Banged To Rights
By KissdBoots
(MF, cheat)

We met at the local coffee shop. All very civilised really. She came in, wearing a wonderful brown suede coat, that i'd seen in one of the nearby boutiques. It contrasted brilliantly with her long blonde hair, the fringe so blunt, I knew she'd been to the hairdressers first. I didn't have the chance to to anything like that. I'd only just had chance to get a shower after you'd left. God you're insatiable, but I have to admit it was me who asked you to come this morning and you did, several times.

You know I love morning sex. That sleepy eyed slow kind, where you sneak in my warm bed and wake me up by sucking my nipples and cupping my breasts, your cock homing in on my pussy. I swear it has a mind of its own, not just driven by your own needs. It always ends up slipping into me like an execet missile seeking out its heat spot. Damn you always find mine and as I stretch and wrap my arms around you, you lift my buttocks and enter me in one sweet motion. Its the words you whisper in my ear, that really ignite me. Telling me i'm a flthy whore and you're going to bend me over the bedrail and fuck me till my eyeballs pop.

Yes i've been your dirty cock fucker, your arse rimming tongue licker, your cock queen, your bang bandit and everything else you've ever called me in the past year. And i've loved every moment. Every spine tingling, bra twanging, clit twitching, arse slapping moment. You've made my eyes water, my nose run and my toes curl, sometimes all at once. Then you've held me later and stroked my hair, taking each strand and kissing it, stroking it and telling me you love me.

I've known you were married. You told me the first time you ever met me and I was fine about it. His wife is a gorgon, the lads said. You told me later that you'd got married too young and now you were more like brother and sister, thats why you worked late and could stay out overnight. She didnt bother. She had her own friends and did what she wanted.

The fact you didn't have any kids made the deceit easier as well and you were going to tell her soon about me.Well she couldn't care less anymore you hadn't slept together for years. Better to get the messy business out the way and let her get on with her own life and we'd have ours.

So when you went last night I phoned her and arranged to meet for coffee. She told me about your daughter, whose nearly five and your son of eight, and the picture of them you carry in your wallet. I felt sick, so thats why I invited you round this morning.

After we'd shagged..well thats all I am to you really aren't I? I looked in your side pocket and found the photo of the kids, conveniently the same size as the empty frame in your wallet. Then I let you out as you kissed me and told me again you loved me and that you'd changed your shifts again, so you'd see me later.

Your wife is beautful, charming, witty, graceful and a very very astute woman. She's known all along about your affairs, because frankly darling there has been a few hasn't there? I'm just another one in long line of women you've cheated on her with.

She stays because of the kids and the fact a policemans pension is quite a nice slice of security and you are coming up to your 15 year stint.

It was quite refreshing she said, to meet me, someone who had the gumption to phone and find out if there really was another side to this eternal triangle.

I sat back and let her talk, it only seemed fair. I'd had her husband after all and looking at my watch, less than four hours ago.

As the door open to the shop, I didnt look up, I knew it was you. I knew she'd have phoned him to meet her. They look like a couple who would meet for coffee.

Looking at his face now, its a shame she didn't tell him she had a friend with her.


Copyright 2007 KissdBoots

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