The Women I loved
By Alex Carr
(MF, Rom)

Louise had everything.

She was so beautiful like no woman I had known or met before, save my mother I guess. Louise was the tops- full package. With Louise a guy could want no more, she had it all: personality, consideration, caring, understanding - the real need to be enthused about pleasing her lover in every way conceivable. It was always a challenge with her as far as I was concerned, her teasing about if I could cope with her, if I could keep up with her and everything.

Louise was my Gem, the way she teased me like no other had ever done, the certain way she held herself, swayed, and walked spells out culture, true feminine quality unsurpassed as I soon discovered. And her sense of humour was second to none, she was always on about “copping a feel” in her rich Bradford accent and when she had this habit of coming up behind me and sliding her long fingers into my jean pockets I soon knew what she meant. Delicious, delightful, as her fingers cupped, balled and squeezed me. She was always like that, even over the mobile when we were apart it would be: “ Squeeze for me? - harder, harder!”

But when we were together the loving and thrill really started, her kisses blew me completely, deep and exploring as her fingers gently scratched my being. We just couldn’t wait to undress each other, to tease and touch, feel and suck and lick and taste. It was all there, wanting to do all at once, sixty nine all the way, wonderful delicious and the way she said that word, removing all the aggression of it and replacing with utter lust and eroticism… “Fook Me, Baby - rough, doggy!” That’s how it sounded in her accent, and wow! It really turned me on! When she drenched me with her warm wetness I was completely lost, my head gently squeezed between her gorgeous thighs to urge me on, deeper and deeper into her as my tongue explored and stretched her wide - at the same time feeling that certain indescribable sensation as her tongue and lips worked busily on my cock, her fingers tight at the base stretching me right back so she could enjoy the flavour and sensation of very hard throbbing cock, then wanting her fook again and again, guiding me in, squeezing my balls simultaneously and shagging for all she was worth.

Yep! This woman was for me, for good, she had all I wanted and she was a doctor too! Which meant lots of things, like she wanted to examine me and keep me fit, experiment with her fingers inside me too- she loved to finger fook me as much as I her, and she simply loved the occasional ass fuck, with that gorgeous ass presented in a way I could not resist. It was heavenly, bent over the mahogany table, just the right height for me to get a good thrust inside and feel the wonderful response of her approval as she twisted and turned, me gripping her round hips to give it to her so wonderfully deep and throbbing until we both exploded. What an absolute dream Louise was…


Just supposing … (Jacky) 

With you all my baby Jacky all is beautiful, like wine and roses and just supposes - just supposing we were stranded on a desert island - away from the stress and tribulations of the mad, crazy world in which we now live, when fate removes us from the social disorder and strife. I am content just to be away from it all - just supposing you are right there with me - my wine and roses and beauty combined - you are my woman, my lover and there’s no need to  hide - for there is nothing to affray the splendour we share - just supposing we are both right there.

Just supposing we have the absolute peace and tranquillity to just let everything flow and just be with each other come what may, the way we both so desperately want to go. Just supposing my love for you is so inflamed and so hungry but, for once we have no need to hold back or hide - for our beings all submerge and melt into each other and our Waterloo will come like never, ever before.

Your lips, your fingers so very sensitive and adventurous do it for me - teasing all the love from my being, then my need for you so compelling and so very urgent and wanting, the warmth of you, your kisses, your hugs mmmm and your so warm and inviting wetness waiting for my lips to taste and explore, my fingers stretching and exploring and just to fuck, fuck, fuck - every way for ever more.

Just supposing  …We share the absolute joy of being with each there the way nature intended, so near and close to nature, no one to harm of cause bloodshed and turmoil, we are completely alone, you and me for eternity -   loving and gathering the true reasons of what life is truly all about, to nurture our souls, our beings and our bodies complete. When I am with you, and you me, enjoying each other to the full, we are in our own wonderland of absolute joy and happiness, so perfect and so relaxing and soothing as I feel your sweet caresses find me, the certain way you squeeze and taste, the adventure you show with your finger inside as I try you too, new ways and wonderful new things to do, things we are finding out about each other every day., always fresh and always inspiring and most of all, loving full package.

Darling, just supposing we can be like that, I cannot express how deep my feelings are for you and how I ache for you every day, wanting the feel of you inside and out, wanting to feel the throb of you and your love so deep thrusting inside. This is love to the highest degree, baby, this is the love of the soul, and I want to show you how I feel for you in every way, to love and to cherish you my darling.

Just supposing?



If I’d ever loved before it was now redundant, because I had made real love to my new baby, Rachel. We met in a small bar out of town, I just dropped in for a Sunday lunch and there she was, as if waiting for me, our eyes met and POW! There is a God!

“Hello” her eyes said - and mine replied “hello beautiful lady”  and she was that, to me she had the essentials of feminism, the dark attractive looks, brunette flowing hair and those so gorgeous brown watching eyes, the sort of eyes that would penetrate you, the sort of eyes that really raised my lust of wanting to penetrate her so deep and so fulfilling.

My God I was in love, I went over to her just stood there by the bar, looking, both if us taking each other in and then that smile, that so mmmm wonderful inviting smile which said everything, that she wanted me, she liked me and she fancied me!

When I asked her home to my place she agreed in a way  I just knew she was not easy meat, and I knew she wanted me to know that, but there was no need to say because already we had that certain message flowing between us and by now I so wanted her in every way. When we made ourselves comfortable chilling out on the settee in front of a roaring log fire we exchanged all the things one does when discovering about someone you really fancy and want to know all about.

Soon we were close and I could smell her perfume. “Thrill” she said. It made me thrill and by that time my hands were touching hers in her lap and our lips had met for that very first so special and wonderful kiss. 

I have never ever kissed like that before and have never had anyone kiss me that way either, the way her tongue explored mine and the little noses in her throat told me that her feeling matched mine and I just knew we were meant for each other on the Sunday afternoon if not forever.

Now my fingers were teasing through her hair.  “Baby, I think I am falling for you big time,” I declared no holds barred, I knew what I was feeling and I wanted her to know. She responded whispering so sweetly into my ear that she felt the same way and soon we shared a wonderful passionate embrace as her fingers teased my neck coming down to undo my short and still the touch of those very teasing lips doing wonders with my soul, my being and most of all my manhood which was now swelling so very much, hungry to be loved and wanting for her fuck.

It was wonderful the way she so naturally unzipped me, her fingers searching inside  .. “MMM I love black and blue boxer shorts, almost  as though you knew, darling” she said.. I just chilled, closed my eyes as I felt her warmness, she was so very good and so wonderful as her lips teased my thighs and her fingers found what they wanted, by now fully primed and stiff. She seemed natural with wanting to slip down my boxers in a way which teased and tantalised me so much that I was throbbing so much for her, now feeling her wet lips enthral my there as her tongue wrapped around the head and strongly sucked me into deep throat as her finger squeezed and moved freely over my balls. I knew she wanted a 69 by the way she moved around, I guided her to lay on the thick pile carpet in front of the fire and felt the thrill come as I so enjoyed teasing my walking fingers upwards under her skirt on the inside of her thigh. Reaching her wetness I leant down and teased her through those gorgeous black thongs tracing the shape of her soft pussy beneath, then nibbling the seam of her thongs and teasing it over until I had full view of that gorgeous gem I called peach, my succulent so wonderfully faceable peach.

I cannot remember ever the way we enjoyed each other like that, with another woman, Rachel was some special woman and we had both found something that mattered full package. When we fucked we fucked hard, but then later gentle, she wanted anal as much as I and she was so wonderful leant across the mahogany table, her ass cheeks crying out for attention and her gorgeous peach glistening wet for another deep penetrating throbbing fuck until we came and came and came, till our throats were dry and our bodies were spent.


Fairies in my bedroom …(Sharon)  

There are fairies in my garden, in my greenhouse and now in my house, the house I shared with Sharon for twenty years who has now sadly departed and me thinking I was going to be left a frustrated and lonely guy. But they are happy and jolly creatures always laughing and giggling - wings that glitter and sparkle in the sun as they fly through my opened window, dancing upon my bed before I get up, sizzling with wonderful dances and tricks all for me. They sprinkle fairy dust almost everywhere they go but then I know where they go is special, and there is good reason, for me I guess they know I have come to understand and cherish them, spoil and flatter them for the beauty they have and the gorgeous way they move in spasms and tantalising twists and turns.

I have discovered they want to entertain to give utter pleasure and happiness the fairy way, they dance on my being as I strip back the duvet and tease me in all manner of ways compared only with the way Sharon drove me crazy with her sex toys. But this was gorgeous and so erotic, filled with ecstasy as they really enjoyed watching me swell and throb because of the tease they gave me with their tiny wands and tiny feet pitter pattering up the inside of my thighs and along the length of my shaft. Wonderful to watch then join in a circle around the circumference of my cock and tease back the skin over it's head with the tips of their wands working together to give me such wonderful pulsating spasms. If they heard my groans of delight the little sounds they made formed a chorus in a wonderful harmony which matched the urge in my groins. These creatures were beautiful to behold and should never ever be underrated Their dance of the sugar plum fairy was particularly delightful and they made good care to tease and tantalise my balls to a degree I had never know before.

I believe in fairies I do, and they know it and in return they serve to please, to satisfy me in so many ways as I feel the surge come up the centre of my shaft and spurt out like a volcano, the droplets spurting up between the fairies as they delight in playing crisscross movements between, then they circle and I feel the wonderful touch of magic as suddenly my surge has gone and I feel the wonderful; sensations of absolute satisfaction. A good feeling with the world that fairies do this to make an old man happy and content, serving me like guardian angels and making me so very happy just like Sharon used to do.

Now I know what Sharon meant when she was on about the chattering fairies at the bottom of the garden. I mimicked and made fun of the idea but she knew what she was about, and knowing Sharon this was all prearranged in her memory …  

© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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