The Estate Agent
By Puss In Boots
(MF, Job, Bondage, Oral)

Id been dishonest. Id dragged him along under false pretences to a house Id claimed was in need of work, a dilapidated shit hole in need of attention. The truth of the matter was I was the one in need of work and attention. Id spent most of the week sat in the goldfish bowl confines of the office and too many lunchtimes back at home laid face down on my bed with 8 of rubber inside me. Id spent the mornings hammering my way through my in tray and had pretty much mastered condensing 8 hours work into 5 and with such a bounty of time on my hands, its no surprise my mind had me in a manner of erotic situations. Id blindfolded him Monday and spent 2 hours licking every inch of his body till he shouted for me to stop. Tuesday Id ridden his cock with my knickers shoved in his mouth. Wednesday Id had him bend me over in nothing but boots, and on Thursday, well Thursday Id just relived being bent over his desk over and over again. By the time Friday arrived its little wonder I woke up with that uncomfortable ache. No amount of laying in the bath getting myself off was going to work. Although it did take running 20 minutes late for work to me find out.

So I employed the tactic of deceit. All I needed to do was make a quick call and claim Id found the perfect house. Stains on the carpets, mould on the walls and the word profit. It wasn't a complete lie. Profit after all means to benefit, and I had every intention of him benefiting from it. Seduction in flea pits has never rocked my world so the fact I had the keys for one that looked like death on the outside, but that was clean and tidy on the inside and with owners living out of the country (so little chance of being caught), meant I'd spent most of the morning smiling like the cat whod got the cream. Clever me. Suits that button high at the front have their uses as what looked respectable on the outside hid my corset belt. 6 inches of leather that pulled my waist tight and dressed me for sex without one of my colleagues noticing.

Id worked it so when I got there I had enough time to sort through the pile of mail and remove the junk, leaving the door ajar so when he arrived I could be stood outside looking the picture of professionalism and ensuring he had me between him and the front door when we got inside.

I was bent over picking up the leaflets the other agents had dropped through the door touting for business when I felt hands stroke my behind. The list of expletives that tumbled out of my mouth is to long to list, but the upshot was Id been collared before I was ready. Anyone with half a brain could see the second they walked through the front door that this wasn't quite what Id described and with me bent over in black boots that lace up at the back and my tits forced upwards by the height of my belt, my intentions were fairly clear. And not at all as advertised. And the bastard was early.

As I stood up he put his hand to the back of my head and kissed me. Slid his tongue into my mouth and cupped my arse in his hands. I was grateful for him holding me tight; as Im sure they were the only thing keeping me upright. I was grateful he didn't just leave. He manoeuvred me backwards and deposited me on the stairs, kneeling in front of me, the whole time his mouth sliding over mine, gently biting my cheek, tugging at my lips, licking under my ear. His hands moved down my shirt tracing lines where my bra met breast and I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs as I opened them further making my skirt ride up. He pushed my bra down freeing nipples so taut it hurt, took the first one in his mouth and sucked hard, his fingers rolling the other and sending lightening strikes between my legs. He moved back up to kiss me again and pinned my hands above my head, looping the tie Id wrenched off round them and in no time had me secured to the balustrade. If I got caught like this Id be the end of my job for sure, tied to the stairs, shirt open and my skirt near enough round my waist. Not that I cared. He moved down my body running his hands over the insides of my thighs and pushed my knickers aside, running his fingers slowly over my swollen lips and avoiding my clit, which by now was screaming to be touched. I was screaming to be touched but given my situation I could only wait as he teased. I closed my eyes wanting to enjoy ever second of the sensations he was causing and when he pushed a finger inside me I shouted out so loud the neighbours must have heard. He rubbed against my g-spot making me pant and moan and when he withdrew it and added another it slipped straight in. I was gagging to be stretched so wide it hurt and after a few moments of sliding them both in and out he added a third. I couldn't keep still, the little movement I had allowed me to push myself down, grinding myself against his palm, the fourth sent me spiralling and I think I wouldve willingly taken his whole hand. If I'd thought about it at the time I probably would have asked. When he dipped his head and softly sucked my clit into his mouth I started coming immediately my muscles tightening round his hand as my cunt spasmed and contracted. Liquid coating my legs and his face. I was looking down at his head between my legs as he flicked his tongue over me, my body shook and I was unable to use my hands to hold him there. He withdrew his fingers as my orgasm started to subside, slid his hands under my arse drew it up to his face and pushed his tongue deep inside my wet slit, licking and swallowing at the moisture he'd just caused. I wanted him to fuck me, wanted him to keep me tied there and to hold my arse firm as drove his swollen cock into me.

But he didn't.

He stood in front of me and undid his trousers, looking me straight in the eye as he did, releasing his swollen, solid cock and slowly started to slide his has hand up and down. His fingers tightening around his own shaft, the fingers that a few minutes ago had been pushed deep inside me, fingers that were still sticky and wet. I can only assume that what had taken place on the stairs had turned him on as much as it did me as in no time his breathing became faster, his fist gripped his dick as he pumped furiously. He came sending ribbons of fluid over my still exposed twat, his gaze never once leaving mine.

He released my hands soon after, Id obviously pulled hard at my restraints as the red welts meant I was going to be in long sleeves for a few days after, kissed me one more time, the smell of me all over his face, told me he wouldnt be putting in an offer and left.


Copyright 2007 Puss In Boots

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