End of story...
By Alex Carr
(MF, Rom, inc)

Val responded to the bleep on her mobile. It was Rick sounding frantic. But lately that was nothing new. She just wanted him out of her hair.

“You calling from the library, Rick? Thought you couldn’t make personal calls from work!”

“This is urgent, Val. Alright if I pop around tonight? Something I must say.”

“Say it now, Rick. I’ve got a hot date tonight.”

“I can’t tell you on the mobile. I have to tell you face to face.”

“Okay, Rick but make it quick. Look must hang up - I am changing Laura’s nappy. What’s that? – Yes, come at seven that’s fine, but you’ll have to be quick.”

On the dot of seven Rick was at Val’s place. She’d made her mind up, there would be no hanging around; “Look, Rick I’ve got to go, Barbara is looking after the little lady. Wish she would stop crying.”

“Look, Val,” Rick was persistent: “Will you please just sit. Give me just five minutes, that’s all.”

She looked up at that strong square jaw and his eyes told her that he wanted her. Momentarily her mindset was in the not so distant past, they’d fell out big time yes but she would always remember his passion. The time she had ached and longed for him was no more, she wanted the full package and it was no longer there for her. And anyway the way he acted, he could never be a responsible father, losing all his money on gambling and drugs, she wanted out!

She’d finished her make up and felt really good. No way was Rick going to spoil her evening. “There’s something you must know, Val. Something very urgent. Something serious that effects you and Joe. Give me just another chance, Baby, you will see it will all be fine”

But all that was in Val’s mind was that Rick would never give up. She’s had it up to here. She was about to be blatantly rude - if that was to be the only way - but she’d give him the time he wanted, just this once.

“Rick, you will never change my mind. I know we were an item once and Laura materialised. But with Joe; what can I say, he’s a great find. Next to Laura he is my life now.”

Rick sided up to her, hugging her how they used to hug, his handing coupling her breasts, for just a fleeting moment Val seemed to relent, her eyes closed - but she shook her head and pushed him away. “No more, Rick, you have had the best of me, I told you enough times we have Laura now to consider, we could no longer go on like that, and besides I no longer love you.”

Her eyes were red, deep inside she felt sorry for him with that little boy lost look, whatever, he would always be Laura’s dad, but she knew it was a play on her emotions, she had seen it all before.

Her mind flashed back to when they were deep, so deep and passionate lovers. She could never get enough of him. He always completely satisfied her after those so very long and wonderful sessions when he’d practically explore every little crevice - every little sinew of her being and how she used to love and enjoy his cock, the way he made it throb and how he teased her face with his pee-hole, all she craved for when he did that was for his hot cream to spurt all over making her feel so very warm inside and so very read for his deep so stiff and rough doggy fuck over the mahogany table in the dining room, he would please a pillow at the edge to proximate her ass, just at the right angle for him to enter her and use his thrusts to the best advantage, giving her the most wonderful deep orgasms ever.

And Rick’s mind was back there too. He remembered the many times she awoke him just enjoying him, her mouth sucking him in so deep and with so much fervour as her fingers balled him, giving him the most wonderful deep feelings inside, then he would gently press his fingers inside her, twisting and stretching slightly, hearing those certain throat noises as she sucked him harder now, taking him in as deep as can be, he felt himself come to a point of no return, feeling the strong surge shoot into her mouth, she loved every drop of it, moving and swallowing, squeezing his balls to suck out every last drop. It was magic. Her fuck was always so special and so good, how could they let all that go now …

“You are making it harder for me, Val. But I’ll be around to pick up the pieces if that what you want.”

Once more he sided to her, a second time, with more passion and determination: “Baby, you know you can’t do without me, how could this guy love you the way I do and the way you have loved me?”

Val was getting more tense by the second. He was so full of his own ego, “He must think he owns me. What a Dick head!..” Again she thrust him away from her. “Why do you guys think its only sex that captures the heart, grow up, Rick - you really don’t know much about women. As if you ever did!”

Her thoughts were disturbed by Rick’s raised voice: “Have you slept with him?”

If looks could kill Val’s were lethal. “Don’t look at me like that.” he yelled, “It’s important, I must know. If I’m no longer your lover I’m still your friend, even just for Laura’s sake. I will always be her dad you can’t change that, ever. I still want you to be happy and Joe just has to be a wimp.”

“What’s it with you, Rick asking me that. I love him don’t you understand? We are meant for each other, simply that. End of story.”

“You and Joe can never be right for each other like that.”

“Will you just drop it, Rick. Look just get the message right? We are finished, complete!!“ She was raging now, pushing Rick out of the door, Laura was crying. But still he wasn’t going to go without saying what he had to, Val had other ideas ..

“Look, Val, just listen for once eh? No way can you be with Joe. It would be ….”

“Fuck off!” She yelled shaking with anger now …That was it as far as Val was concerned, she shoved him out of the door with all her strength ..”Just leave me alone, forever!”

She was really angry. She was crying too: “You really will try anything, wont you, Rick? You just never give up do you? Just Piss off. Get out of my life.”

“Okay, Val. But remember my offer. I shall always be there for you.”


Was it rage at Rick, or did her passion for Joe finally spill over? She had been trying to make him wait before taking him into her bed, but that night she and Joe went for it big time.

His touch seemed to ignite her body; his kisses caused her body to tingle and brought about a deep sense of wanting. It was as if they were one and the same, soul mates destined to be together. They took ages exploring each other, stroking, kissing tasting. Why had she been so hung up on Rick, he wasn’t the only man who could bring about such desire and satisfy it so fully.

As Joe sank his long cock into her waiting pussy as fireworks went off in her head and she shuddered to a glorious orgasm. In no hurry to satisfy himself, he worked his cock in and out of her hot hole taking her to a series of mind blowing climaxes until finally she could take no more. “Cum in me”, she cried, “Let me have it” as she wrapped her legs tight round him and pulled him close. Her pussy clamping down hard round his throbbing shaft and milking him as his balls tightened and he shot his hot cum inside her. They lay there panting, not wanting to pull apart, something seemed to join them magically and they fell asleep, his cock still in her.

When she woke Joe was still sound beside her, she stretched her arms downwards and soon discovered he was like a rock, different from Rick who never was hard when asleep. She could not resist the temptation of gently rolling down the duvet and - just laying there she looked and admired the gentle throb of his tall cock, his firm balls beneath. He was heavenly and she took the precious time to enjoy the taste and smell of him, licking his pee hole so gently with the tip of her tongue - that certain pungency that was part of the chemical attraction between them. Soon Joe was in her mouth and as he woke and she glanced upwards to see his reaction and hear his moans… “Baby, Baby, take it all, suck and eat me!”

Soon he moved her hips in a way she knew he wanted her spread on her knees across his face as he moaned for her not to stop what she was doing. Soon they were in a perfect sixty nine and he was drenched in wet warm pussy so good and so mmmmmm. He was sharing their heaven and they soon cum so very strong in each others mouths, both sharing afterwards the taste of each other in a deep sauntering mouth kiss which seemed to seal the intimacy which was theirs now complete.

In the next day’s post Val received a note from Rick printout of her family history with just the words: “Sorry, Val” scribbled on top. The note said; “I’m researching family histories and by chance clicked into yours. It’s all on the net, Val. Joe is your brother, your full brother by blood see!”

She knew that her dad died with T.B. when he was only twenty one but she didn’t know about Joe. Two years after dad’s passing her mother remarried and had another son. But Val and Joe must have been too young to know. Further enquiries revealed her mother and stepfather couldn’t afford to keep the three kids so poor Joe had to go. He was adopted at the early age of two.

Val’s face dropped. She shuddered to take in what she had done …

But she was safe that’s for sure. She had taken a morning after pill - hadn’t she?


In the end Val had to be philosophical. After all she’d gained a brother, but now he must know that is all it could be between them,

But as for Rick - end of story.

© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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