Bye Janice, Hello Danny
By Alex Carr
(MM, cheat, oral, anal)

Making love with Janice was not easy any more, it is not as though I had grown tired of her or anything like that... Well I guess she sussed it out, as women always do, especially easy being so close.

She was asking me questions like "Have you ever been interested in another guy? You know that way?" and if I managed to avoid that query another was soon to come. It was even happening now when we were enjoying our favourite way of sixty nining. I always felt so warm when tasting and feeling the spring in her gorgeous ass cheeks and then teasing each wonderful orifice with my fingers and tongue - and she'd do the same with me, her index fingers exploring my hole as her mouth licked and sucked. It was good but now I was thinking,

"Is it as good as Danny, I mean maybe it is that guys know exactly what they want and in this mode they have an advantage to a woman."

I was thinking of that as she worked busily on my cock but, almost as if she heard my thoughts she suddenly stopped what she was doing, took a deep breath and said 'I had been with another guy hadn't I?' But how could she know?

"Because, well, need I go into detail? A woman knows these things. It's as if I can smell another guy on you, and he's been inside you hasn't he? I can tell, you have always been tight and there is something else different too, maybe the way you sway your ass as I tease my finger inside. You have haven't you"?

Now I was in at the deep end and had to confess, I wanted to keep Janice, not only was she a lover she was also a soul mate. I just had to come out with it.

"Okay. Yes. I'm Bi. Okay darling? But I still love you."

"And this guy, do you love him, Mark?"

"How can I explain? It is not like that, it is something different, and anyway I only recently met him. Somehow we got around to enjoying each other's conversation and it sort of developed."

"I am trying to understand, Mark and wonder how we stand now." She said getting her clothes back on. Had I flipped it, would she want to know me any more ...

She wanted time to think, she ventured, "How would you feel if you discovered I had been with a Lezzie?".

Actually I wouldn't have cared, I always thought two women together are really something, and anyway perhaps I would get the opportunity to join in. In my dreams.

Now I was looking forward to Danny . He was something special. When we first got together, sexually I mean, I often wondered what it was like for a woman. I wanted to know how it was with a stiff cock inside and wanted to discover just how it felt to suck cock. Danny was brilliant in that department. Always. Now when he arrived at my place the bundle was there, in his trousers and as always he made his way to the bathroom to undress completely and, on my request, wash his cock.

When I first kneeled in front of his outstretched thighs on the edge of the bed I examined his credentials, he had a gorgeous cock ready primed, standing to attention, his firm full balls below, moving a little as he flexed his cock muscles to let me see how it moved.. I sniffed the pungent aroma and now I longed to feel and taste. For a while I tinkered about his red end, my lips and tongue so softly gliding across as I stretched back his foreskin to take in the full display.

I gasped and he gave me that certain smile, knowing that I appreciated his attentive cock and I then got the first feel and taste of it in my open mouth. Going for it at last, no more pondering, just sucking and mmm! The wonderful feel of it stretching my cheeks and feeling its shape, my tongue cradling and teasing as I bunched his ripe wonderfully warm balls in my fingers, squeezing them gently as I started to slowly suck. It was so good and somehow seemed the natural thing to do, to deep suck a guy this way, deeper, deeper and quicker as I heard his deep sighs and moans. I had planned not to take him all the way the first time, but no way, he was there as I realised. I was frantically chewing his cock now, squeezing the spunk from his balls and soon I knew just how it felt and tasted to have a mouthful of hot cum dripping from my mouth as he spurted his load with a huge groan. Me moving my mouth with his cock, this way and that way, his hand holding my head at the back now.

"Oh Darling.." He was calling me darling now and somehow it seemed right.

I was hoping he wanted to fuck me, I wanted the feel of that hard stiff cock inside me now.

He grinned when I told him. "It will take a bit of working on to get it hard enough,"

So for the next half hour, to earn his fuck (that's what he said), I had to suck and ball him until that gorgeous stiffness returned.

But it was all worth it, when I stripped and lowered my jeans it seemed he could not wait to penetrate me, "Over the edge of the bed will be fine, nice and high for me, like it that way."

He manoeuvred me to his best advantage, telling me to kneel one leg on the bed, and I felt the warm but firm feel of his massage there as he circled some oil into my hole. It was thrilling and different, I knew I would be tight, it was my first time I told Danny and he seemed happy with that. However he was expert at teasing his cock into me because at first I thought it would not happen - but then the feeling of him sliding up me and his grunting was really something. He did it slowly at first and I knew it would hurt first time, but he showed me how to move with him, sway my ass to his rhythm as he then began to fuck me.

Feeling his cock up my ass that first time was something special - feeling the explosion of his force pump into my ass and then finally his moans as he came so strongly up inside me. Somehow it was like I had given my all, for the pure enjoyment and ecstasy of this new guy in my life.

Now I actually hunger to take him orally and anally, to suck and taste his cock is really so good and I take it in different positions, sometimes not touching with my hands but just letting my mouth take him inside and suck so strong making him moan in ecstasy. He really does it for me in so many ways and we try new things, new adventures like this week.

He said he would like me to finger him. He is not a taker but I am; I enjoy to feel him deep inside me and after our session together it seems to last and last for hours afterwards like I can still feel his deep thrusts inside me, and that makes me feel so good.

But he discovered for himself that he does like a little gentle anal exploring with my finger and then he asked if he could cum over my cock. Because he is such a great guy I said it was fine, although it was something new and I wondered how it would be. But I needn't have worried- it was heavenly, feeling his hot cum spurt onto me was something I could never have imagined was so wonderful and fulfilling that I asked him to massage his cum into my cock and balls.

I always enjoy sucking him now, in different ways, and take him deep knowing how he loves to watch me enjoying him. I feel now I can never get enough and to feel his cock throb as I take him is out of this world.

It is so good to be alive and has opened up so many doors that have been closed to me for far too long. I asked him on the mobile if there is anything else he would like to try. He is getting bolder now and that is good. He wants to kneel in the bath naked and for me to pee over his ass - now before I would have thought that ghastly and claimed I was never a yellow rain type, yet somehow, with Danny I feel different and I have told him, "yes let's give it a go" - so it is this Sunday and he says in just two words: "Can't wait."

Sorry, Janice it was good while it lasted but with Danny it is better and I have found my true self in life.

(C) Alex Carr 2007

Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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