The Sauna
By Charlie M
(MF, oral)

As you swizzle your cocktail and crack open a pistachio you are momentarily aware that all three are checking you out as you sit at the hotel-bar. The thick-set, tanned businessman, the lean and wiry, nervy traveller and the preening young sportsman. A montage of images flashes through your mind of how it would be with each, as you smile to yourself. You would straddle the businessman, his girth parting your thighs pleasingly wide, his cock thick stubby and reliable, your intent to take him to his end quickly and wipe that smirk from his face. The sportsman you would bend over for, pandering to his ego as he did you athletically from behind, all the while smacking your exposed flesh and teasing you, 'you like that, eh?' (as you think, 'yeah, fine, now come on, up your performance!'). You would lie beside the nervy blinking traveller and stroke him in reassurance, delighted to realise a fantasy you've had since the days you saw him slip from the pool, the outline of an improbably long and thick cock evident through his water-slicked shorts.

But which of them is bold enough to make a move? The businessman is alone (he seems to like pistachios too), at the bar away to your left. The traveller is reading (a travel book, no doubt), sat back from the bar to the right, feigning nonchalance (he's noticed, you know; he remembers when you dived noisily into the pool before him and bobbed to the surface, pushing your newly wet hair out of your face and looking pointedly at him). The gym guy is flirting obviously with two silly young girls opposite you across the bar. Your bets are that the young guy will approach you at some stage, that you might have to make a play yourself for innocent Mr Aussie Big-cock and that the assured, likely married, businessman expects to fuck you. And what will the conversation be about? The traveller will surely be intense and interesting, though you're wary that you may have to force the issue least your new pink panties be wet beyond their capacity to absorb before you loose his boxers from his modestly-borne gift to all women. The sports jock most likely will involve his giggling friends as a ploy to increase your interest - he looks sly. It might work. The quieter one, though young and likely lacking in boldness, is lithe and big-breasted you note naughtily on another glance. The businessman will be sparing in his chat and keep you slightly on your toes, though he will be sure to make mention of his wealth and success. Your desire will mostly be about laying waste to him with your youthful sexual vitality - he ain't man enough!

All the possibilities have their appeal and you feel spoilt for choice, the only difficulty that in choosing one you will close off other possibilities. The older man will offer post-coital comfort even if you dislike his power; the traveller you are sure wont waste himself and the young man is likely to have a tanned and toned body (you love the male physique in its young prime). And then the businessman joins the book-reading member of your fan club. This change jolts you and highlights the fact that your wandering thoughts have caused some heating in your neck and face. You shift on your stool and draw deeply from your drink - time for action! You pick up on their chat, the businessman surprisingly modest and interested in the younger man's stories (a travel-writer apparently, nervy and intense in his speech, as you expected). They talk about Africa. You've been there. Suddenly the young guy is at your side, his female friends joining him uncertainly. You try to remind yourself of your earlier fascination with his body but all you can think of is the travel-writer's super-cock and how now you may be denied its pleasure! He is pleasant and enquires about your stay at the hotel (he works in the gym) and introduces his friends, two Polish chamber-maids. The conversation behind you begins to tune out. The night seems to become disorganised. Some music comes on and more drinks are ordered. The young stud doesn't seem to be on the pull - you'll see about that! After a while you notice that the other two men have left the bar. Giddy on drink and dancing you wander away to the toilet later and a glance across through the glassed concourse changes the course of the night again. You see the traveller slip into the sauna in his bathrobe. You detour to your room for your toilet break and dress down. Off with the frilly top and bra, the skirt and damp pink panties. You slip on your swimsuit.

The sauna is steamy and your eyes take a while to acclimatise. You sense he alone is there even before you pick out his silhouette. No need for coyness here, it's customary (and healthier) to go naked in the sauna. You slip the straps off your shoulders and peel the swimsuit down your body, feeling pride as your breasts swell as they come free. The fabric needs encouragement to come away from the skin down across your hips and buttocks and then a wiggle has it sliding down your legs for you to step out of. You choose a bench opposite where he is and lie on your front, the intense heat of the room already masking your physical arousal. You lie on your front and present the curves of your buttocks to him - you know he is watching. The silence feels awkward now and you wished you had been bolder. Then he breaks it saying, 'it's relaxing here?' You concur with a single word, raising your upper body and turning towards him so that your breasts are visible. You are sure now that this is no time for talk and in an ideal world; he would ask politely, 'would you like to suck my cock?' You would like to suck his cock. Since you saw him emerge from the pool you have liked the idea of sucking his cock. All that remains now is to get to suck his cock without seeming madly abrupt. He stands up and is facing you. What is he doing? He stretches his arms above his head and begins to rotate his head. Then stretches his arms to the side and rolls his shoulders. You have no doubt he his doing his exercises in all innocent earnestness, while his long thick cock swings between his legs. 'Wow!', you whisper but audibly. 'Need to keep fit', he replies, taking your comment straight. 'You think anyone will disturb us?', you say boldly. He moves to the door and clicks the lock.

As he turns to you, you sit up almost surprised by his boldness and as he moves towards you, you see that he is beginning to thicken and rise. His hands reach for your head and yours for his hips and, turning your head slightly to the side, you take his magnificent now-swinging rubbery cock gratefully into your mouth. The first moments of union are delicious. His gentle hands exploring your skull but not impairing the movement of your head, your hands gripping his hips as his cock continues to rise and lengthen and thicken in response to your wet and hungry mouth. His hands move along your back and you raise your arms so he can caress around your ribcage and onto your breasts, his palms rolling gently over your popped nipples. And you move a hand to cup and swirl and just feel the size of his big heavy balls, as you simply suck (his cock). He is almost fully erect now (and not a disappointment). He has risen up thick and straight and true and his velvety sack has come out from between his legs. His shaft is plumb against his lean flat stomach and you have to use a hand to ease it away to keep your mouth around it, though it seems even though you tilt your head to take him in as deep as possible your lips go down not much more than halfway. A clichéd fantasy come true: a gentle man with an eight-inch cock. You begin to stroke the lower end of his penis, squeezing tightly to arouse the last of his rigidity. Running your tongue over the exposed head, easing the foreskin off right back, preparing him. You feel his excitement further in the way he caresses your head. You ease away and fall back on your haunches, glancing at his now fully engorged meaty prong, which you know will quickly lead him to you as you turn away and present your buttocks to him in one last gesture of provocation.

He kneels behind you and his hands grip your hips and draw you up towards him. You feel his hand correct himself and then he meets you spot on, his thick hard cock easing into your blossomed sex. As he begins to move in you, you push up on your arms and crane your neck back. He responds as you wish, putting a hand on your head to knead your skull firmly again, his other hand on your hip as be begins to ride you. His sound is effortful, breathing interrupted; yours, despite yourself, is a percussive panting, intercut with the occasional unwitting grunt when he goes deep and hard. But he is controlled, even if to your delight he is very excited and urgent. He will fuck you as he wants, yet he will be mindful to fuck you as you want too - he knows what to do with it! Now you roll over and lie flat on the damp tiles, throwing your arms back behind your head and drawing your heels up under your bottom. Your thighs fall easily apart and you tilt your hips and push your glistening, thick-lipped open pussy up towards him.

He crawls to you and resting his hands gently on your inner thighs drops his head into your lap. You feel the breath of his excitement and his mouth kisses quickly and gingerly around your hirsute outer lips before his tongue presses into your tingling pink flesh. He tongues around the edges, establishing your geography like the keen traveller he is, edging in more on each turn. He moves a hand up your thigh across your lower stomach and his thumbing begins to seek out your best spot. His mouth turning then, his lips gripping the lips of your sex and rubbing so that like a ripe fruit unpipped your throbbing hard clit is popped out and exposed for his mouth to nibble, his tongue to push against with rising desire. Good as he is with his mouth, you grasp his head and pull him forward. He smiles down at you and then the gentleness melts from his face he hoists your legs with his arms and enters you again.

His thrusts are deep and slow at first as he begins to find his rhythm, rising up gradually so that his downward push meets you better, a proper bang against your exposed clit. You are surprised at your own depth in fully accommodating him. You can’t take your eyes from his face as you read in his excitement, the increasingly urgent pushes of his body only some of the physical thrill. He is big but you have a comfortable grip of him now and can take him right in, rising in confidence as you squeeze his cock with your vaginal muscles and urge him, 'come on'. Control ebbs and flows. He exhales and increases his effort and briefly you are at his mercy, turning your head to the side as he fucks you hard, his body slapping against your bottom. He hits a rhythm that is all his own, as if working out, testing himself. You cling on and wring your pleasure from his hard fit body assaulting you, his long hard cock doing deep and urgent lengths in your so-wet accommodating pussy. You are aware of the details of your ardent response to him: your face and neck burning, your nipples almost sore with hardness, your breath out of sync as his body collides with you, trickles of your juices down your thighs onto your bottom and your legs athletically curled around his muscled arse. He takes the time to meet your mouth wetly and you offer your tongue to him hungrily, as if starved for a lifetime of suitably animalistic male attention.

He is powerful and has stimulated you wildly beyond your expectation but you want to take him with you, to have that control over him. You buck against him and break his rhythm, making the running yourself now, your pussy slipping wetly up and down him, a gasp anew almost as he fills you on the way down, that delicious penetration repeated over and over. You watch the pleasure wash over his face as your coiled body draws the energy from his thick hard erection. He surprises you then with a movement that separates your bodies but he quickly sets up to enter you from behind again. Rougher this time, he takes your hair in one hand and a firm grasp of the womanly flesh of your waist with the other and, knowing well his own range, moves surely and quickly in and out of you, the slapping of your bodies quickening again. And then you feel him tip, his breath rasps and his movements become frenetic and then his cock is convulsing, his seed spurting, oozing, and pulsing inside your body. And suddenly you are gone too, a cramp-like spasm in your groin sending floods of tenderness out into you thighs and tummy; your pussy, almost separate to you, like a little animal clinging to survival, clamping his throbbing cock.


© Copyright 2007 Charlie M

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