Panty Face
By Bob
(MFdom, Oral, Creampie)

It began innocently enough. I had bought her a pair of crotchless panties. They were dainty little things, pink with black lace edging around the waistband and leg opening, as well as the crotch. We were going to a party later on that evening and I dared her to wear them under her dress. She just laughed and said something like, "don't you wish."

But she obligingly stripped down and put them on to model them for me. She strutted and pranced around the bedroom and I soon had a raging hard-on. She noticed this and I said, "well we have a little time before we have to get ready for the party, how about a quickie?" She didn't say anything, but she came over to me and started pulling my pants down. When I was naked, she flopped down beside me and was lightly rubbing her slit with her fingers. I happily scooted down and started licking her. I delighted in feasting on her hairless slit through the open crotch. I do love licking and sucking her clit, but I noticed that the damn lace trim around the crotch opening and legs was kind of hard and scratchy. But after a few minutes of eating her luscious pussy, I ceased to notice it.

That night, she did something she'd never done before, she pushed me flat on my back, propped a pillow under my head, and straddled my face. I was buried in her cunt and I feasted unabashedly. She happily rode my face through three orgasms and then shifted position slightly so my tongue was in her butt. I had never done this before and I was a bit shocked at first, but I was so horny I just went along with it. After a while, she turned around toward my feet and began playing with my raging erection while I tongue fucked her butthole. She rode me this way for a long time, all the while teasing my engorged prick. Just when I was about to blow, she quickly scooted off of my face and plopped her steaming cunt right onto my prick. In seconds I was gushing my come deep into her pussy.

Like most guys, as soon as I've come, I lose all interest, but she just stayed there slowly rubbing herself against my now limp dick for a few minutes. Then she suddenly raised herself up and quickly planted her steaming, dripping cunt right on my mouth. I was stunned! She expected me to eat my come from her cunt??? Ugh! I tried to push her off, but she reached back with her right hand and squeezed my balls hard. Since I had just come, it really hurt. She kept her tight grip on my balls and pushed her cunt harder onto my mouth. Another hard squeeze and I opened my lips and began licking. I thought I was going to gag, but the taste wasn't really bad. My milky come was mixed with her copious secretions and after a minute or so, I was again licking her clit. She shifted position slightly so her clit was off my mouth and she spread her lips with her fingers so that my come was now dripping from her pussy right into my throat. "Stick your tongue in there and get every drop" she said while giving my balls another squeeze. I stuck my tongue out and began licking her.

When she was finally sated, she got off of me and went to take a shower. I was exhausted. I was laying there on the bed smoking a cigarette, when she came out of the bathroom, towelling herself dry. She looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and watched her smile turn into a wicked little grin. She came over and laid down with me and lightly stroked my cheek. That's when I noticed that my face felt a little sore, especially around my mouth. She said, "we're due at Monica's party soon, so get shaved and showered, lover boy." And again there was that wicked little smirky grin. I got up and went into the bathroom.

As soon as I saw my face in the mirror, I realized what she was smirking about. That damn lace had scratched up my face and my cheeks were red and sore, especially around my lips. Even the tip of my nose was red. Damn! As I leaned in closer for a better look, I could see that the scratch lace had left an imprint on both of my cheeks. Shit!! I turned on the water and started washing my face with a washcloth, trying to remove the lace imprint. Damn it hurt, but no amount of scrubbing would help.

I went back to the bedroom and shouted at my girlfriend, "look what you did to my face!"

She burst out laughing and said, "it serves you right" for bringing home those cheap sleazy slut panties." You wanted me to wear them for you and I did, so what's your problem?"

"My problem is that damn lace scratched up my face and look, you can see the imprint of it around my mouth."

"So what?" she said.

"So what??" I can't go out like this, I may even have to stay home from work until this goes away."

"But we have to go to Monica's party, she's expecting us and as her best friend, I can't not show up at her party to celebrate her new promotion."

"So get over it and just get dressed, we're going to be late."

" You'll have to go without me" I said. "I can't go with this on my face."

She stared coldly at me and through gritted teeth, she said, "if you don't go, not only will I leave your sorry ass, I'll take those Polaroid's with me and pass them around at the party so everyone can see you in all your shameless glory."

I was stunned. I knew what Polaroid's she was referring to. We had been to a costume party and she had goaded me into going as a hooker, complete with makeup, wig and tight short skirt, not to mention the high heels. When we returned home, I was drunk and she was toying with me. I was horny as hell and she wouldn't let me fuck her until I agreed to let her have a bit of fun with me. She clicked photos with her Polaroid as I swished around the room like a flirty whore. After a while, I kind of got into it and she kept escalating things until she had pics of me sucking her big rubber dildo and pretending to take it up my ass. I was so drunk, I didn't care. I just wanted to get laid, but in the end, I didn't. I finally just passed out.

While I was asleep, she had posed me for more pics that were even more embarrassing than the others. She had hidden them away after showing them to me and I had forgotten about them. Now she was threatening to show them to our friends!! She said she might even send them to my secretary and my boss!! I couldn't let that happen, I begged her not to do it, but she was adamant. I either go to that damn party with her or else!

"But how will I explain these marks on my face? If anybody gets a close look, they will see the lace imprint!"

She just grinned. "So what's it going to be lover boy? You coming to the party or do I get my photo album out?"

"Be reasonable, honey. I can't show my face like this. What will I say when they ask about it?"

"I don't care what you say; tell them the truth."

"I can't do that!"

"No? Well I can."

"You wouldn't!"

"Alright, I won't say anything about it and you can tell whatever story you want to, okay? Now get your ass showered and shaved and dressed, because we're going to this party! Understand, Panty Face?"

Copyright 2007 Bob

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