Getting To Know You
By Casi Nova
(MF, BD, Fdom, Oral)

Mmmmm....It's early morning and the sun is not up yet. I reach over in the darkness and place my hand on your warm back, enjoying the feeling of your skin under mine. I can hear you breathing deeply. And as my head clears I start to remember the night before....

You met me at the door, greeting me with hugs and smiles like old friends, even though we had never before laid eyes on each other. We had dinner, and chatted like we had known each other our whole lives. And despite the comfort, I was tingling the whole time. We went back to your place, but barely made it through the door, I remember everything falling away, both inhibitions and clothes. Both of us stumbling to your bed. I stopped to pull some handcuffs out of my purse, and snapped them tightly around your strong wrists.

Tied you to the bed. I remember how I climbed on top of you, straddling your hips. Your sexy voice had made me increasing wet during dinner, and my cunt was dripping in anticipation of fucking you. I leaned over you, kissed you soflty on the lips, and then kissed a trail down your neck and stomach to your cock. You were hard before I even touched you. I brushed my lips across the tip, and then ran my tongue lightly over the head of your thick, hard cock. I heard you moan, and as I slowly licked from base of your shaft up to the very tip of your cock, you whispered "C'mon baby... suck that big, hard cock. I want you to take the whole thing into your mouth." Never one to argue, I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of your cock and slid the length of it deep into my mouth. I sucked hard and fast until I felt you begin to throb and i knew you were getting close to cumming, then I slowed down my pace and started to flick my tongue back and forth over the sensitive spot just under the head of your cock. You wanted to cum so bad you were begging me to keep sucking harder... but I stopped. I climbed back on top of you, leaning in so my nipples just barely grazed your lips. I nibbled on your earlobe, and then kissed you hard on the lips. I positioned myself so that my wet, hot pussy was just above the tip of your thick, hard cock. You could just feel my wetness as I lingered over you.

"Want me to fuck you baby?" I asked.

"Mmmhmmm.... I want you so bad baby."

I could see the eagerness in your eyes. I slowly slid just the head of your cock into my tight, wet cunt, and as you began to moan in relief, I pulled back. "Please baby," you begged me. "I wanna feel that wet cunt. Please, fuck me." Slowly I slid your big, hard cock deep into my tight, wet pussy, spreading my legs even further to take the whole length of your shaft even deeper insde of me.

"Is this what you want baby?" I whispered. "You like this?"

You moaned as I slowly grinded my hips in a small circle, keeping your cock deep, deep inside of me. "Fuck baby, that feels so good."

Then, in the mood for something different, I untied your hands from the bed, but kept you handcuffed. I turned, keeping your cock deep inside of my tight cunt, and rotated so that my back was to you. I leaned forward a bit, and started sliding up and down your thick, hard cock. I dug my nails into your thighs as I fucked you faster and harder, sliding up slow and then pressing back down hard and fast to take in every inch of your hard, pulsing cock. I could feel your hands around my waist, your fingers absent-mindedly tracing the tattoo on my lower back as I fucked you. And then I felt your fingers gravitate down to my ass. I started breathing faster as you slowly traced one finger in a circle around the rim of my ass. I moaned as you slowly slid the tip of one finger into my ass.

"Mmmmm..... God, Joel....." I press down onto you, your cock buried deep inside of my tight, wet cunt, and I start to rock my hips back and forth slowly. Then faster. I can feel your thick, hard cock throbbing inside of me.

"Mmmmmm..... fuck baby....." On the edge of an orgasm, I stop, turn back around to face you, lean in and kiss you, biting down gently on your lower lip.

"I want you on top Joel," I whisper in your ear, and we roll so that you are now the one in control. With your fingers intertwined with mine, you pin my hands above my head and I wrap my legs around your hips as you press deeper into me. I tilt my head back and moan as you kiss down my neck. You start to fuck me real slow and deep, and it feels so good that I can barely breath.

"Mmmm.... Joel, baby, I want to feel you cum," I moan. "I wanna feel you cum deep inside of my tight pussy. You wanna cum, don't you? Wanna make me cum?"

"Mmmhmmmm...." you moan as you start to thrust harder into me. I bite hard on your neck as I fight to temptation to give in to my orgasm, fighting to stay on the edge a little longer. You start to pound into me harder and faster.

"I want you to cum all over my thick cock," you growl. I tilt my head back, bite down on my lower lip and moan, and you feel my hot, wet pussy tighten around your big, hard shaft. I whimper your name as I cum, gasping at the intensity, and you bite down on my neck as my orgasm triggers your own. I bring my forehead to your chest and moan as I feel you cum deep inside of me, the warmth spreading thru my body. We kiss roaming paths over each others bodies as our heart-rates slow down and we begin to release one another. You lay next to me, and I rest my head on your chest while we catch our breath. But even as we calm down, our hands still wander over each others bodies, tracing the sensitive spots that we have learned will drive each other wild... eager to start all over again.

Copyright 2007 Casi Nova

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