
(MF, dream)

I lay in bed, naked. Half asleep facing the door.
I feel you slide in behind me.
The door hadn't opened and yet here you were.
You slide one hand under me, the other caressing my body, gently kissing the back of my neck
I can feel your already hard cock pressing against my back.
One hand gently brushes against my already stiff nipple. I stifle a moan.
You pull me towards you, rolling me onto my back.
With one arm you hold both my wrists together above my head.
The other hand teasing my nipples.
You bring your lips to mine and at last we kiss, our tongues entwined.
You gently suck on my tongue then lower your head to do the same to my nipple.
A moan escapes my lips and immediately your mouth is over mine, swallowing the sound.
You whisper in my ear 'Sssh, if you make a sound, I'll be gone'
I nod in agreement.
Your mouth moves again to my nipples, gently sucking, licking.
It feels like an electric current surges to my clit, flooding my pussy instantly.
I raise my hips up and you know what I want.
Your free hand snakes down my body and into my wetness.
I want to cry out but I dare not for fear that you'll be gone before I am sated.
Quickly you push my knees apart with your legs and I feel your cock pushing against my pussy.
I buck my hips and you thrust hard into me.
The pressure on my swollen clit almost takes me over the edge.
You start to fuck me slowly, pulling out almost with each stroke and each thrust not quite rubbing my clit enough.
I am desparate to cum, I try to move my arms, I need to rub my clit, but your hold is too strong.
Finally you thrust hard, grinding against my clit, allowing me the orgasm I crave so much
My pussy contracts and grips your cock, I bite into your shoulder, terrified I will make a noise.
I feel you start to cum, your orgasm triggered by mine.
You kiss me deeply, I feel we are one.
And then you are gone.
I turn my head, on the other side of the bed He is sleeping, snoring.
I feel the cum trickle down my thighs.
I know it wasn't a dream

Copyright 2007 Alice

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