Silken Goddess
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral, rom)

She looked delicious in silk. I wanted just to garnish her in the sensual softness. It was making love to an angel in heaven. And when I presented her with a silken sarong on her 21st she was over the moon.

“Try it on for me?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Now, you’d like that, Pete?”

“Now is better than any time - and just your underwear beneath Huh?”

Louise chuckled in her inimitable way - the way that made me love her just a little bit more. Meeting Louise was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Just two months into our relationship and each time we chilled together, went out together, it was always fresh and so thrilling in every way.

I had never before known a girl like her, she was just a natural, no hang ups, always open with me - from the start that was the agreement: “No beating around the boosh” she said in her rich Northern accent. You be honest with me and I will be honest with you.”

Suited me and her openness was so very refreshing.

When she appeared at the top of the stairs leading from her bedroom, the red and turquoise sarong complimenting her figure, she was a joy to behold. I just wanted to take her there and then, to squeeze and caress her, without a doubt this was the most sexiest ever garment I had seen Louise wear.

“Would you like to see what I am wearing underneath, darling?” she said softly in her most provocative tone, slinging the wrap of her sarong to the side, just enough to reveal her gorgeous red tie-up thong and bra to match. No my heart was thumping. She seemed to realise my reaction as she chuckled mischievously: “Come back to earth, baby“

“Louise, it is just you look so good.” I told her my love was growing every instant, we were soon in each other’s arms, she leading me up the stairs to her room. That all inspired room décor with the soft colours of burgundy and rose white and her bedding to match. Several times already I had shared her bed, her heaven, and each time was better then the time before - as we discovered more and more about each other in the wonderful sexual and erotic adventures, This evening was to be no exception, I felt it in my bones. We had planned to go out for a meal first, to begin our weekend together but, realising my impatience to be with her, she suggested that she could put together something special for us to enjoy … later maybe?

No. I knew she was as keen as I to share the thrill of each other. She said the silk made her feel like all woman and so very feminine and I wanted to share that with her. I wanted her to be all woman for me in every way imaginable, no holds barred as we now settled sitting on the edge of the bed, just hugging and holding each other so tight, my lips soon finding the joy and the ecstasy of hers as we sunk into a very deep and moving and sensuous kiss.

As soon as I started to smooth my hands over her body I knew it was going to be so good and so special this weekend. She gently relaxed with me, content to let me stroke and pamper her through the sarong. I cannot begin to explain just how that felt; there are no words good enough. All I know Louise and I were already on the way to our heaven. For a while I was content to pamper her this way all over her gorgeous trim body, listening to her sounds of pleasure as I manipulated my fingers in a way I had discovered she loved so much.

“Darling, you will always remain my lover wont you?” she whispered into my ear as I felt her fingers tease the buckle of my belt, slowly undoing, taking hold of my zip, teasing me- was she going to unzip me or not.. Instead her fingers found my shirt buttons, and then I felt the warmth of her kissed across my chest. “Baby, baby Louise I cannot ever stop loving you, you are part of me. I need you, crave for you so much.” and then I felt her go down to my trouser zip, urging me to strip - the way she liked me to, she wanted me to be her Chippendale stripper, to do the whole works, the swinging, the shaking all and I reckon I had got it off to a fine art according to her response which always meant the most wonderful and compelling blow-job I had ever known. With Louise it was more than that, that description did not do it justice, the way she took me in her mouth so deep, her tongue rolling my swollen tip, teasing in so many ways. And now it was going to be even better, I just knew it; she was my silken goddess to enjoy to my hearts content. I wanted to do everything with her; it was like my carnal thoughts were going berserk.

“I love you Peter Carr so very much,” she whispered again as I teased down my boxer shorts, down to my knees and then, lifting each leg, to remove completely. I was so very ripe for her, like a rock, throbbing and the urge of her made me lose all inhibitions, just how she preferred, to enjoy me as I was now, as much hers as she was mine, when I felt the first touch of her lips surround my plum, as she called it, her fingers teasing along the shaft, squeezing and feeling me all the way down , then the thrill as her hand cradled my balls, gently squeezing as she lost herself in that so wonderful and so thrilling deep satisfying suck. I was looking down at her now, she lay spread on the bed, her sarong wrap falling aside to reveal the wonderful scene of her red underwear and her gorgeously tanned body, her head raised just enough to take me, her head slowly bobbing backwards and forwards as I hear the moans each time she released and then sucked me in again so strong, her cheeks bulging as she took me in different angles, all the while squeezing my balls as I felt myself swell and pulsate even stronger, wanting her deep wet fuck so very much. Soon I knew I would have that but for now I wanted it to last how it was now, and how I wanted to enjoy her now, the same as she was enjoying me, to taste and feel her rich wetness against my face as I buried my mouth so deep into her, teasing her thong aside first, then undoing the ties, her bra until she was complete for me, to enjoy in every way…

For a time lost we were saturated with each other, the rich pleasure of intimacy so profound and wonderful - as we both chilled, enjoyed just teasing and tasting each other in the most wonderful thrilling and exiting way. The way she opened just a little bit more for me, to let me find and explore her, deep underneath, wanting to eat her, tease my tongue around and around her, front and behind, tasting so good, losing myself in her scent, wanting more and more as I felt the surge of her mouth taking me deeper, deeper - how much deeper could she take me, the wonderful feeling of that, combined with the sensation I was enjoying right now.

Lost in a pulsating ripple of out bodies moving and moulding to each other - until we knew we could take it now more. I stood up, Took her sarong away, sliding it from beneath her as she rolled over, then waving it like flag in the air to let it float and cascade to settle once more across her body, her movements enticing me, prompting me to rough fuck her, that’s what she wanted, “Rough fuck me baby!”

It was part of the richness we shared, the richness of our love that we could be so carnal and diverse with each other. She turned again onto all fours, spreading her thighs, leaning to pronounce the beautiful curves of her ass, waiting for me to serve her. And then, all at once, I was inside her, feeling her throb engulf me, so strong and so demanding until we built a perfect fucking rhythm, holding for a while to enjoy to the fullest, her hand grasping my shaft at the base to cause that delay, knowing when she released, she was ready for me to cum strong inside her.

Louise was my girl forever, my silken goddess.

(C) Alex Carr 2007

© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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