Coastal Highway
By Giza Who
(MMF, cheat, oral, anal)

We were on holiday. I'd won the trip from work but my girlfriend had already used up her vacation for the year. So David and I decided to have a lad's time out driving down the coastal highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. David and I had flirted before and cruised each other in fun, but nothing ever came of it, as it were. We both had girlfriends and both had some experience on both sides of the fence. But when it came right down to it, while the flirting was fun there was something missing in the skin to skin touching.

The California sun was bright. We exchanged driving, so each of us had lots of time looking out at the ocean or the scenery. We'd stop on the breathtaking cliffs and look down to the surf far below. Several days into trip we pulled into a hotel at the end of a day of sightseeing. After checking in we had a light meal on the balcony and toasted the sunset. We knew the next day would take us out of the remote portions into urban areas, so there was nostalgia and a bit of sadness at the thought of shortly going back to work.

After the meal we stopped by the gift shop to get items for the folks back home. I already had most of mine, but was looking for that exotic gift. I found some carvings and was asking the clerk details about the local artist. She knew him and soon we were chatting on range of topics. She asked about our country and what we'd seen so far. She lived in a small town up in the hills. Her boyfriend was on a merchant ship out in the Pacific. There's a certain energy to flirting that I love. The subtle nuance of "ooh, I like" without any pressure or expectation of results. A sort of lubricant to conversation.

Our hands touched gently passing the carvings back and forth. Hers were warm and soft with a comfortable linger. I traced the lines of the carving as it lay in her hands, deliberately adding the sensuous and seemingly accidental caress across the pulse point of her wrist. She turned away suddenly and busied herself in a cabinet, but not before I'd caught the telltale hardening of her nipples. David came up with his armload and we made our final choices. Then, it being closing time we asked if there was a bar and dancing music somewhere.

It turned out the best was at the hotel itself, so we invited her for a drink after work. The talk was easy and comfortable, and soon we felt like old friends. She danced with me, and danced with David, slow and close, or wild and sweaty with both of us. I had the idea she might be trying to figure out how to be with one of us, and the conundrum of whether the other would feel left out. But it seemed David and I were on the same wavelength as neither backed off, and if anything, pressed our point to make her decision anything but easy. Finally I voiced the unspoken question. "Would you consider joining us somewhere more comfortable?"

Her eyes darted back and forth. "But my boyfriend." she started.

"Yes, well, unfortunately he's not here or we'd invite him too."

Her eyes were wide. "Are you two. serious?"

"It's definitely an invitation. I find you very attractive."

David nodded his agreement.

"You seem to like both of us. Why choose when you could have your cake and eat it too."

We each took one of her hands and looked into her eyes. She shook her shoulders and blinked in dismay. "Look, there's just one thing to verify. We both have permission from our partners back home to play if the desire should arise. And my desire is quite aroused. But as to your boyfriend, I must ask that you do this only if he would be in agreement. I'm not into cheating or lying. It's good for all, or not at all."

"Well, he's okay as long as it's nothing serious."

"We are serious about the invitation, but we're neither of us here for a long term commitment."

"All right, All right! I give up," she grimaced. "Putty in the hands of the sculptors."

We smiled wolfishly. Moments later we were in our room.

"Join us in the shower?"

She laughed in reply and started tossing off her clothes.

"Last one in's a dirty skunk."

It was crowded, and there was lots of groping, soaping and sliding together. Both David and I were erect from the get go, so whichever way she turned there was a cock sliding into any available nook or cranny. "Oh my God," seemed to be the saying of the night. "The filling in the sandwich and oh how the sandwich needs to be filled."

She was between us, her arms around him. I nibbled on the back of her neck and down her shoulders. Further down her back and kissing her buttocks. There was only so far I could reach with my tongue, so, as she was facing David she bent over and took him in her mouth. My hands were holding her hips and my face slid between her glorious arse cheeks. I slipped a finger, then two inside her vagina as she made most ladylike snorts or approval. My tongue between my fingers found her nubbin. Her back arched as she shook her hips in delight.

David's hands were underneath tweaking her nipples and massaging her breasts. I kept up the pace as she moved and squirmed. But when she started to orgasm, she collapsed down to a kneeling position so I resorted to fingers only. "Wow" she exclaimed as she stood rather unsteadily. "Nice appetizer. What else is on the menu?"

She looked around at my groin and made a dive for it, presenting David with his opportunity to bring up the rear. I was so excited I didn't last long, but I knew with the two of us there would be ample recovery opportunity. She pushed David back on the bed, rolled a condom down and mounted him greedily. I marveled at the puffiness of her lips as she rose and fell on his length. David is more slender than I, but with a certain length advantage. Pity actually since his is more suited to anal intercourse, but it is I who prefers that tight, hot passage.

But I get ahead of my story. I used my fingers to press against the sensitive perineum and around her vulva. Our combined juices and perspiration were lubrication aplenty. I tapped a finger against her stretched anus, and rubbed gently, alert to her agreement or decline. She hardly seemed to notice so I added some saliva and inserted a finger well past the knuckle. I moved back and forth with her as she slid on him, rising and then slamming back down with a whoosh. I withdrew my finger and pressed the tip of my cock against her skin around where they were joined. I made as if I was trying to enter her at the same time, grunting in animalistic tones, making it seem like a rutting contest with her as the prize.

She groaned as I held her more firmly. Her hand reached back underneath and guided me alongside him. "Oh my God, both of you!" I pressed harder. She wriggled her hips. The end was inside. She was hot and gasping. I slid against David, feeling his hardness against mine inside her. He was barely able to move, her slightly more, and I had my freedom. I grasped her by the nape of the neck and powered inside. She was moaning constantly as we found our rhythm and moved in tandem, in and out.

Then after a few minutes we stilled and growled at her, "now move on us. Both our cocks are inside you and you're the one taking them in." She was screaming and shaking as the force of her orgasm took her again and again. We kept on moving against her as long as she could stand it, until finally she raised a hand, "Stop! Too sensitive." We kept still and eventually slid out as she lolled over on her side. "Oh my God, I'll never be the same again," she panted, her hand cupping her swollen lips.

David stayed and stroked her gently as I went to shave. I came back and rubbed my chin. "No razor stubble to chafe you now," I smiled. "May I have the pleasure of your pleasure?"

I knelt between her legs and began kissing from her knees to her fingers, then back down the other side. Each time, I tried inserting my tongue under her fingers and eventually she relented. I kissed and approached until settling in on my stomach between her thighs, moaning my delight at her treasure. It took some time to re-awaken her passion. First it started gently, then a hand twined in my hair and zeroed me in on the target of desire. I looked up from my studies to see David fingers on her breasts, and their tongues entwined in a deep kiss. Her other hand was stroking his stiffness, and I took it as an exercise to keep her aroused but fully able to pleasure him.

After a bit, she lifted him over so his balls were on her chin. He bent down and slid inside her mouth. From time to time she'd pat my head to remind me of my task as well as my enjoyment of watching them. What a fascinating sight across her belly and breasts. I got up and knelt between her legs and lifted her knees up. Her feet were braced on my thighs as I slid inside her in a close embrace which might have made Doctor Livingstone either proud or appalled.

My face was close to the action so I used my tongue to good advantage for my fellow traveler. The groans indicated his approval. He started to shake and move erratically, plunging and rising and finally calling out his victory. I was moving slowly as he pulled out and lay panting beside us. "I'm starting to get sore," she said. "Don't take too much longer."

"I have a fancy for your rear, if you'd accommodate the indignity of buggery,"

"In my bum? Oh, Rhett!" she mock exclaimed with a hand over her eyes. "Well, I nevah."

I suspected it was rather more than never, but allowed her the play acting. "On your knees, Scarlet! I'm about to get stern with you." I realized I kept expecting her to groan at my terrible puns.

"Would you be so kind as to pass the lube, sir?" I asked David.

"Only too delighted," he replied with a flourish.

I dolloped a good amount down the crack and started working it into her rubbery ring. She was well and truly opened by digital measures before I started with the analog. I know. I can't help it. Not that I try very hard. Her fingers were between her thighs, rubbing vigorously. I rose behind and aimed my charger. The entry was smooth and very slow. Down almost to the hilt, watching the beautiful play of muscles across her back and rump. I paused a moment while she called a halt to realign her inner accommodation, then the final millimeters, followed by a slow withdrawal. More fingers and lube again to be sure of the rights of passage. Then the presentation again, this time smoothly down and back. I could see her settle her shoulders on the bed so I knew she was relaxed and comfortable.

"In for a penny, in for a pound." I said pressing my hand on the side of her head so she raised her hips. I took a grip and began the final assault. Starting slowly in and out, but building quickly to the frenzy of forbidden pleasure. She might have objected at that moment had I been aware or anything but the boiling in my nut sac and the desire to keep sliding in her hot smooth rectum. In and out, as her fingers strummed underneath. I advanced in pleasure to the final pinnacle and planted the flag pole with a roar. She was strumming madly and held me in for a few minutes until her final pleasure joined my own.

As is seemly, the withdrawal was ceremonious even if the parade was over. We three laid together and kissed. I padded off to the bathroom to wash, then turned out the light before pulling up the cover for a sound sleep.

In the morning as we were vacating the room, the couple next door were casting wide-eyed glances our way.

"Beastly noisy last night. Terribly sorry if it kept you up."

The wife blushed, and I thought to myself that there had perhaps been inspired performances on both sides of the wall.

Copyright 2007 Giza Who

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