By Alice
(FF, exhib, oral)

It was Friday at 5.30 when I left work, the rush hour busier than ever. It was raining and I was glad of my long coat, especially as I only had a short skirt and thin top underneath. As I went down the steps to the tube station I thought about that morning when I had left the flat. I had argued with my husband Dan over something trivial, and slammed the front door behind me as I stormed out. I wasn't looking forward to going home, and the weekend loomed ahead of me.

The tube station was packed, more so than usual. I pushed through the throng and waited for the train. I wondered if I'd see HER!! She was a woman I often saw on the tube although not everyday. We had made eye contact a few times and it seemed to me this was more than just two women catching each other's eyes. I once caught her looking me up and down and licking her lips and had felt a thrill of excitement.

At last the train arrived and I was pushed onto it with the crowd. As usual it was standing room only and I was crushed between a rather sweaty man with loads of newspapers and a young foreign traveller with a very large backpack. I looked along the carriage as best I could through the crush. There she was, sitting about halfway down the carriage, reading a newspaper. I felt a flutter of excitement and hoped she'd look up and see me.

As we jolted to a halt at the next station a few people got off and I edged my way a bit nearer to her. She still didn't look up. I sighed and held onto the overhead bars to steady myself. She was very sexy, dressed in a business suit with a low cut blouse under the jacket. She had very high heeled shoes on and a briefcase on her lap. As I gazed appreciatively at her shapely legs, she suddenly looked up, right into my eyes. I felt my cheeks redden immediately and felt very hot. She smiled and raised her eyebrows. I felt even warmer then.

The train came to the next station and the man next to her began to get up. She gestured to me to take his seat and I quickly pushed further along the carriage. Just as I was level with her a weary shopper dropped into the seat. Damn, I was going to have to stand here now, right between her knees. The carriage was still really packed and I knew I couldn't move anywhere else. I looked down, only to have a perfect view down the front of her blouse. I could see her breasts straining through the white lace of her bra. She caught me looking again, and this time she smiled and put a finger to her lips as though telling me to sshh. I was puzzled, what did she mean? Then I felt the flutter of fingers just above my knee, under my coat. I gasped and looked around, no-one had noticed and besides she had her hand well hidden beneath my coat. Also we were packed in like sardines; no-one could see anything.

Her fingers caressed my leg, working up to my inner thigh. I couldn't believe this was happening to me on a packed tube train. I felt her fingers brush against my pussy lips through the fabric of my knickers and I felt a flood of wetness. She started to rub me through the fabric, her fingers seeking out my clit. As soon as she found it I felt a jolt of electricity through my body. It was all I could do to stop myself crying out. I grasped the overhead bar to steady myself, my legs felt like jelly. She continued to rub and I could feel my knickers getting wetter and wetter. Then she hooked her fingers under the fabric and quickly slid a finger into my soaked cunt. My muscles contracted around her finger as she thrust it in and out. She worked her thumb across my clit and I knew I was close to coming. A few more flicks across my clit and I knew there was no going back.

My orgasm rocked through my body. I pushed my face into my outstretched arm, biting into the sleeve of my coat. She withdrew her hand with one last stroke and subtly licked her finger. I tried to compose myself. I looked around and no-one appeared to have noticed anything, they were too busy with I-pods and newspapers. A lot of people had got off the train and I grateful sank into an empty seat beside her, my legs no longer able to hold me up. I was so turned on and I wanted more.

We continued to travel in silence, neither of us speaking or making any attempt to get off at any of the stations we stopped at.

Soon we were the only ones in our carriage and it appeared that the joining ones were also empty. We were alone. She leaned over and whispered to me "Stand up in front of me again" She sounded so dominant; I stood up, feeling the wetness between my legs. I turned to face her. My pussy was level with her face. She opened my coat, pushed my skirt up and thrust her face into my knickers inhaling the musky wetness. She pulled aside the fabric and began to lick me slowly. I opened my legs to welcome her mouth and she greedily licked and sucked at my clit. I was hanging onto the overhead bars and I pulled myself up so that I was standing with my feet either side of her on the seat, straddling her face, she held me up with her hands gripping my arse.

Suddenly I began to come, grinding myself into her face. She didn't stop sucking me, lapping up all my juices. I cried out, glad that no-one could hear me. As my orgasm ebbed away, I couldn't take anymore. I could barely stand and I collapsed into the seat opposite, adjusting my clothing. "That was incredible," I said to her and she smiled, getting to her feet. The train was stopping at a station. She leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste my juices in her mouth. Then she got off the train and walked away without looking back.

I sat back hardly daring to believe what had just happened. I didn't even know her name. I couldn't wait to see her again and this time I'd definitely be returning the favour.

Copyright 2007 Alice

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