Hotel Heaven
By Dream Factory
(MF, oral)

It was shaping up to be another dull Tuesday night. Christine thoughts were on the meeting she had arranged the next day. As she drove, the windscreen wipers ushered the raindrops from her screen. The bright headlights reached into the darkness and the warmth from the heater caressed her body. She held the steering wheel tight with one hand and with the other she caressed her silken blouse. It made her feel very special, very sexy, and she loved the texture against her breasts and especially her nipples. She licked her lips and traced a finger around a nipple rubbing it gently and making it hard and erect.

Christine's destination was the Hotel she regularly stopped at when her business took her North. The hotel always had an air of excitement and she felt comfortable and safe within its luxurious surroundings. It was not long before she found herself pulling into the drive and making her way towards reception.

The Porter recognised her immediately and raced forward to help her with her baggage. He loved his job but loved it more when Miss Wallace stayed. “Good evening Miss Wallace” he bumbled. “How are you today” he continued. “Very well” came the reply. Her sexy voice sent a shiver down his spine.

Christine was immaculately dressed. Her white silk blouse and her dark business suit hugged her slim figure. She felt turned on by how she looked and felt, her playful finger had worked wonders. Check in was straightforward and quick. “Will you be dining in the restaurant tonight Miss Wallace” Laura the receptionist enquired. She smiled at Laura and replied, “Not tonight – all I want is a nice hot shower and a bite to eat” Laura handed Christine the key card for her room. For a brief moment their hands touched and their eyes met. Christine was already feeling aroused from her journey but this was different. She had always admired how Laura looked but had never thought of her sexually. Her mind was racing, her heart beating fast. “If I can get you anything” Laura said. “Just let me know”. “Thank you” Christine replied and with that she smiled and made her way to the lifts.

As the lift doors began to close she caught Laura staring. Christine felt excited, aroused. She had never felt this way about a woman before. Or at least she didn’t think she had. As the lift started to climb Christine gazed at herself in the mirror. She stared at her breasts and was alone. Gently she caressed her breasts, rubbing them and feeling her nipples through her blouse. “Hmmmmm” she moaned to herself. She loved how this made her feel, unsure as to whether she would be joined by anybody in the lift as it stopped at each floor. Secretly she wanted to be caught, secretly she always wanted to feel the hands of a man caressing and stroking her body. To feel his body tight up against hers and to feel her warm wet pussy being licked and fucked.

The door to her room swung open as she swiped her card through the lock. Her eyes gazed round the room, her attention grabbed by the four-poster bed. Immediately she lay down on it and stretched out. Her skirt hitched up exposing her panties. She lay there for a second knowing that she could not resist the feel of her pussy. She lowered her right hand and gently caressed the silken panties, her left rubbing her breasts. The feelings from the car, reception and the lift had already made their mark. Her panties were wet with her cum. She rubbed harder pressing the silk into her wet mound parting her lips. “Ohhhhhh yessss” she moaned, rubbing harder. Sliding two fingers inside her panties she yearned for the touch of her wet pussy. Sliding up and down she moaned with pleasure. She felt so turned on, so horny. Her pussy already oozing cum. Gently she slid a finger up inside her pussy, penetrating deep. “Oh God” she moaned. “Oh God”. Sliding in and out she finger fucked her wet snatch. Gyrating her hips against her penetrating finger and rubbing her clit with her thumb she knew she would cum so very soon. Harder and harder she pressed getting more and more turned on with every thrust of her finger. In and out she went, finger fucking her and pinching her nipples. “Oh yes Oh yes Oh ye……sssssssssssss” she moaned. “Aaaarrghhhh yes FUCK ME” she cried. She came, cum oooozing from her wet lips soaking her panties. Christine slid her two fingers out and licked her cum from them. She always loved the taste of her own cum.

Time was passing quickly so Christine rang down to reception to order a sandwich. “Good evening, reception, Laura speaking” came the reply. Christine, fresh from playing with her wet pussy was excited to hear her voice. As she placed her order she rubbed her now exposed breasts. She was excited to know what Laura would think if she knew. Laura confirmed her order and her room number. Room 169. Oh god how she would love one 69 with Laura, Christine thought to herself. Christine’s thoughts were of sex, dirty erotic horny sex.

With that Christine took the rest of her clothes off and headed for the shower. The hot water felt wonderful as it caressed her toned body and massaged her aching muscles. She felt so relaxed by all this she lost track of time. There was a loud knock at her door. “Oh bloody hell” she moaned. Room service. She didn’t have time to dry; she reached for a bathrobe and switched the shower off. “Room Service” she heard from the corridor. “One moment” she replied. As she made her way to the door she tied the robe tight. She reached for the door and the door flung open. Christine looked at the silver tray and told the waiter to place it on the table. He walked past, his body firm and muscular. As he placed the tray down he asked, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Christine smiled, her mind wandered. She loosened her bathrobe a little and dropped a handkerchief on the floor. The waiter bent down immediately to pick it up. Her plan worked. “My god I have a plan?” she gasped at herself. As he lifted his head she stepped closer and opened her robe. Her hot body from the shower stood naked before him. Christine closed her eyes, tilted her head back and started to caress her breasts with both hands. Her heart was beating waiting for him to make a move. Hoping. As her fingers massaged her erect nipples she felt warm masculine hands slide up her legs and caress her ass. “Oh God” she moaned. “Lick my pussy, lick it”. She didn’t have to wait long as he pulled her close and his tongue gently flicked against her aching pussy lips. Up and down he licked, slowly. Tasting her pussy and feeling it on his tongue. He parted her pussy with his fingers and penetrated deep into her wet slit. She moaned with every lick. Up and down, side to side and across her horny cunt he licked. After all she had felt on her way to the hotel she had never felt anything like this. The waiter never said a word. Christine was so turned on; so horny she grabbed his head and ground her wet snatch into his face. She felt like the dirty bitch slut of a whore she had always fantasised about. Her robe fell to the floor and she stood there naked in the middle of the room. The waiter with his head pressed against her pussy licking and fingering her. Her thoughts changed. She wanted cock.

She stopped the waiter and stripped off his shirt, then undid his belt and tore at his trousers. He stepped out of them eager to fuck his unexpected bonus. His cock was hard and erect. Christine pulled at his boxers and his cock sprung out. Instantly she dropped to her knees, took hold of his cock with her hands and started to wank it. She needed his cock like she never needed one before. She opened her mouth and slid it round his thick cock end. Sucking him deep and hard she moaned with every suck. Rubbing his balls then holding his ass she pulled his cock towards her taking it deep into her throat. Back and forth her head bobbed and her tongue licked his shaft and swollen purple cock end. She could not believe how horny she felt. Slowly she slid her mouth back licking the whole of his shaft, then teasing his cock end with her tongue. A silver sliver of pre cum stretched from his cock to her mouth. She just licked her lips and swallowed.

Christine stood up and pulled him towards the bed. She bent over the bed with her legs on the floor and her ass raised. “FUCK ME” she demanded. “FUCK ME HARD”. The waiter took hold of his hard cock and parted her wet lips with his fingers. He pressed firmly against her wet pussy and slid in. “Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned. She felt the whole 9 inches of his thick cock slide in stretching her pussy. He slapped her ass as he started to fuck her. The sting of his hand turned her on. Back and forth the waiter went, his cock penetrating deep inside her pussy. His hands firmly gripping her hips. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK” Christine screamed with every thrust. “FUCK ME FUCK ME” she continued. How had she become this dirty slut? How had it taken her so long? Her pussy was stretched with every thrust, every push and she just wanted more and more. She knew she could not take much more. Her pussy was aching and she knew she would cum so very soon. Harder and harder he fucked. Deeper and deeper he penetrated. Her breathing was heavy, panting. Beads of sweat formed on her brow. Oh god she knew the signs, she knew she was going to cum. Cum oozed from her pussy and dribbled down her legs. Her breathing shortened her body anticipating. It arrived…her orgasm crashing through her body. “Arrrgghhhhh Arrrghhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss fuck fuck fuck me”. Her body shook, her body writhed, her ass grinding against his cock. How she could feel so turned on had escaped her but she didn’t care.

The waiter pulled out his cock from her wet pussy. Christine felt it slide all the way out. She instinctively turned round and dropped to her knees. The waiter stood there with his cock in his hand. She took hold of his cock and sucked it into her mouth. That was all he could take. She sucked and sucked and he knew he would cum. Hot jets of cum erupted from his cock and into her mouth filling it up quickly. Christine swallowed as much as she could. The waiter withdrew his cock and another jet of cum sprang from his cock and hit Christine on the cheeks, he pulled back further and another stream of cum hit her breasts. Christine just licked her lips and rubbed his cum into her breasts and nipples with her hand.

With that they both looked at each other and smiled. The waiter gathered his belongings and closed the door behind him. Christine lay on the bed. The only thing she was wearing was a smile, a very big smile. Christine climbed into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Christine woke early. There was a knock at the door. “Room Service” a female voice said. Christine ran to the door and opened it. The door opened and there standing with her breakfast was Laura. “Your naked” Laura said. Christine smiled. Laura smiled back. Laura entered the room and placed the breakfast on the table. She turned round and gazed at Christine’s body. She licked her lips and moaned, “I want you”. Christine replied with excitement “Hmmm yes please”, placed the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and gently kissed Laura on the lips.

This was indeed Hotel Heaven.


© Copyright 2007 Dream Factory

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