Feeling The Ether
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral, rom)

I’m looking into space - feeling the electricity of the ether - realising it is you - the vibes of your love - your passion creating a spectacular wall around me, enclosing my soul.

Thousands upon thousands of orbs sprinkling my being like pepper. The feelings I feel for you are like nothing before. They completely submerge with yours, like our bodies in my mindset - caressing every sinew with all the love I have - feeling and sinking so deep inside, to thrill perfectly into you - squeezing, vibrating - pulsing - the throb of your passion and love mingled with mine until both explode to declare the climax of the love we feel for each other.

Then the drenching and the soothing of the soul, the time to chill, and enjoy the wonderful feeling that is right with the world

This is your heaven and my heaven, together we have discovered our souls, we have made love now in so many ways, expressing all our desires, our deep hidden fantasies, we now share the passion, the rich aroma and the nectar of our love combined, as we kiss so very deeply, both of us absorbed in the pure passion of love and lust, that which we take so full of all the things we cherish and desire of each other.

Feel the light touch of your delicate finger tips now, exploring the orbs of my being, the teasing and so gently squeezing there, the way you close you hand so carefully and bunch my balls as you move your head down again to enjoy another wonderfully deep and concentrated sucking, something we both like so very much after a prolonged sequence of loving and fucking, to taste each others fuck as you move for me in such a way that I can also enjoy the sweetness of your gorgeous and now wonderfully supple pussy…

Surely our heaven is here on earth, there can be nothing else to compare the joy of our love and passion beyond doubt. “Suck me, suck me, darling Maria,”, I feel the certain way you twist your mouth as you take my cock deep throat now, giving it that certain blow you do so well when he is tucked away inside your cheeks. The vibrations make my whole body shudder as you are reluctant to let it go, I feel the slight pain but soon followed by sheer ecstasy as your tongue tip probes my p-hole enticing it to fill you with the love cum you so hungrily demand.

But for the present you want to enjoy the taste and feel of cock. I know by the way you squeeze at the base, holding back my climax until you are ready to take me, and you still ball me in your inimitable way, the only way that you can do it. The whole package , the balling and the sucking, the way you just let your index finger tease the sinews of that so very sensitive ridge between my balls and anus, driving me crazy as I urge you to go further, to tease and stretch my ass like you always do - flashing through my mind the times when we spoke on the telephone before we met, how you wanted me to wet a finger and tease my hole, letting you hear its special song, as I did also with my cock, you loved to hear that and now you can hear and feel and taste and suck close up, and experience the eruption of my cum deep into your mouth, overflowing over your sweet face as you lap it all up, crying “Feed me, Feed me!”

I could hold my breath for as long as six minutes when my baby was smothering me with gorgeous wet freshly fucked pussy, and as she sucks me she sways her hips in such a way to drench my face completely. The smell and taste of her is so very good as I enjoy the feeling of her pussy lips, running my tongue along and behind each supple crease and then deep inside, rolling it around the depth of her pussy making her surge and take my cock even deeper inside her mouth. We are like animals feasting on our catch, in that very special heaven of ours, as always enjoying all the fruits our passion could derive and it is simply fantastic.

Wow! How this girl turns me on and how very much I always want her loving full package. Maria is really something, unique in a way that I have never known of a woman before, she enjoys her loving and lusting as much as I do, and like me seems never to tire, if anything it gets better all the time - even though after each time I am saying to her, it can never get better that this, it was sheer perfection!

But then we have not discovered other hidden fantasies we both share, and soon discover we both want to share, like they have been hidden in our mind set for so very long. We talk about them and realise our minds were somewhat inhibited - but no more, now all those fantasies can come through

But I am learning as much about myself as I am about Maria. She has begun to enjoy the thrill of anal sex, not at first because she said it stung too much, but then given very slow time, understanding and lots and lots of baby oil we have managed a complete penetration which she simply adored. And then having been to an Ann Summers party, she showing me a strap on she had bought. It was quite a surprise! I mean did she have Lesbian tendencies or what! But her intentions were to put that thing inside me! I was just a little taken back but her sweetness enticed me to give it a try and from that day forward I realised another facet of our lovemaking I had been missing, and with her, with my gorgeous Maria fucking me, it was simply wonderful and magic.

A person is a person is a person, one should not put boundaries to love and passion, as long as it goes mutually it is fine. My gorgeous sexy Maria will always be for me, eternally!

© Copyright 2007 Alex Carr

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