I'm not that kinky...
(MF, bondage, Oral)

I'm not that kinky or so I thought but here I was standing naked over my dark, naked, handsome man. His deep, rich-brown eyes were blindfolded. His arms and legs gently secured with scarves to each corner of our bed. His body rippled with anticipation waiting for my next move. I was teasing. I dripped massage oil over his chest. The heavy scent of vanilla made me almost hungry but it wasn't time to eat yet.

I knelt over him, face towards his feet and let my labia massage the oil into his soft, supple skin. He's groaning now. I move down his body, tickling his skin with my pubic hair and rubbing myself on his nipples. He licks his lips and groans again. I slide, lightly touching his throbbing cock and down one leg, loving the way his hair tickles my clitoris. I use his toes to rub my pussy. His breaths are getting heavier. I nibble his toes. He shakes, ticklish. I move back up his calf, softly biting and licking. Heavily breathing in his erogenous zones. I reach his cock again and blow on it gently, it bows to me in recognition and my man groans again. I drip massage oil on it's head and watch it glisten. I want to suck it but it's not time yet. I kiss the sides of his torso bite his nipples and move my way up to his neck. There I lick, barely touching, then I bite. His body stiffens and his groans deepen. I breathe heavily into his ear, then I say,

"Do you want to fuck me?"

He nods.

"What did you say?"



"Yes, yes. I want to fuck you so much."

"Not yet."

I'm not sure who I was teasing more. I wanted him right now, my body ached at the thought. I'll let the pressure off a little and give him a, "taste of things to come". I straddled him 69 position and let him smell and taste the wet juices of my pussy. His tongue worked its way in and out of my hole, licking and sucking like this was his last chance. The blood rushed to my head and I started panting. I had to gain back control so I went down on his poor throbbing cock. I sucked hard and pulled his cock further into my yearning mouth. I wanted him like never before. I wanted him to cum right now, pulsing into my mouth. To taste his juices. I wanted to hear him scream. I undid the ties holding his legs.

"Do you want to fuck me?"


I undid the ties holding his hands.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes." He grabbed me.

"Not yet."

I slipped from his grasp, ran down the hallway and out into the backyard. He was fast, he was behind me in seconds. He grabbed me around my waist.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

I could feel his throbbing cock hot against my naked skin. "I said, Do you want ME to fuck YOU?"

"Yes, please, yes"

"Say it."


I fell to my knees. He fingered my cunt, rubbed my clitoris. I groaned, "Just fuck me now"

"Sorry I was just teasing"

He pulled my hot, red, yearning lips apart with his fingers and thrust his cock deep into me. I screamed, I've never been so ready, so wet, so turned on. He pushed harder and deeper and I just got tighter and tighter. I knew he was about to blow his load. "Cum over me" I said. He pulled out his cock and pumped it till it spurted his steaming hot juices all over my back. The heat of his cum against the cold night air was delicious. It sent shivers all over my body. I flipped over grabbed his cock, it was still so hard and pulled it back into my ever-hungry pussy.

"Fuck me again", I said, "Hard, fast."

He pushed my legs over his shoulders and pumped me till I came. Hot, wet, sweet juices flowed down his shaft and around his balls. Then "Uh ahh..." he came again. Hot and sweaty but happily spent, we lay together looking at the stars. Recounting what had just transpired.

"Do you think the neighbours heard us?" I said.

Copyright 2007 LODi

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