For They Didn't Know
By Dream Factory
(Exhib, Fsolo, MF, oral, cheat)

The onset of Winter was gradually taking its toll on the landscape as its icy fingers stretched out across the land . The once golden leaves had long since given up there struggle for life and had fallen to the ground and now had an icy edge to them. As Christine walked through the leaves her boots crushed the leaves with every step.

Walking along the banks of the river her long black coat hugged and wrapped round her toned body. Her sweet sexy smile greeted everybody who wished her a good morning as she walked. For they didn't know. For beneath her coat the silken lining caressed nothing more than her naked body. Her breasts and erect nipples pressed against her coat as Christine pulled it in tight. The cold air, the silken lining and the fact that she was naked beneath her coat created the sexy smile she wore.

She loved to play this game. The excitement, the eroticism and the sexual feeling it gave her made her want it more and more. Her growing sexual feelings tempted her to go further and further. Alone with her thoughts she often wondered how far she would go to quench her sexual desire. People she walked past, both men and women, she would think hmmmmmmm maybe. With every breath, every step and every thought her passion grew stronger, much stronger. Christine knew she would have to do something to ease this feeling, but what, with whom and where.

As the time passed she became aware of the fact that her walking had taken her much further than usual. The once wide path she trod had narrowed down to a single track with trees and bushes pressing up tight. She wasn't lost but she was alone and she most definitely felt turned on. Her icy breath escaped from her mouth, past her succulent lips as she gazed around. There was nobody there. She was alone and she felt very horny. Shall I? she murmured to herself. She knew she wanted to lie down in a quiet area, open her coat wide and let the world gaze longingly at her as she touched and caressed her erect nipples and her aching clit. Oh my how she wanted it, needed it.

She pushed her way through some light bushes and found a slight clearing that afforded her some protection. Her body buzzed with excitement and she yearned for her womanly touch. Christine lay down amongst the long grass pinning it down beneath her. Quickly undoing the belt and buttons on her coat she opened it up wide. Immediately she felt the cold air caress her whole body. She lay there for a few seconds then her finger tips started to rub her nipples. Mmmmmmmm she moaned at her touch. Her fingers circling round her erect nipples. Hmmmmm that feels so good she thought to herself. Her eyes closed, her mind wandering as much as her fingers. Her mind was racing towards a state of ectascy. Christine's hands had free reign and caressed her soft cool skin. As one hand stayed to guard and protect her breast, her other hand moved lower...and lower. Touching and caressing as she went Christine felt every touch like her body was on fire.

By the time her fingers had reached her aching clit, Christine's body squirmed in anticipation of what was to come. Pressing against her clit she gasped. 'Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes', she moaned out loud. 'Arrrrrghhhhhhhh, Yessssss, yessssss....' She continued as her finger circled round and round. Her soft touch was bringing her into a state of pure sexual abandon. Her white breath gasping from her mouth in the cold icy air. Slowly she lowered her hand still further, two fingers parting her wet slit. Hmmmmmm she moaned again as her finger slid between her wet lips and started to caress her moist pussy. Her erotic thoughts pushing her further and further. Up and down she rubbed her wet lips, her aching cunt yearning for more and more. Her hips writhing with every fuck of her fingers her motions were rewarded with moans of sexual release. Christine didn't care if anybody heard her now, she had long since gone past the point of no return. Faster and faster her fingers fucked her cunt. Cum oooooozing from her pussy and caressing her wet lips and fingers. Harder, deeper, faster she went feeling every touch, every fuck and ever penetration of her slim slender fingers. Her body writhed on the silken material of her coat, her nipples hard and erect, her pussy oooozing cum as she finger fucked. She loved the sensation, the feeling of total eroticism, the feeling she may be heard and even better be seen. She knew the signs, her breath panting heavily, her moans becoming more and more vocal and despite the cold, little beads of sweat on her brow and chest. Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm, she moaned, her fingers fucking her pussy back n forth. Deep penetrating finger fucks, deep inside her aching pussy....she knew she was going to cum soon.

All of a sudden she heard a CRACK, like somebody standing on a branch and breaking it. She stopped suddenly, her heart racing as she looked around. She lay there naked, one hand on her breast and the other with two fingers still inside her cunt. CRACK....again she heard but this time much nearer. She looked up ahead of her and there stood a man. She gazed further, it was Steve, one of her neighbours. Their eyes met. "How long have you been there" she asked flustered. "Long enough to know that I like what I see" Steve replied. With that Christine smiled "Oh do you now?" she replied, smiling. "Perhaps you had better come a little closer then" she continued.

Steve needed no further invitation. His cock was already extremely hard and erect from what he had seen. He walked over to Christine and knelt down between her legs. "Perhaps I can help you" as he pushed her legs wide. Christine just smiled and raised her arms above her head lifted her hips up in anticipation. Never beyond her wildest dreams had she expected this. As Steve pushed her legs wide stretching her already wet aching pussy Christine moaned Arrghhh yesss lick me, lick my cunt. Oh how turned on she felt, how so very very horny. Steve had longed to lick her pussy and he wasted no time at all. As his tongue licked up on her wet lips Christine let out a moan of satisfaction giving him the green light to continue. Hmmmm how he loved the taste of her cum, his tongue penetrating now between her wet lips. Pushing, parting and probing her pussy, he licked and licked and licked her horny wet slit. Christine's hands were now in full flow, touching, caressing, teasing and pinching her nipples and breasts. Her eyes gazed upwards, nothing but trees and blue sky. Her mind wandered. Was this really happening?. She felt Steve's tongue push soooo very deep inside of her wet snatch. Arrrrghhhhhhhhh yessss. It was most definitely happening.

Steve unbuckled his trousers releasing his thick shaft of a cock. Christine lay there, knowing she was going to be fucked by his cock. Ohhhh how she needed that inside of her now. As she lay there, her head looking skywards she felt his cock press up against her wet lips. She moaned "Arrrghhhh. Yes Steve, FUCK ME". Christine needed to feel that shaft fuck her tight wet hole. He pressed hard and pushed firmly, his cock invaded her pussy stretching her lips as it disappeared inside of her. The both moaned simultaneously. "AAAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME". They both could not believe how good that felt. Their eyes locked together, Steve's fingers entwined with Christine's and he pushed her hands up above her head. She felt the warmth of his body up against her cool naked skin and then felt the thrusting of his cock fucking her pussy. Oh yes yes yessss she moaned as its thick shaft stretched her cunt wide. Pushing and penetrating they both fucked each other. Sometimes hard, sometimes slow. But with every fuck the both felt the pure eroticism of their surroundings. Deeper, harder, slower and faster they fucked and fucked. Not knowing if anybody was there, not caring. Oh yes, oh yes , oh yessss, she knew she was going to cum, and nothing was going to stop her this time. Steve's breathing was heavy and gasping and with that he fucked that little bit harder. Arrghhhhh! aaarghhhhhhhh.... he moaned as his cock exploded inside of her and hot thick cum penetrated deep inside. That was all that Christine needed to tip her over the edge. Her body bucked wildly as she felt the full weight of Steve pressing down on her body fucking her. Her pussy was oooozing cum and she felt it cool against her leg as it escaped from her wet pussy. Her orgasm ripped through her body, her body milking every second of satisfaction it had demanded earlier. Grasping hold of each other tightly their bodies entwined as one, fucking as one, cumming as one. There moans screeched out through the undergrowth as they fucked and fucked and fucked. Oh how Christine loved the moment, her body satisfied. Oh how Steve loved the moment, always previously being turned on by Christine from afar,.....not now.

With that their bodies slowed, still gasping and breathless Steve slid his now spent cock from her soaking pussy. They both moaned as it left her pussy. They both longed for another performance and oh how they would. They dressed quickly to protect from the icy air and kissed. Leading Christine out from their love nest they returned to the tiny path and made their way back to civilisation. Passing strangers and smiling as they said good morning. For they didn't know.


Copyright 2007 Dream Factory

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