My Cousin
By Lisa E
(MF, 1st, Oral, Cheat)

July 4th was upon us again. My family always went camping for the fourth of July. My dad & his brother with our families usually wound up going to some really cool outdoor adventure. This year the two dads decided to go to Mexico for a more traditional and relaxing vacation. Since I was now 18 I chose to to not go. My cousin Steve, the same age as me, also opted not to go to Mexico. Like me, Steve wanted to go camping and hiking. He called me in early June and asked me if I would like to go camping in upstate NY with him and his girlfriend Melissa, who was also my best friend. In a heartbeat I accepted the invitation. Melissa and Steve were dating for about 5 months now. As July fourth approached, we all got together to map out our trip and plans. It was about 5 days before we were to head out camping. We had dinner at Steve's house. Melissa decided that she did not want to rough it and so she told us she was backing out of the trip. "You could still go Steve." She laughed and said it made her feel good to know that he would be camping with his virgin cousin Lisa rather than living it up in in Mexico. It was no secret that I was still a virgin but the way Melissa made it sound was like I had a disease. I was just waiting for the right guy and not about to give it up to just any guy. Steve really wanted to go on this camping trip. We tried really hard to convince Melissa to change her mind but to no avail. In the end, Steve & I decided we were going camping starting that Saturday July 1.

We got up really early Saturday morning. I stayed at his house so we could leave around 5 AM. At 4:55 we were on the road, headed up to Northern NY. Steve had some really good camping equipment, including a brand new GPS his dad gave him. We got to the canoe rental place at around noon. Steve had a really great place staked out for our first 3 days in the wild. He felt bad Melissa didn't go because it was a romantic spot too. Steve found the spot without any trouble. It was awesome. It was a very secluded inlet right off the huge lake. We set up camp, had a really great dinner, drank some good wine and called it a night.

We encountered our first awkward moment preparing for sleep. I had to change into my night clothes but needed light and wanted Steve to be right there. I went behind a tree and changed as Steve held a light on the other side. When I emerged Steve laughed and said "Nice Legs Lisa." I felt embarrassed. We climbed into the tent, zipped it closed, ending what was a real tiring but fun first day. Around midnight or so, the rains started to really come down and my sleeping bag took a hit. Steve, the smart one, brought an inflatable mattress so he was sleeping like a log. I awoke him and when he saw my predicament, invited me to share the mattress. It felt like my own bed. I fell asleep quickly. About an hour later I woke up feeling Steve's groin right up against my buns. He wasn't doing anything on purpose. It was just the way we both slept and the size of the bed. I could actually feel his cock. I actually got a little horny and felt a little devilish. I reached behind me and started rubbing his cock over his shorts. It was really all in fun and I had no intentions of taking it any further. I guess I never anticipated Steve getting as hard as he did so fast. I didn't want it to go further so I started to pull my hand away. To my total shock and dismay, Steve pulled my hand back and into his shorts. "Steve!" I giggled loudly. "Hello, I am your cousin and your girlfriend's best friend." All he did was laugh and guide my hand . I know I should have stopped but that "virgin cousin" remark Melissa made just motivated me more. I turned on to my side and just kept jerking his cock until he was about to cum. For a split second I thought of finishing him off with a good blow job but I had never given one of those either so I chose to save that for the right guy too. Steve started to cum into my hands and I was loving it as sick as it sounds. His cock was really big and I really felt the pumping action. From start to finish it took no more than 5 minutes. He smiled and told me it was the best hand job he ever got. I laughed and told him that though I never had intercourse, I had given hundreds of hand jobs. Laughingly he said if I fucked the way I jerked him off, that my partners would be the luckiest guys in the world. That made me blush. Before we went to sleep Steve, as if it was necessary to remind me, to not tell Melissa what we just did. What just happened was the most fun and spontaneous thing I ever did.

The next day we both woke up a little embarrassed but after a bit we felt the awkwardness disappear. During the course of the day Steve took us to this incredible stream about 3 miles from where we set up camp. We decided to go for a swim and Steve said he was going to skinny dip. I wanted to but was really shy about it. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He told me I could get nude and go in while he turned his back, not looking at me. I agreed though I had the uneasy feeling he was looking at me as I slipped off my clothes. He jumped in right after me without a care in the world. After about 5 minutes it no longer mattered that I was nude in front of him. I felt incredibly comfortable with him. When I told him that he was the very first male ever to see me totally naked, he was shocked and pleased. He laughed and said he never realized how big my tits were. "Now we're even. I never knew how big your cock was until last night." All this nudity and sex talk were really arousing me and I knew I wanted to jerk him off again that night.

Once again, after dark, we changed into our night clothes. This time, to Steve's utter dismay, I changed right in front of him. "Hey, if we are going to rough it, I need to loosen up, don't you think Steve?" I said. I was hoping that by seeing my bare tits that it might motivate him. This night I chose to wear a shirt and undies. Just to get him aroused. I had to share his mattress again because my sleeping bag was soaked. We said goodnight and Steve said no hanky panky tonight. Those words lasted about 20 minutes.

As I lay on my side, I felt Steve cozy up to me. To my almost surprise, his bare cock was up against my undies. I reached around to feel his very hard and very excited cock. I knew what he wanted but to my further surprise as I placed my hand on his cock, I felt him slip his cock under my pussy between my legs. All sorts of things were going through my head. Steve was trying to fuck me. I wanted it. I wanted to say yes. I wanted to say no. My thoughts of the first time were about being in a beautiful bed with a man I loved, not on an inflatable mattress in the woods. Certainly it was not with a relative. He's my best friend's boyfriend. My heart was racing. The token condom I kept in my purse was miles away in the car. I felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy. I knew if I just spread my legs a bit that he would take my virginity. He pulled my blouse off and was playing with my bare tits. Oh was he good! I kept his cock out as long as I could. "Is this right?" I asked him. He whispered in my ear and said "If it doesn't feel right, we'll stop and nobody will ever know." Hearing that I allowed him to pry my legs apart and for the first time I felt what it was like to have a cock slid into me. It was like nothing I ever felt before and better than I ever imagined. His cock filled every part of my pussy. "Are you okay?" he asked me. I could hardly say "never better" as he started to show me how good it felt to be fucked. It was really hot. He knew what he was doing. I started to moan and almost scream. The more I moaned, the more intense he got. At first I was embarrassed at my moaning but the ecstasy I was feeling was much too intense. I do not know how long it was but I started to feel this sensation, first in my pussy and then throughout my body. I was on the verge of cumming and it was like nothing I ever imagined. Part of me wanted to stop but most of me wanted to feel it. I moaned to Steve that I was about to cum. Steve pumped me harder and harder. He was only making it better. Then like a flash of lightning, I knew I was cumming. "Oh, Steve, Oh Steve, Oh Steve" was all I could say. As I lay there cumming, I felt Steve start pumping his juices into me. I felt like I was about to explode. As his juices hit the inner walls of my pussy my orgasm only intensified. I couldn't catch my breath. Our mutual explosion felt like it lasted forever. He slid out of me and we just clasped hands. I took his hand and placed it on my chest just so he could feel my rapid heartbeat. It took us about another five minutes before either of us could speak.

"I've fucked virgins before Lisa but none of them ever made me feel like the virgin." Steve said. "You were outrageous" he continued. I was in shock still. "I really wanted to stop you" I told him. "You made it pretty tough, lying next to me in just a shirt and lacy undies" he replied. I laughed and told him that I dressed that way so that he might want me to give him another hand job. "I guess I underdressed just a little too much" I laughed. He was concerned about how I felt but I told him I wouldn't know until we headed out for our morning hike. We hugged, put our clothes back on and tried to sleep. The key word there was try. About 30 minutes later I got horny again an came back for more. I nudged Steve, who was still wide awake, and asked him if he would like a goodnight blow job. I think I really shocked him at this point. I didn't wait for his answer. This would be my first blow job too. I took his cock out of his undies and it was not yet fully hard. It was kinda cute. I started to lick it and without thinking just plunged his shaft into my mouth. I gagged at first but figured out how to handle it. I began to suck it and stroke it. He told me whatever I was doing was right because he said he was going to cum real quickly. My next dilemma was whether I wanted him to cum in my mouth or not. I thought for a second and figured that I might as well try it since it would be a long time before I blew another guy. I felt his cock start to pump, expelling juices immediately but it wasn't until like the third pump that this rush of cum hit the back of my throat. I wanted to gag at first but the second and third bursts were yummy and I swallowed him 100%. He collapsed on his back as I licked his cock clean. It took him about a minute before he could talk. He swore that I just gave him the best BJ he ever got. "Better than Melissa?" I asked. He paused and made me promise to never say a word about what he was about to say. I obliged him. "When it comes to oral sex and intercourse, you are head and shoulders above her and I've only done one of each with you" he told me. "I wish we could do it more than just tonight" he added. "We can't, though I wish we could" I told him. He asked me why we couldn't. "Hmmmmmm..... Did you forget we are related? Did you forget Melissa? Last of all, how could we?" I laughed. Steve smiled at me and said "Let's sleep on it and I mean real sleep" he joked back at me.

Well, needless to say we figured out that since we were in the wilderness and not yet back in the civilized world that we should take full advantage of our new found relationship. That following morning Steve and I fucked for the second time and later that day for a third time. A funny thing happened later that day. My cell phone, battery barely alive, started to ring as Steve was eating my pussy for the very first time. It was Melissa, of all people, calling. With my eyes rolling in my head, I took the call. Chatty Melissa wanted to know how my "probably boring trip" was going and told me her trip was awesome. I could barely talk as Steve darted his tongue all about my wet pussy. When Melissa asked me what Steve was doing I told her he was eating. She said that she was happy because he needed his strength. I started to cum so I had to end my chat with Melissa. As I started to really cum, Steve jumped on top of me and plunged his rock hard cock into me, making explode like I didn't do the first 3 times we fucked combined.

We spent the rest of our abbreviated camping trip fucking most of everyday. We left after fucking over 25 times, me blowing him 6 times and getting eaten soooo many times. We agreed that the marathon sex would end with our trip but that when the opportunity arises in the future that we should do it. Well 1 hour during our car ride home, Steve pulled off to a rest stop and did me again. We passed 3 rest stops on the way home and each time we did it there, one time inside a mens room.

The rest of the summer was like nothing I ever knew from before. It's not that we had sex that often. It was where we did it and when we did. The most incredible incident we had was right at Melissa's house. While she showered upstairs, Steve fucked my brains out on the couch until he heard the water turn off upstairs. Melissa yelled down "I'll be right down. Find something to keep yourself busy." I was busy licking the cum off Steve's cock. As August came to a close I realized I was quite a little whore, not the virgin I once was. I fucked Steve for the first time on July 2 and through August 30 probably fucked him more than 50 times. He told me that during the same time he fucked Melissa 8 times. I fucked him in public twice. I fucked him 3 times with Melissa only a few yards away. We fucked for as little as 2 minutes to one rainy day for over 4 hours. Certain sex we stayed away from too. For some reason we couldn't fuck any other way than with Steve on top. We both felt awkward if we did it any other way. We also couldn't shower together because it made us feel weird. One time we went to a motel that had mirrors on the ceiling and it really blew us away. It made us see each other fucking and realize we were related. That spooked us but we turned off the lights and continued to add to our totals. Foreplay also was rare. It gave us too much time to think about the sinful pleasures we were sharing. Generally we usually were fucking within 2 minutes of our clothing coming off. We rarely kissed because it also was weird. In the heat of passion though we kissed like crazy, sometimes almost producing hickeys. The funniest sex we had was when Melissa was supposed to meet me at my house and I was doing Steve on my couch. The doorbell rang and Steve and I were orgasming. I yelled out I'm coming and I really was cumming. Summer 2006 was a summer to remember.

Copyright 2007 Lisa E

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