By Crystal Summer
(MF, oral, rom)

"I anticipate your arrival, knowing that you’re probably just as horny as I am. Being apart all weekend has just further heightened the lust we have for each other. Each of us has replayed our past sexual encounters in our mind, hoping tonight will be just as good.

Then you arrive, all hot and bothered after your long drive. You look at me, with that certain sparkle in your eyes. The one that tells me how much you have missed me and long to be satisfying my every desire.

In an instant we are both naked, awaiting the pleasure that is to come.

We caress each other slowly, feeling every inch of skin, a touch we have missed so much. Letting our hands wonder further south, we share a passionate kiss which seems to last for an eternity.

You slowly work your way down my body, planting light kisses everywhere as you go. Pausing when you get to my breasts to concentrate on my nipples, you make me squirm and long for more. Butterflies begin to fly in my stomach as you approach my hot, wet pussy. You begin to lick the length of my slit, occasionally probing inside to taste my juices then flicking your tongue over my clit from side to side and up and down. I feel my orgasm building, but I do not want to give in just yet.

I pull you up to lay beside me so I can taste my juices in your mouth and I hunger for more of you. Straddling your body, I plant kisses across your chest and trail down your flat stomach.

I make my way down to your large throbbing cock, already glistening with pre-cum. As I take your tip into my mouth, you let out a moan which spurs me on. The scent and taste of your manhood fill my nose and mouth with delight, you always taste so good. Slowly I begin to bob up and down, giving you exactly what you want. I lick the full length of your shaft, sending shivers throughout your body. Knowing that much more of this will cause you to cum, I stop and prepare to mount you.

I know from the look in your eyes that you want to be inside me now, so I lower myself onto you. The first time you enter my hole gives us both so much pleasure that we let out a moan in unison as I clamp down tight around you. I feel your cock expanding to press against my walls, allowing me to feel every ridge upon it. Its pure heaven as you fill me up completely and nothing else matters now. We begin to fuck slowly, gradually building up a rhythm. Both of us breathing heavily and feeling so complete as we rock together. Your cock rubs against the inside of my pussy, letting my feel every inch of your hot, silky skin. My body shivers with delight every time you enter me. I once again feel the pressure as my orgasm begins to rise and start to work you harder, so I can feel you deeper inside me as my muscles begin to contract and squeeze your solid cock. Wave after wave of pleasure sweeps over my body, starting from deep within, causing me to shake and let out a long slow moan. Feeling me begin to climax tips you over the edge. I feel your cock throb and expand deep inside me. You shoot stream after stream of hot cum deep into me as my muscle spasms begin to milk you of all your sweet cum.

We are both exhausted and just lay there for a while taking in the atmosphere that we have just created. Another fantastic sex session.

Perhaps we can do it all again tomorrow?"  

© Copyright 2007 Crystal Summer

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