The Awakening. (Mandy)
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral, first)

I clearly remember my first sexual awakening, I was just fourteen and my second cousin from Canada was staying with us for her summer break. Mandy broke my heart and stimulated my hormones in a way I had never imagined. She was a year older than I but I remember sinking into daydreams about her, that scrumptious figure, so firm and agile, she was like no other girl I has seen before.

I remember sniffing her chair after breakfast, my Mum seeing me down on my hands and knees, asking just what I was doing. I replied I was looking for one of my matchbox cars which she seemed to accept. I must have flushed really red in the face though because she asked me if I was feeling okay, that it looked as though I was suffering a fever. Well I was but not the sort she thought! But I could not help it, I just was besotted by Mandy. I worshipped the ground she stood on. Even the settee did not escape my sniffing and after she had been sat there for a long period her scent was just strong enough to breath in. Seems so very kinky now when I think about it, but I had this deep riveting crush on the girl and my mind was drenched in her being, being with her, just she and I in our own secret place,

I had wild dreams about her then, my first wet dream I remember, I just longed to get into those tight jeans with a yoke that did wonders for her hind. I thought about it and later scrimmaged through the dirty washing basket to discover something which was going to give me thrills galore. A pair of Mandy’s pink panties with white lace trimming. And they were slightly soiled. That night was really something, sniffing and licking - I smelt her scent and my cock suffered a volcanic eruption, rubbing them into my face, especially the crotch where her pussy had been. Smelt so good as I slowly sniffed the scent deep into my nostrils, imagining it was for real, my sniffing her pussy like that through her panties, how divine it would be. And then to feel the shape of her mound as my tongue explored around and around. My heart and mind went bonkers as I cum so very strong - my mum rushing into the bedroom saying she heard noises and was I okay. Again I lied and this time said I had something stuck in my throat which had now cleared.

In a couple of days though, pandemonium! Mandy announced she had mislaid her underwear, mum helped her search for them and when they could not find them she assumed they must be caught up in the washing machine. I felt I had to do something, they were soiled and moist with my cum so I washed them in the bathroom, secretly took them out into the garden and dried them on the branch of a tree hidden from the house. When dry I folded them and secretly placed them at the bottom of Mandy’s drawer in her bedroom. I just had the urge though to do something before I did that, I had one last squeeze of my cock with the panties wrapped around, not to soil them again but I had these carnal thoughts in my mind that somehow when she next wore them she would be drawn to me, and my fantasies would come true.

No such luck and when her stay was over she just gave me a polite peck on my cheek. This time she would not notice the absence of those pink panties, until she got home that is! The ones I had plucked from her suitcase , when I managed to get into her room the evening before she left. But I had also scented her blue ones which I carefully placed back into her case.. I just needed that certain scent of her in her pink ones I cherished so much and hoped it would last and last. But of course it didn’t so I was still stuck with my memories and a couple of pictures I had taken of her.

Two years later though she stayed with us once more. Now we were both a little more mature and Wow! did it show with Mandy. I thought when she first visited she was really something but now - it was like my volcano was about to erupt again and remembering what happened last time I imagined how it would be now.

I guess she was old enough to recognise how I was looking at her and I realised she was doing the same. Now I knew I just had to have her in every way, to make all those fantasies materialise.

They surely did when one evening Mandy and I were left alone when my parents attended a Company dinner. They telephoned later to say they would be away all night and for us to look after ourselves

“MMM do you think we can do that, Charlie?” Mandy asked with a certain mischievous chuckle.

Like we had both not had a meal in a month come Sundays - we took to each other instantly, as if our thoughts were completely in tune and my first real sexual relationship had truly started..

It was heaven snogging with her, our hungry lips so deeply kissing each other and the searching of walking fingers as we tongued each other into a frenzy. Then I felt her fingers undoing the buttons on my shirt, almost ripping it off, then my jeans buckle, and soon they were down to me knees as Mandy took her pleasure with me, sniffing and doing things with her tongue there.

“You are divine, Charlie,” she complimented as she stretched me back to reveal the deep redness of my plum. “I love your scent, your taste,” she continued as she took in deep breaths between that gorgeous sucking motion, so strong and so good. “You know something? Seems I have experienced it before, the smell of you I mean.”

“Much the same as any other I guess,” I replied , thinking of how her scent would be and how next I wanted to discover that as my fingers busied with her thong now, feeling the wetness there and how she opened a little to let my fingers explore, her being bent across me - moaning as she stroked my length now.

“No not really, your scent is different, Charlie”

She suddenly stopped doing what she was doing and looked up at me .. “Ooops!”

“Ooops?” I returned - “why the Ooops?”

I thought about it then I realised. She was possibly not a virgin and had done this before.

“Well, Charlie Varrick” I said to myself, “you cannot be so vain as to think you are the first - in your dreams huh!”

She looked at me, seeming to understand my thoughts. “It was my Uncle,” she solemnly confided.

“He was visiting from the states. You know how as kids we remember smells and things, with him it was the smell of garlic ughhh! And later when he tried to fuck me!”

“Did he succeed?”

"No don’t worry, I sussed him and screamed blue murder, and in his panic he screwed up - he jammed that thing deep into his zip. That cooled his ardour and I never saw him again! I am a virgin, something I hope you will put right, I feel it is so right with you. I feel I have been that close with you before, your scent and all.”

Mandy then took great concentration to close up tease my cock, enticing my pre-cum, sniffing there, her eyes closed and that certain throat noise again as she breathed deeply.

I was thinking about two years ago now and what I did with her panties before she left. I just wonder if? No couldn’t be, that was all in the mind, but she seemed to recognise my scent and I was reading in a book that chemical attraction plays a big part in sexual attraction.

I was sniffing her now and, yes I remembered, she was divine. I stroked my tongue over her wet thong and traced her ripe young pussy beneath the silkiness. I heard her deep sigh as my tongue instinctively became busier, teasing back the edge of her gorgeous silky red thong and sensing the taste trickling over the sensitive tip of my tongue, then her hips were writhing as I pressed the length into her teasing her thong aside with my fingers now, rubbing her clit around and around, feeling the so wonderful throb in my cock excel. So this is really what it was like to suck pussy. I had never ever imagined it could be so good, even the more better to feel my baby’s mouth enjoying my full package, it was simply heaven on earth as we both continued to lick, suck and taste each other. I simply could not get enough of her, she was so very wet now and dripping and I was just swallowing all she could give, feeling the moist warm stickiness glide along the back of my tongue and down my throat. I sensed the hunger and demanding in her sounds now.

At the same time she began to heave so did I and it was so absolutely enthralling as we both cum so very strong together, I realised my cock was still inside her warm mouth - not exactly where I wanted it to be then, but I was committed and so was she and it happened. But it was beautiful!

Later we would fuck and how!

She was mine for the taking. She had said that, We were both virgins and the heavens opened that night for both of us. When my very vibrant cock entered her tightness I felt her yelp a little with pain, I stopped for a moment but her hands nudged into my thighs, her legs widened to allow me access and I thrust deep into her, giving it to her like she wanted, feeling that gorgeous relief, the feeling of her tight pussy muscles squeezing me inside her, making me yelp now but as her eyes opened they were full of passion. I saw the lust of a girl wanting to be satisfied, a girl wanting to cum so strong as we both did before, it was so very good as we both instinctively got into a wonderful spasmodic rhythm pattern, to sustain the perfect fuck.

We seemed to fuck on and off until the breaking of the dawn when both of us were well and truly broken in. I wanted now for her to anoint me with her scent forever more. I told her of my secret, what happened when she last visited, she seemed relieved, “so that’s how I remember, you naughty boy you, Charlie!”

“Naughty but nice?” I returned.

“Mmm very nice. More?”

And there we were again, her crouching and spreading across my face, teasing me with open pussy, smearing me with its nectar, so good and so wonderful to taste. Then fucking each other like there was no tomorrow until I was close to cumming. Pulling out it was her turn to take the smothering, I wanted to feel how it was like, having dreamed of it so many times, being that uninhibited enough to do that with a girl. With a girl like Mandy anything seemed to go, feeling those delicate licks around my balls as I crouched over her was sheer ecstasy, the way she wanked me off at the same time and then the daring way she teased her finger inside my ass, all so very sensual and natural. Soon I took the initiative with her and fucking her ass was like fucking a virgin all over again.


She is absolutely all woman, everything any guy could ever want emotionally and physically. And we even decided to get hitched, for me that had always been a no-go but with Mandy….

Do you now something, have been with her two years now and I still have this passion to sniff her underwear.

(C) Alex Carr 2007

© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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