Time Machine
By B.J Knightly
(MF, Rom, Oral, Cheat)

Sarah was lying on the bed reading "the Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, her long black hair streaming over her face. The room was basic but adequate, containing just a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. As she read she lazily drifted into a daydream, if only!

Her husband was watching a bloodthirsty film in the lounge, which she didn't fancy, ignoring her once again. Here she was in the bedroom, feeling horny, yet he took no notice. She was still very much an attractive woman, but his sex drive seemed almost non-existent. She had passed him several times in her skimpy nightie, the semi-transparent material showing off her womanly charms, but it was evident he preferred the film to passion with her.

Her thoughts drifted to some imaginary figure, a tall handsome man who could satisfy her desire, her eyes shut and a hand wandered under the nightie. Soon her nipples were hard and engorged as she caressed her large breasts. Each time she touched a nipple her pussy throbbed insistently, becoming very wet, and her clit erect begging attention. Eventually she gave in, her hand made its way down to her hot needy pussy. Two fingers traced the outline of the lips, and then flicked the hard clit for a few delicious minutes imagining how her lover Danny licked her remorselessly to several peaks, before entering the now soaking hole. She found a quick, deep rhythm swiftly, soft moans of pure ecstasy escaping her lips. A hot wave swept through her while she worked feverishly; needing the release she knew was coming. All her stomach and thigh muscles contracted along with her pussy as with a scream the pressure released.

Sarah lay back, recovering from the high she'd just reached. Her eyes opened to see her elicit friend Danny; how had he got there, and what was that contraption he sat on? Silently he motioned for her to join him and it whirred into life. It had a dial displaying the date; faster and faster it clicked over. It must be a time machine. Since they were away from the present going by the dial, "How long were you watching me?" she ventured. "Long enough," was the answer smiled back.


They arrived at a deserted beach and stepped from the machine. Gorgeous white sand, clear blue calm sea, grass next to the sand. The warm sun beat down on their backs. Fetching a towel from the machine, Danny draped it over the ground thoughtfully; they didn't want any sand in their intimate places! He, ever the gentleman, motioned to her to sit down, and then took his place at her side.

Danny's lips met Sarah's, tongues hungrily exploring each other's mouth, seeing her pleasure before had set a fire raging in him. His hand caressed her breasts as they kissed, sending ripples to her increasingly wet, warm pussy. Breaking the kiss his tongue took the place of his finger, licking the now so hard engorged nipples. She moaned, her pussy now very wet and a furnace of desire. With a quiver and shout she exploded and directed his head towards her needy pussy. He needed no further encouragement. His licks at her pussy and flicks with his tongue of her clit were heavenly, pulses sent through her sensitive pussy with each action. Three times a heat came over her then she moaned and quivered her way through each explosion, even thigh muscles contracted. Lovely as this was, after a while she could take no more. "I need a rest" she stuttered.

A change he would allow rather than a rest, as his own urgent desire was unsatisfied, so offered his swollen cock to savour. First Sarah sucked his balls till they glistened all over. Next she licked, long sweeping licks, along his shaft, the sweet taste sending quivers through her. His moans of pleasure and the buck of his hips encouraged her higher and her tongue reached the head, curling round to enjoy it all. He begged her to take his painfully swollen cock in her mouth, taking him deeper towards her throat with each bob. Her movements sped up as his full enviable 7 inches reached her throat. Ten minutes of this had him peaking and he moaned as he just got out "not yet please".

Straddling his body, she placed his cock at her pussy lips, as his peak slipped away. Closing her eyes she savoured the satisfying feeling as she slid down his cock, taking a moment to enjoy that lovely full feeling as her pussy enveloped him like a velvet glove. A whimper from him broke her reverie and she moved her hips so her clit rubbed against the bottom of his magnificent shaft. Faster and faster her hips moved as she felt a need for fast movements. As she shuddered her way through another climax, her pussy contracted, squeezing tightly on his thick shaft. Sarah could feel him throb then spreading warmth as he filled her with his fertile seed. His cock was still inside her as she lay on his chest, calming down after the peak she just reached.

They basked in the sun, heat beating down on their backs. Both recovering they fell asleep. Sleepily she woke to gentle kisses on her thighs. Insistent licking of her pussy and flicking her clit with his tongue jerked her awake. The licks roused her pussy too; it was wet and throbbing with each lick. She moaned as she lay writhing in ecstasy. Danny flipped Sarah over before she came - what a lovely way to wake up. He positioned his cock on her inviting pussy lips and thrust home. She felt deliciously full and basked in a warm happy feeling as a hot wave swept through her from her pussy to her head. Gasping as the pressure released and her pussy gripped him, her legs shaking from the pleasure. Once she'd calmed down he got into a quick rhythm, thrusting deep so his balls slapped her clit. With each thrust she could feel every vein in his cock, her pussy throbbed and with each movement it seemed a tingle went through it causing a groan to escape her lips. Both of them felt a rising pressure. He speeded his movements, like animals, her moving her hips to match his thrusts. She felt his cock widen and that familiar warmth as it spurted his cum deep inside her. This triggered a huge wave of pleasure and her pussy contracted incessantly to milk him dry, her body didn't want to waste a drop. She cried out as the pressure released and her legs quivered uncontrollably.

They both collapsed and lay in the dying heat to recover. Totally spent both fell into a contented sleep. Shivers woke her and Sarah realised she was getting cold. It was getting dusky, the evening ending their fun; it was time to go home. She woke Danny and they made their way to the time machine reluctantly. It whirred into life and placed her back on her bed at the exact moment she had left.

After a final lingering kiss, Danny climbed back aboard the machine and with a whir he vanished. Menacing music from the film drifted into the room and jolted Sarah back to reality. She was lying on her bed, alone, and yet it had all seemed so real. But it couldn’t have been, she wondered if she had nodded off and dreamt it. Her toe itched. Reaching down she spotted the culprit, residues of sand between her toes…

© Copyright 2007 B.J Knightly

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