It's Not Fair
By GwenGoth

Itís not fair.

I only seem to get really Horny when I'm alone

And worse than that; when Iím alone and single.

As I am now.

My body yearns for hands to touch my skin; to run down and around my body.

To have strong lips on mine; tongue intertwined, lapping.

To have nipples teased.

And for a mouth; anyoneís, to move down my body; to feel warm moist breath on my skin.

And then a tongue to lap at me; enveloping my clit, covering it.

To feel the roughness on me; and the warmth and slide of saliva; the tongue working faster; its tip entering me; to make me gasp; then followed swiftly by talented fingers; running into me; caressing my insides; making me moan, and shudder

For the hands to take over; thumb on clit, index and middle finger within me; keeping me at the cusp of the wave of my orgasm

Lips kiss me once more; and I can taste myself on their tongue, the mouth moves again; nibbling and sucking my neck while the one spare hand plays with my breasts; moving fast to pin down my hands if I try to move; not that I struggle much; the orgasm arrives; warmth spreads through my body fleeting moments before the shudder ripples in straight after; blissful dizziness blurs my vision and all my senses are heightened for a few amazing moments.

But Iím not done; I greedily suck at fingers glistening wet and sticky with my juices; this is just the starter; main course has yet to come;

And come we will; again and again.

© Copyright 2007 GwenGoth

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